Analog stick question

hi all, and thank you for this great site with some great info on it :rock:

i have a naki ultimate fighting stick that has 2 analog sticks with ball tops (the ball fits through a hole in the case & the ball works the same as a stick), i have wired up an old style (microsoft non common) wired joypad for the internals and was wondering if there is any way to remove the analog sticks from the joypad and then wire from the board to the analog sticks, the sticks are still connected to the original boards that they came on & are fixed to the case with these boards so i can’t remove them from the boards (i was thinking i could cut the traces on the original board).

if this is possible, how hard is it? do i have to solder any via’s?

also is there a visual guide anywhere on how to remove the triggers ?

EDIT : never mind i wouldn’t be able to fit em in anyway