Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!



I have in the past, I was inspired by someone. That combination just doenst seem to effective to me, its almost like youre so desperate to connect with SonSon anti-air (bringing about spam SonSon). I prefer other assist that are better for the curse infinite setup. Like BBHood, IronMan or Ken expy. She knocks them upwards and you have to time the curse right for it to connect. With IM and others, youre more relaxed and dont feel a sense of urgency in trying to connect it IMAO. I play Anak/BBHood/Thanos, Anak/Sentinel/IM or Anak/Sentinel/Ken in casual matches. But, whats not that impressive to some is impressive to others…


Nice stuff.


Nope, I haven’t tried yet in midscreen, will try it when got the chance. But what I believe is you have to connect the fourth snake in its (returning mode). then you can follow it up with a LP and do it again… I only did this like 2 times only and never got the chance to master this haha!

Inspired by who? most probably Gabe or Easternpinoy or Viscant. Oh yes of course there are still better assists for the “curse infinite” setup. Its just that since Anakaris best partner is Son Son for serious stuffs and overall compatibility, why not try to make a curse infinite out of them especially on serious matches? Been using this infinite on some Cable, Sentinel and after like 2-3 curse infinite hits, I’ll just throw up a hyper viper hordes to finish them off (Note: We’re in Level 1 damage so its better for me to do this for easy kill). In any case, I’ll try to perfect the curse infinite with them (especially on casuals or just for crowd pleaser stuff). But still, its not that reliable as with Dhalsim, Psylocke, Iron Man, etc.

Thanks man! :slight_smile:


@The Mummy

It was a jab at Beats, thats it (lol). I feel ya on that, but SonSon is kinda hard for me to play with (against annoying opponents) If my Anak dies, I dont feel good about SonSon in a matchup usually against a faster & more powerful opponent. I guess practice will fix that booboo. Now against larger, slower characters SonSon is pretty good and she can do monkey through Sentinel HSF. I really dont focus on Anak curse infinite, I focus on ground combo strings/block strings with tigerknee pressure, etc. I try to pressure them to the corner, so I can bring out the curse infinites. Of course with that said, you have to work on his defense while pressuring. Try Anak/Sentinel/Ken, its pretty damn good. Sentinel for pressure/lockdown and Ken for curse.

Anak/Sentinel- cr.lp,cr.hp, Sent drones, hk coffin drop. A bit of trickery, the coffin will land behind them, while the drones will protect. And you can to open their defense if they block the drones. Or you can do cr.lp,cr.hp, Sent, addf+tigerknee dwn for crossup into aerial xx cobra throw.
Anak/Ken- cr.lp,,cr.hp,Ken, hk, curse. Or you can mixup with cr.lp,cr.hp quick tigerknee down, j.lp,mp,hp,Ken, curse.
Just some stuff to add to Anak strategy…


My avatars are always ugly, your posts are are never worth reading. You can forget that we ever communicated now.


Thats cool, no problem Im not here to have “highschool musical” friends. But where is your thougts on this topic, thats what I want to know. You guys visit post to “windowshop”, add something already…


Thats why I’ve been telling people to start mastering Son Son on point… I had my own Son Son based teams, one of which was my Son Son/Anak/Cable (most probably is effective only on Lvl1 damage, tried this team vs singapore players @lvl2 and It didn’t do that much), others are like Son Son/Iron Man/Doom, Son Son/Storm/Sent, etc. Also I’ve been experimenting already with Ken/Anak/Doom… :bgrin:


I hear ya, but I just have to practice extensively with her in training mode before I think about using her in competitive play. SonSon/Storm is tight, I have to go to training mode and doodle around until I find something appealing for SonSon. Being honest I wish she had a better staff or better staff moves because I tend to whiff with moves. Maybe its because shes kinda small, and I cant get a feel for her attacks. Similar to BBHood, her size throws me off and I have to really dig in and learn everything she has to offer. I think thats it…You got any tips or tutorial vids for SonSon?:confused:


I already told you that I disagreed with you completely, capcom assist with bh jumping wild is NOT a good look for a character that has trouble closing dash distances. Outside of doing his airboogie to sj airdash forward(which can be risky for anakaris), bh can actually neuter alot of anakaris base options with bh base options. Jumping fp pigs get all in the way, capcom is very hard for anak to dash past safely through the pig farm. You talk like you already know this but you’re apparently unaware, there are space control issues with anakaris not having coffin drop for free, if he is blasted out of the sky by cap or he gets hit with inferno super, it mauls his life. I dont windowshop, I just feel the need to tell you that the type of information you spread isn’t at the really useful level yet. You are obviously putting alot of effort into posting so gj on that, just think about it from both sides with a clear mind and it’ll be more useful.


Im assuming youre talking about Anak vs BH If Anak’s stamina was better? Well, the discussion started out with just saying if Anak would be better than BH if his stamina was better. Then as the discussion progressed, it moved to a Anak vs BH solo match which eliminates everything youre talking about pretty much with Capcom. He would still have problems with Capcom even if his stamina was better, I dont deny that point. But we debated if Anak would beat BH in a solo match, and thats where you may have not focused your points. All of BH j.pokes are nothing but annoying in a solo match against Anak, and theres not much he can benefit from it. All thats happening is that BH is jumping in and out poking and not doing anything beneficial. A smart Anak player would wait it out, wait til he comes down and poke at him with that can start a nice 4-5 hit combo string. And he can add a quick mummy wrap in for suprise and mixup, that can position BH in the corner for Anak corner air combo xx cobra throw (which would erase a big chunk of BH’s life) BH doesnt have that in his game, so just off combo ability Anak would beat BH in a solo match. Read the post clearly, cause little aspects in a post are important in making points. Thats why I read people’s post clearly cause you may miss something that they said that was vital information into defending their logic about the topic. But its all good, theres no beef between us my previous statement is just guy banter, I didnt mean to insult you or if you felt insulted.


I’m still not sure about Anakaris vs Blackheart. I’m leaning more towards BH. All it takes is 1 demon to randomly hit a limb or something, and its inf to ggpo.

Coffins are good for BH players that don’t know about them, but once they do, it becomes too risky to throw them out randomly.


I agree with that, a piece of the demons, inferno xx HOD would be bad for Anak. But consider that scenario with Anak having better stamina, its not that bad then. Overall Anak could still beat BH like more than 50% IMO, especially if its a good Anak player. Ive been meaning to ask you, why are you called Dereklearnslow? Is it Marvel related? Or is that some tv show, comic book or some shit Im not aware of?


I gave that name to myself a looong time ago, when I first entered the fighting game scene (when I was getting stomped on a weekly basis and being very salty about it).

Now it doesn’t mean anything really.


Observe Dego!


argh! I’ve discovered out of 56 character anak is apparently the one I understand the least. Trying to learn his tricks while playing beats maybe not the easiest… but damn the trix!! :slight_smile:


Lol I played him 30 matches and won one. He was probably doing his taxes the match he lost lol don’t feel bad


I just don’t know how to avoid those damn anak tricks… he has to many unfamiliar shenanigans. Doesn’t help that the first good anak I’ve faced has gotta be one of the best in the world w/him. On a plus note gamma charge xx gamma crush produces an unmashable if you catch anak during air coffins.


I dabble with anak something helpful to know is he has NO throws to speak of, as crafty as you are that tidbit might help you out a bit. Also never jump directly over top of him. His launcher will own you for free. Also his mummy hands grab will not hit you if you are ducking, and you can actually hit his extended hands.

Just some VERY common info that might help you.


Ok yeah ducking the mummy hands thing might help a fair bit… his timing w/it is normally to perfect to let you touch that sonson AAA… but making him whiff hands first might work.


Yes, go ahead and duck. Then you have to worry about overhead shenanigans. :)))))