Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!



Yeah I was planning on hurricane assist.

I am trying to make a low tier team consisting of Anakaris/Ken/Cammy/Capcom but Cammy and Capcom cant be on the same team.

Yeah I will check it out, I will be in training mode to find DHC’s and such.

EDIT: It works Anakaris with Ken setups throws, super and combos into throw. OOOOO YEAH!


Not really, but practicing will always bring about something new and interesting. Ive done a combo with Ken’s hurricane kick assist. Comboed with this assist, you can go for curse, or Pharaoh’s Wrath super (where he throws out the little mummy thingy). Since Ken keeps the opponent in the air for some time, and the lag of the super coming out, they mesh well and more likely to connect because of the time allowed to perform the commands and such for the super…


My Anakaris teams
Omega Red, Anakaris, Storm
Dhalsim, Anakaris, Silver Samurai

I’ll usually lose to a triple A team, but I like to think I can hold my own. Hit me up sometime fellow Mummy Marauders. :tup:


you can see some of my anak vs japan in “teamjuan05.wmv”

there might be more of anak in the other team juan vids, but not sure. don’t think he uploaded all. I’ll usually be playing him with sonson as iirc, japan chose anak a few times too :slight_smile:


holy shit thats alot of vids! how long did you guys play? the whole day? EDIT: i see that its not all on one day =/

btw can you guys put some of these on youtube? or if your not willing can i? i think more ppl should see these especially shit like that anakaris curse reset loop you did in the 15th vid.

im surprised at how strong the nipon players are!


we played a lot. from around 5-10pm to start (i forgot exactly when we started at night) till about 8am. that’s usually how it goes at tourneys, especially marvel.

em, I suppose you can. It’s not my best anakaris play though. ever since mvc2 came out for xbl my anakaris has gotten a lot of exp. and I’ve upped my play with him pretty well. my anakaris play againt the japanese was not that good ^_^;; since I didn’t play him that often…usually only at tourneys but I always forgot a lot of setups/combos

just let me know if you do. actually, pm preppy first since they are off his site and I don’t know the rules about that.


will do. can you give me some details of the fights? like player names, location, etc?

id like to give credit where its due.


i can try after the vids are created. you let me know when/where they are and I’ll do it.


curse infinite help

I’ve seen it done in videos and have tried it with multiple assists but every time the curse hits they aren’t changed into the little voodoo doll thing. Could it be because it is the X-Box 360 version or am I doing something wrong?


are they changed…and then the rest of the assist hit them? if so, change timing/setup/assist

if not, it could be that you have guard set to auto. it’s a weird training mode glitch…


ive uploaded some so far on my youtube

i have to split the ones that are longer than 10 min so those i will have to do later…

btw i pmed preppy but he hasnt responded


ok. i can try helping with names later when I get home. so far, for player 2 side of most of the “juan” matches it’s “beatsofdevil”

looks like you got magnetro’s/blackheart’s and co.'s vids. you’ll have to ask them who’s playing

for japan:
Santhrax is usually Joo
Spiral or IM/Cable/Sent is usually Sadao
Wild Matrix player was Fantom
Omega Red (and possibly the other low tier + runaway flying magneto IIRC…or maybe that was sunahebi) Dao
Ken was msp

but I’ll try to pinpoint when I get a chance

EDIT: ah yeah, so far you’ve only uploaded magnetro’s/BHK’s vids (though the first couple BHK vids were mislabeled as Juan). Double EDIT: starting at 6:17 of the last vid, is the real team Beatsofdevil (juan) which is myself playing mostly mag/im


I had guard set to auto. Thanks for the help BeaTs


Oh well, I miss playing this game and my Anakaris… how I wish I can setup my own PSN accnt and just play @home since thats only time I can play this freely… :bgrin:


here’s a few matches from the low tier league tourney


I have some more anakaris, if you search, under brettH’s account on YT (I think beatsofdevil anakaris)


how do you do sonson monkey and burn the WHOLE TIME??? i’ve been wondering this for a while…you’re the only guy i’ve seen to have the strongkong > <


maybe you were affected by substances? ^_^;; I don’t recall burning the whole time.

though, she burns longer if she’s getting hit.

otherwise, I just burn, wait, burn to recovery


i dunno man it seems like you mash it better than everyone else/get more hits


ah. yeah, I just burn for a long time going up and down, she stops at about 1/3rd to 1/4th, then burn to cover my recovery.

there are times, where she’s getting hit by stuff, that the fire will last a long time. The bar doesn’t go down much either IIRC.

off topic: I think I discovered a new tron infinite while styling on someone online.

it’s definitely an infinite, but I don’t know whether it’s old or not. I couldn’t find it in the Tron forums…so Ima probably post up a vid later


is it the flying screen infinite with the rock?