Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!



I wasnt there so I wouldnt know. I would hope so though.


oh i see.=/


oh, just launch 'em and do it


he’s gonna have to contantly beat them over a longer course of time for someone to think he can match with them.

do you know what a gimmick team is? I doubt you do from this post. not saying gabe’s team is or isn’t. but until he can hold his own for a long time (more than one time, like years, durr) if people don’t figure out the gimmicks (like many have here in chicago (though I do admit he’s come up with more things)) it doesn’t mean much.

and top players know this.

we’ll see how it goes. how good he is now, he doesn’t compare to them (not even close)

but if he plays them enough maybe he’ll get there. so only the future can tell.


Well obviously, but how many ppl can just play a low tier team and beat top players with it even a few times and have no real tournament experience? I cant, you sure cant. I cant think of anyone who would because nobody uses low tier characters all the time and still able to win. Technically he should lose all the time because of the characters he uses.

Oh and theirs really only 1 person in chicago who figured out his team, and its George. Hes the only person here that can beat him almost consistently.


i hav stuck with Omega and anakaris since day one. I WILL BE PHAROAH.



what characters are bad matchups for Anakaris in your own personal opinions.

I would rate Sentinel as one, but he is pretty much a bad macthup for any one.
I would also think Doom.

ur thoughts

btw, who is this gabriel, and who does he use ( besides Anakaris).


His main teams are Anakaris/marrow/sonson, Anakaris/sonson/tron or Anakaris/storm/sonson


Anakaris/Son Son is obviously a good partnership. you should try that one. I’ll soon visit Australia to shoot some MVC2 matches with them this coming January.


i guess you DON’T know what a gimmick team is.

it was entirely lost on you, tsk tsk


You can think what you want, all I know is alot of good ppl know how good he is now. From what I heard, he was playing for like 3 or 4 hours straight against all the players there because they wanted to play him.

So what tournament are you goin to and ppl will be impressed over your mag/doom, or any characters for that matter?


its all in the idle hands… sure he can win.


yuh-huh SURRRE you “know” that.

you still didn’t get the point of a gimmick team, but I coulda guessed you wouldn’t understand.



i was doing this ghetto ass infinite with ana/tron. sorta like the cyc/im/storm curse infinite. but on the ground. and of course harder. pretty interesting. I also saw anthony/alvin (i don’t know what the fuck his name is) do a ghetto as one with sonson assist. but it worked.

I like anakaris, but also like im. maybe a good team could be anak/im/tron? or doom.

I don’t have the top-tier sonson assist.

oh and “unknown”

ana/son/tron is NOT low tier. they are mid if not higher. especially the son and tron assist. those are two top tier assists (some of the best in the game) so yeah get right since you like to do all this praising/brownnosing about stuff you don’t know. I figure it’s pointless to talk to you about anything since you just don’t get anything, especially about this game.

you can say all you want. but until (like my last post stated) he gets a name for himself, instead of this one day thing you stated. no one cares. and only then will it be proven that it’s not a gimmick team. i know none of them has faced or seen what anakaris can do, so it’s not known whether it’s a gimmick.

seems like it around here with how much he gets beaten (you even said it yourself, people around here who have wised-up to the possible gimmicks learned)

though he has come up with new things, whether they are still gimmicks or not are to be seen, but as I said I did continously beat him (with a good amount of life on all my characters) before.

I want to play him on good sticks sometime (many matches) see if i can get past his new tricks (i believe I can)

just like one of the best in the midwest and one of j-wongs friends came around here and was whomped by alvin/anthony’s anakaris team. him and i and other people who know more about the game know why. that person never faced it before. that’s the only reason he lost to alvin for however many times he did.

you did say he sucks right?

same case when i beat better players around here with low tier teams somtimes or like when someone whomps a top-tier team with team shoto. or when you pick low tiers who are specifically great against a certain top-tier. the great players never play these teams and don’t expect it. that’s how they lose sometimes (though some now actually know how to play these teams)

it’s just unexpected and gimmicks.

I was impressed when I first saw gabriel play, but then it just died. it’s like nothing new anymore and yeah. people just get impressed for the wrong reasons. sorta like you. like a teachers-pet sorta thing.

i could go into more detail about it, but maybe you can soak up this bit of knowledge :wink:

this is also good for other anakaris players. ana’s great comboes I believe have been set in place, but his gameplay has to excel way past the gimmicks that are seen…I don’t know if that’s gonna happen or is possible but we’ll see.

hopefully “unknown” will consider this info instead of just going on about how much he loves gabe and changing the subject to me (reasoning fallacy too)


btw, any new vids? i still haven’t been able to get my vids to less mb’s…maybe there’s a different site that will accept them. or i can cut them up (do you know how?)


lol, well you didnt answer my question about what tournament your goin to with your impressive characters so I guess I know the answer to that.

Just because you have a gimmick team doesnt mean you automatically win, you have to have good defense plus alot of other knowledge. Could you have played a gimmick team and beat top players? dont think so…

plus, sonson is low, and tron is mid. How many trons u see in tournaments? 1 or 2 if event that, how many sonsons? none.


Two Chicagoan marvel players I don’t think I’ve ever played, in casual or tourney. Sup with that?

And Gabe is good, with or without gimmicks, although they do help out. Dam mummy.


Youve played me at the hip a few times derek, own me though. :stuck_out_tongue: The other guy you could too, so nothin to worry about there.


I have new vids but couldn’t upload them(damn my friend is busy with her girlfirend and he can’t give me the tourney vids of mine!!), and they’re more interesting than my previous anak vids. One consistent is preventing storm doing the HAIL by mummy wrap and Sent’s Sent Force and “how to use your downward pyramid rush” thing. Maybe when I got to Australia this December, I can record some new again. :wgrin:

Well about the vids, can you just upload it to youtube? or the original movie file is very large like 100mb+?? What’s the vid format(avi, mpeg, etc)?


I like using the pyramid rush in the start of a match, because unless its a storm, mags, or iron man starting first or some other high priority starter, they always block low and wait for you to attack so they can coutner you, and not expecting a overhead in the first 0.5 seconds of the mathc helps in the long run, you can do anythign after, launch, snap out…

I also noticed i was playing with my firend, and he used Iron Man Proton Canon, while I was in range, and jsut befroe he activated it, i threw out a curse ball, and as teh canon killed Anakaris, the puff ball went right through the beam and hit IM. The puff ball can only be cancelled I think if it hits the actual cannon, or maybe not, im not sure, but I know it did go though the beam. that puff ball goes through almost anything.

On a semi related note, Omega Red’s Omega Strike also goes through almost anything, I hav kicked away a Spiral sword, kicked Juggy out of his head crush, hit Tron and not tarade hits with her drill attack, and yes, even TRADE hits with Sentinel Plasma Storm Super, and even goes through Hyper Grav and just hits Mags. His Carbonadium Smasher has pretty good priority, it even at one point just “cancelled” out with Chun-Li’s giant ball super, and Omega just recovered.


Don’t do that(The initial pyramid rush) at all times unless you are sure the opponent doesn’t know anak can do that esp. against mags and storm since they can just, + AAA. Usually its being used for “snapback > infinites” only.

Also the Anak Puff Ball or the so-called “Anakaris Curse”(this is my username in other boards) has invincible properties against certain elements. Examples are:

  • Lightning Storm
  • Raimeiken
  • Hail Storm
  • Proton Cannon
  • Magnetic Shockwave (Not sure though but It usually hits magneto)
    Not sure though but almost all projectiles can cancel Anakaris’ Curse. Any other weird power to be considered as elemental like (Sents’ HSF, Morrigan Soul Eraser, etc.) can cancel Anakaris’ Curse.

If someone has the time to test all of the supers, then post it. :rofl: