Analog Problem: Jumping/Blocking


Hello guys, i have one problem and i wonder if others are suffering from this problem. it’s really important. I was a pretty hardcore SF4 player and i played it pretty much like 2000 hrs so i know if i find a mistake or glitch.

The front and back jumping or blocking (Both the same controls) works really tricky and hard. i can’t describe it really. in a 4-5 minutes i’m going to post a video about it. Does anyone else is complaining about this problem ?



This problem ?


Got the same problem, Not so much them spazzing out as in a half motion comes out as Right Down Left tried two different xbox controllers the results the same everytime.


These broken jumps make getting over hadoken walls more of a fuss than it should be…


this fucking game…


gahhh! i wish this game was finished…

360 exclusive accurate input gems announced!


People really use the analog stick? I tried that at a kiosk at gamestop once with SF4 and… that just wasn’t working out.


This is REALLY affecting my gameplay. Ive lost so many matches because of the game not registering my down/back input. I hope a fix for this is in the patch in April…


Yeah, it’s a recently discovered bug…I think we need to make sure that Capcom fixes this ASAP