Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!



oh ok no wonder i was wondering why anakaris would survive the stuff he did, i understand regional differences though, and btw good shit with anakaris =D


those are some hot anak vids anakariscurse. i’m just picking up anakaris and enjoyed the footage



A small video realized for my


what was wrong with the visuals?

ok vid, if you want some recommendations/feedback…I got some.

there is a vid of me playing anakaris…though I was def. not in control (early in the morning after staying up late the night before during MWC) I was getting to many nj’s and fierces instead of the sj’s and airdashes they were supposed to be : / and my mind/hands were part jelly

not one of my bests…but it’s something. If only I had some of my OCVs on vid, lol

lol, I kept trying to dash outta that corner but got punches instead…and got hurt…and I usually never wanna nj with anakaris…ugh next time the money match will be when i’ve gotten sleep/woken up

on a side note: I do not know who omegared999 is or how he knew that was me/my screename.lawlz…and VDO rushes that shit down…though I think I shoulda won that match, I did beat with anak later on during the day


I like 1:30 of your vid Vlad Marcus. I’ve never seen that before.

Good match beatsofdevil. Smart play by you both. Colossus fucked up lol


yeah, 1:30 was interesting…though it didn’t combo right and can be rolled

thanks…I had much more interesting matches that weekend…and last MWC

some guys were like ‘hey, you’re one of the anakaris guys, you fucked me up last year’

I ended teaming up with kapkom in the team tourney, I was tempted to use my anak team…and we would be the gaynakaris duo. lol, mebbe next year

oh, and I guess Vlad was playing on a computer which is why the visuals looked funky


That would explain it concerning Vlad.

GayAnakarisDuo. Maybe think of another word for Duo so you can really do it up with the G.A.Y. acronym. Let me think for a while:

Y…ok I just did a google and came up with ‘youngster.’


GayAnakarisYoungsters. Hold it downnnnnnnnnnnn!!!


My computer a bit badly because of it the graphs


good idea to have a character video thread


i should have some more anakaris matches soon if flapp puts them up

VDO vs. Myself, 4 out of 7 mm
Rog/Col/Ken vs. Ana/IM/Son

VDO vs. Myself, 4 out of 7 mm
Rog/Col/Ken vs. Ana/IM/Son, Mag/IM/Doom

lol, we both play pretty conservatively, because if either hits, we can do a lot of damage to the other team


some very rusty anak/im/sonson matches. I only play anak/sonson once in a blue moon

that should hopefully change with the PS3 release!




A couple of my casuals in a local arcade… :tup:

WARNING: Level 1 Damage :cybot:






Wooow!!! Very very nice anak action! :bgrin:



I’ve def played better before…but at least I got the sjc reset on my opponent lol.

I see you are doin the anakaris/IM bit, nice.


Iron Man is very common and a “god tier” in our place and in lvl1 settings. By the way, merchie visited us again in the capital and we had some rematches together with our local mvc2 players. I’ll post the exact links later but you might wanna try browsing his youtube channel.


i would think maybe magneto or cable even would be better on lvl1 settings? IM can’t 300% easily lvl1 right?

…so having not seen gabe for a year…he came out for MWC today and was mummifying foos left and right. it was crazy how crazy good his anakaris still is. UGH

there may be vids (not sure if anyone was recording him play).



I also can’t wait for the ps3 release (still holding out hope that its a lil more consistent than the 360 version)…

Never played against really good anak before… one of the few toons no one I know plays at all. Really hoping a few people online will surprise me with characters like anak.

You can show me how to mummy, beats…hehe


I’m not gonna lie Beats, your Anakaris scares the shit out of me. My buddy Golba has been telling me stories about the one hit kills. I can’t wait to play you come M-Day.



yeah, it’s fun I actually get to try/play anakaris against people now (didn’t do it much with casuals here in chi)

anakaris has been raping many a people. way better than the vids I’ve posted here. I sorta regret not capturing some of the ways I’ve been ruining teams/making peeps ragequit…

though…rogue owns the fcuk outta anak :’(. I have to stay away, play really safe…her moves beat out all of anaks…and he takes damage like a ho…ugh