Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!



o i know, i never start taht against top tiers, but usually i only do it to a player once or twice max, but it depends on the char. But I mostly use it when after an Air Mummy Wrap, I tag the opponent with sj.HP, then do quick Pyramid Smash, then I will eitrh do antoehr one ,or do cr.LK, cr.HK, then run up and do it again, adding mixups. Sorry if i gave the confusion that I always start my mathces with Pyramid Rush, I usually use it int he mathc though when I have tripped the oppononet.


Combos ,combos, and combos…Check it out.
The Flapp Files


Horrible video. Stop spamming the link all over the threads or I’ll inform someone. Thanks.


i agree with ParryPerson. There are many problems people have with you.

You post crappy videos where in the combos would be impossible to pull off, are very basic, or aren’t ever worth it. Then you post it with very crappy emo music, emo is gay. and then you post the SAME shitty video on 20 different threads. For the final time, stop spamming your crappy videos that no one gives a crap about, and start discussing, as in the point of SRK existence.


Man o man such hashness from probably 2 decent players. What r you guys a couple? Listen I can understand your stupid anger for me posting in different sections and it’s not 20 different threads it’s maybe 5 or six. And maybe I can tone down the post to maybe 2 or 3 not a problem. But as for any of the combos I done, you best believe there worth it and anybody can pull them off in any match. I’ve pulled all of them off before I even thought about creating a video. That’s what makes them real, bums. It just takes skill which apparently you guys probably don’t have if your complaining so much. I understand that there are people 10 times sweeter and better than me and I learn from them. But as for you guys I willing to put money on it that neither of you can play lowtier first off and probably couldn’t even beat me with what ever you running which is probably msp, mss, santhrax, or what toptier floats your boat. So if you think you hot stop talkin (man you guys talk alot), makin excuses and come out play me and see where your level is. And if your think well I not flying nowhere to play one person. New flash I havin a tournament, you can play me especially and more people that I know will smash you. So when ever you bums are ready. Anything else you say to me is a excuse. Set up as many money matches as you won’t and start as high as you want if your so confident. And if you got something to say aim me bums and say it.


ok , but I never said I use MSP, MSS, SAnthrax, in fact I have never used Storm, Cable, Cyke, I don’t use top tiers, it doesnt mean I dont think they are good. My entire team is low tier. Obviously you are the bum if you just assume everyone uses top tier teams, so I guess you lose the bet here.
Omega Red/SIlver Samurai/Anakaris is my team.

Some of your posting doesn’t make any sense

I have no idea what this means, and we did have somethign to say to you and we did say it. I don’t know if your reading any posts right, but the problem we had is that your videos are pretty much remakes of other videos 3 years old, or of combos taht do honestly look nice, but are never worth it to pull off.

I never said I was hot, and everyone on this board talks alot, I dont get your point.

I am tellign you now.


He can’t read your comment,he’s


i know, i dint realize he was banned until after i posted. :stuck_out_tongue:


what’s the correct way of mashing pharaoh cobra blow to get 60+ hits?


that overhead is good as a starter if you know the magz or storm is gonna do a cr. lk. and if he calls an assist, snapback inf. :wink:

if they are tall enough, nj forward .lp+tron, .mp, overhead is good and then launch or snapback…depending of course

as usual, unknown user doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

the way I mash for cobra blow is sorta start at hard kick then go counter clockwise. but it’s really more important about the positioning…without that you can’t get it right, and if you position right…much easier to get many hits…even without mashing a certain way.


lol, nice stealin overhead strats from a real anakaris player.


loser, I didn’t steal anything.

I do that nj.lp+tron mp overhead all the time, I have never seen anyone else do it. but of course you just want to be stoopid ;).

they asked for someone to post something, no one did so I did. maybe if you knew enough about the game you could explain it too but you don’t. you just wanna talk about comboe’s this and that but really don’t understand the game.

anyway, nj lp+son mp curse comboes…then of course can go to curse infinites.

so lol nice trying to sound like you know something.

pfft stealing? don’t know much about the game do you? no wonder you’re such a hater and suck-up-brown-noser



I had a mini-casual match-ups with merchie(local player) here in our place and his friend captured the vids using his cellphone camera. Here they are:

match 1


match 2


match 3


match 4


Enjoy! :slight_smile:


YO!!! Sonson can do another King kong mode super before she recovers from the first one?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

That recovery is CRAZY!!!

That ASSIST KILL WAS B-E-A-Utiful…AAaah if you hit those launchers with Sonson in King Kong mode that would’ve been sick!!!


hahaha that was the plan unfortunately I had a bad timing that time (very millisecond timing missed!). Anyways it was effective 100% :rofl:


you’re not talking about the first vid right? if it’s the first one, you don’t do it before the recovery. there was the part where she was shrinking, she’s vulnerable (quite vulnerable) and then she transformed again.

Merchie kept falling for those crossups after a roll from idle hands too much :looney: and in the last one WHY didn’t he roll outta the corner!? and then he called assist only to be snapped-out…honestly, depending on what anakaris team it is, you’re sometimes better off not rolling after idle hands.

good shit otherwise


Merchie is located on other province not in our place, Its our 2nd encounter on that vids so probably he wasn’t aware how Anakaris does his move or the snapback, roll, etc. He doesn’t know well if he should roll or not. Or where to block… but fun matches though. :looney:


it seems to me like the damage was tampered with, i can be wrong but ive never seen cable not die off of short,short rocket punch then 5 fierce when he was under half life, even tho only 3 fierces hit afterwards after the messed up double snap combo on son-son at 0:54, even with only 3 fierces after rp hits its about half life, cable had no where near 50% life.

Do you play with a lowered damage?


yeah, looked like he wasn’t familiar with fighting anakaris…DON’T ROLL CLOSE TO HIM!


All of our MVC2 machines here in Manila (in any mall or arcade) are set to Level 1 Damage (Lowest Damage in the Game) due to the majority of the requests of most players in here last 5 years (2002), so they can play the game longer. There’s no way we can revert back to Level 2, else no one will be playing it… :sad: