Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!



That wouldn’t be as bad I swear. I was playing thanos and just trying to powa sonson and I couldn’t get my super start-up out b/c of those damn hands and that was prebuffering while blocking sonson. I’d rather be dealing with magnus level mixup than anak’s dangerous shenanigans most of the time… shit is embarrassing…lol


you’d rather deal with my magneto? ok, I’ll remember next time :stuck_out_tongue:

really…a lot of anak’s strengths are from tricks/shenanagins/gimmicks. a lot of people complain about him being broke when they just don’t learn to stop getting baited. but I think…even if you do learn them and how to react, I think the team you play will still have some trouble.

maybe put thanos 2nd and someone more dynamic first?

you really should prefer hands…it knocks you down and there’s not much I can do. of coure you can roll…and that’s usually pretty risky unless you know what anak can do/block well.

it sounds like you really don’t like getting idle handed…and it sounds a lot like the people who lose to him a lot even with good teams. they just can’t take getting IDed, or the fact that I’m up in the sky for a bit throwing coffins…which most of the time doesn’t even really need to affect you…but they get frustrated and then that’s when they get baited into a hit…or worse.

most of all, just avoid that curse. everytime I hit you with it, since I got that anak/thanos curse inf setup down better, that character would just die.


Right now I would prefer magnus just bc he’s at least odds and guessing right… my lack of understanding anaks bag of tricks makes him harder somehow… my hulk was really good when u didn’t catch him in the afformentioned assist loop… aggressive charges seem to catch anak napping… thanos does have a time against anak tho… options are cut down.

That sonson with hands coverage is nasty to try an punish… which was new to me. A big part of thanos game is 3 x powa on aaa spam… but your hands coverage… to good.


yeah, those charges caught me off guard at first. with PS3’s weird unblockable states and near unrollalble situations…I had to play really cheesy to avoid getting hit by stupid damage.

I would’t say options are cut, you just need to work on when to do them. I just think because of his slowness and the whole air battle makes it really hard for him.

and trust me, you’d rather play my anak than my top tier teams lol. super cheapness.


I’m sure your IM and magnus are nastier… but those cats I at least know how to fight… at this point my gross lack of anak knowledge is the real issue… sigh… training mode time again… oh well… always pays off.

Btw I never got peoples references to anak being borderline top tier till I faced yours… so gj…lol

Thanos is real solid for me in air 2 air situations against bh… doom… ect… but anak… different story. It was a failed plan big time to expect the same tacs to work on anak.


thanos…in the air against BH? who? that doesn’t really sound right…hmmm

again, you should get xbox! you’ll get a lot of good practice =]


To make a long story short thanos can make bh choose wrong. If u sj. At the same time sj.fp beats him cold. If he jumps a moment later xx to titan crush owns anything he comes with. If he jumps first… I stay grounded… call hulks fat ass sprite to soak demons and look to bubble him… possible psychic bubble xx powa if hulk came in right. If bh doesnt jump at all he is victum of a free hi lo for thanos. The key being that lp titan crush recovers in time to block inferno… and avoids hod really well. As fail safe if he doesn’t jump and calls mando… you can pause to block him… knee drop xx titancrush… call your aaa. The state change allows helper calls. So its always a last bailout.

So yea… i Sj.fp xx titan Crush…

If bh keeps beating you into the air and grounding you… calling hulk, juggs, sent to soak those demons and do POWA. You of course recover first and can gain the air postion again b/c powa last longer than its recovery. This is really key in the matchup imo…

The soul super also rips him out of the startup of every normal, special, and super he has.

Not everyone on psn sucks… just a lot of people… most even. But a few good bhs have dhc’d out before thanos. Few have also sent him packing… but you’ll get that with bh sometimes. Most of this applies to doom as well… but is easier to execute on him.

[media=youtube]Ri2ouL5hIi4[/media] It’s thanos vs bh in this vid. Opp is not amazing by any means… but you can see some of the stuff I’m talking out. What happens if bh does inferno while thanos does bubble. Beating him into the air. Beating him out in the air. Assist soaking demons+pyschic bubble xx powa. baiting inferno or AAA using sj. titan crush… and its recovery vs inferno. Not a matchup easily in thanos favor… but he can fight it out…


Merchie visited us again here in Manila and we had like a “3rd Rematch” of casual mvc2 matches. So yeah he was able to get the sweet revenge to me, but thats not all! I’m so happy he was able to beat me out in a mirror match (Team ASS), and he can perfectly mobilize Anakaris this time with Hyper Viper Hordes and the Snapback -> Infinite! We have a newly born anakaris player in the islands! :slight_smile:

Will soon upload the vids most probably within this week according to him. :slight_smile:


Well, here they are (In order as it was recorded) as I promised haha! I got owned sooo many times even including Team ASS mirror matches… Merchie enormously improved his attacks and his team ass in our 3rd encounter. In the end, I ended up being a super saiyan 4 (Used Doom to counter his Son Son)… Only during these matches I felt beatin up by my own traps and strats… :rock:


Lifestealer and the others had vids as well etc.


If interested in Level 1 gameplay casuals here in the islands… the rest are included in his channel @

Enjoy! :rock:


Late post…should have been posted 3 months ago… This time I visited Merchie’s hometown (Iloilo City)…1st time… a 1-hour plane trip away from Manila and had some casuals with the locals… :slight_smile:

MSP vs SAC (Son Son/Anakaris/Cable) [media=youtube]8i2j4HJAm2g[/media]
MSP vs SAC (Son Son/Anakaris/Cable) [media=youtube]VnQHZHQc12s[/media]
MSP vs SAC (Son Son/Anakaris/Cable) [media=youtube]AEINS1YvWuw[/media]

MSP vs ASS (Anakaris/Storm/Son Son) [media=youtube]Ac31GNSEsVg[/media]
>> I love the way Son Son’s Staff super cancelled into Pharaoh’s Illusion xx Hail Storm:)

MSP vs RAS (Ruby Heart/Anakaris/Son Son) [media=youtube]n9g1Ce43AY4[/media]
>> Merchie got owned on the start but had a great comeback to me… XD

MSP vs SAC (Son Son/Anakaris/Cable) [media=youtube]5LkxOACiThc[/media]
>> Cable power…

>> Team ASS Mirror Match… you can see how annoying Son Son can be using her Wall climb rushdown and resets… :slight_smile:

Lost footage way back 2009 when Merchie visited us in Makati. A nice series of matches video.

I visited them again yesterday so my friend will upload the vids soon… some new teams that I used including the team (Son Son/Anak/ Bulleta) beats and dereklearnslow use on tourneys… just started using the team this month :slight_smile:


I love watching you play Anakaris there are so many little things I learn from your videos that can help me out. Keep em coming I REALLY enjoy them!


^^ Thanks man… my friend uploaded our recent arcade matches now (some)… but not yet completed, maybe tomorrow or within this week… I’ll post them. I hope there’s one vid that has recorded my Anakaris/Son Son Assisted Curse inifinite… but one im sure is that there is an assisted-curse reset infinite with sent. :slight_smile:


As promised…

Son Son(A)/Anakaris(A)/Bulleta(A) vs MSP
>> Tried using son son proj and anak’s viper assist. and Triple Snapbacks… waste of level meters… lol.

Team ASS vs MSP

Anakaris/Sent/Son Son vs Juggs/Hulk/Colossus
>> Assisted curse infinite with Sent and THC Powerhouse team, 80% Damage at Lvl1 Setting

Son Son(A)/Anakaris(A)/Bulleta(A)
>> Grab opportunity abuse + Bulleta and Son Son Projectile cheesy tactic + Anakaris ownage to Colossus + THC from Powerhouse Team again

Son Son/Anakaris/Bulleta vs MIP
>> Comeback + Son Son Attack xx Wall Climb runaway xx Attack and repeat tactic. :slight_smile:

Other teams/matches during my visit (no anakaris):

Iron Man/Ruby Heart/ Bulleta vs Magneto/Storm/Tron.
>> 3/4 Life THC Kill to Magneto @ Lvl1 Damage

Iron Man/Ruby Heart/Bulleta vs Cammy/Storm/Sent.

Amingo/Ken/Silver Samurai vs MSP
>> team vertical? lol! (bcoz their THC are all vertical related…) an experimental team

Best comeback… lol!

My friend will soon upload the rest of our vids…


Good looking out “TheMummy”! You should really play on one of the consoles I would love to see you and Beats have a mummy off.


^^ Haha how I wished it would be possible. (I’m at the other end of the globe where connection can be a very big issue). Though I’ve been wanting to fight an Anakaris since the days I learned about “Gabe” a.k.a. Kapkom and learned he also uses my team ass as well… way back 2004 I think. Now that its possible… Imma buying a PS3 lol! But I’m not sure yet but definitely I still play in the local arcades in here whenever time permits me to do so. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay of posting this vid: its about the Anakaris / Son Son AAA assisted curse infinite I was talking about years ago and some other stuff… I just killed some boredom time in the arcades and recorded this. :slight_smile:


Other vids coming soon…


a vid of that anakaris/thanos DHC I’m always talking about (like, my fave DHC in the game)


anak to thanos DHC…then THC 100% (it’s actually more than 100% LOL)

I have a lot of different variations on the DHC. depending on team order, meter, screen position. I may try to record a video of this 80% (iirc) version on sentinel with 4 meters.

it goes like (in corner) launch, pharaoh magic combo, DHC to power, tag in sonson, staff super, DHC to thanos space gem.


A for creativity thats for sure.


Finally registered my own account! been reading the SRK forums for years already :rofl: . Its nice to be back and see lots of new Anakaris vids here! Thanks Beats and TheMummy (A big bump… :rock: The best Anakaris player I’ve seen and met)… hey man when are you coming back in SG? Its been 2 years! Been watching your anak vids and playing your team ass and other teams during my free days :rofl:


Add me up @PSN (AnakarisCurse) for MVC2/MVC3 Casuals… :slight_smile:


Hey wassup?