Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!




guessing you just mean Mahvel Release day… which… is today!!

Damn you sony… would midnight psn releases be to much to ask!


Learning anakaris, good character. Been watching alot of vids. Anakaris/Tron go good. Need a 3rd.


sonson (put tron last). i can def. teach you ways to play anakaris…I’ve been goin my rounds beatin ppl with him, srk and not, top tier teams and not.


SonSon? Cool, care to explain?

Been thinking of BlackHeart, idk for sure though.


as an assist, though she has no invincibility (be careful of doom assist) she has amazing range on her AAA. this compliments anakaris’ long rang moves really well too, better than any other assist. pretty any hit can lead to anakaris SJing, idle hands, and getting back in control.

she lets him setup long range double snaps: double snap, dash in + sonson, move forward, sj, lp, lk, snake repeat

anakaris can hit with sj.fks and/or coffins any hit. punish assists this way too.

sonson sets up damagin super cobra blows.

sets up GB/crossover situations in the corner. any hit anakaris can add onto it plenty of different things. honestly, it’s a bit hard to explain and there’s way more to it, but sonson is the perfect assist for anakaris


Don’t forget to master Son Son on point… Don’t just use her as an assist.


Awesome, I will check out SonSon for sure. Sounds like a great assist, I definitely will learn her aswell.

Thanks guys!


i can teach sonson as well. ask some of the srk peeps I’ve played online, that monkey is off the wall


yes. if you’re going to play anak/sonson/tron you NEED to know how to play all the characters well and use the other assists with them correctly. while sometimes anakaris is all you will need in a match, against tougher opponents/top tier teams AST (aka team KapKom) depends heavily on team chemistry, DHCing (need to know all different DHC options), and playing all characters on point especially if you need to use a DHC to kill a god tier character.

also, here’s a nifty DHC that takes 4 meters, and does about 90% to cable with the order of sonson/anak/tron.

with sonson:,,, HP SRKxxSTAFF SUPER, right when staff hits (or possibly start putting in commands right before if you’re a bit slower) DHC to curse super (hk, lp, d, lk, hp), wait for 3rd curse to barely come out and DHC to tron’s kobun rush. you will be too far to hit, but you will recover in time to dash forward and connect a lp, mp, kobun rush while the opponent is still in stun from the curse.

nearer the corner you can just combo the first kobun rush, just make sure you DHC to curse super a bit later of course.

team ASS (anak/storm/sonson) is definitely the best top tier anakaris team though.


I will try that, played SonSon though. Need ALOT of work. :rofl:

Beats friend me on PS3 and we can play sometimes if you want, need to practice ClockW0rk and of course anakaris.


Nice, will try that one when got the time to the arcades. And yep, Definitely Team ASS is still the Best and Most Versatile Team for Anakaris either Lvl1 or Lvl2 damage setting. Though I keep on using Team SAC(Son Son/Anakaris/Cable) being Son Son on point on lvl1 at most.

Also, will be buying PS3 for MVC2 Online sooner or later :rofl: . I’m awaiting for the results of its online version.


storm is really what helps that team out…tron and silsam, and to an extent jin, are helpful as they let anakaris do more of his hi-low game which ASS doesn’t allow as much. silsam also has a useful mostly safe DHC too (lightning)

mvc2 is better on xbox…and cheaper overall (unless you factor in the slight price for xboxlive…but it’s worth it)


Question. Why not use Cyclops over Sonson? Can’t you use Cyclops to set up Anakaris infinite?

  1. sonson is fun
  2. sonson is low tier if you wanna play such
  3. you can use other assists to set up curse inf.
  4. there’s a few things with sonson assist you can’t do with cyc, like crossover setups for max damage super cobras, OTG with sonson (useful after double snap from full screen)
  5. I’ve tried cyc a few times, it just doesn’t feel as right as sonson :stuck_out_tongue:


I see,I see.

As far as a “low tier” character goes, do you feel Anakaris could compete with god tier teams(more then 1 god) at a high level of play?


what are you asking exactly? are you talking about he should maybe be in top tier rank? I’m pretty sure he’s not going to win tournaments against the best, but he can beat/surprise/rape god tiers if they don’t know what’s up/if they’re worse players. if they do know what’s up, you just need to be like perfect lol.


I see. Thanks for answering.


Its all about… Surprise! When I tend to visit arcades, usually they don’t know ANakaris or what he can do… after a few matches… then “whoah…”. :slight_smile:

I used to be with Cyke as my AAA for Anakaris… But I feel more comfortable with Son Son esp vs MSP.


Do Ana/Ken have any good chemistry?


not much imo. ken AAA knocks em off screen…so you can only really coffin drop on them

ken expansion might allow you to setup some full damage snakes…make a curse infinite. I don’t see any DHCs for them aside from anaks curse super or in the corner : /