Analog stick vs d-pad?

Hey folks, just got a quick question for y’all. I play SF4 on X360, and right now I’m just using a standard wired controller. I use the analog stick. Something I’ve noticed as I play longer and get better is that I’m making a number of mistakes via input error. Especially during live matches, when the action starts getting intense, I can’t count how many times I’ve done an EX srk rather then the metsu. So I’m wondering if I should be using the d-pad. It’s difficult because it feels different, but I feel that I would get less input error with the d-pad. plus its really hard to FADC with the analog stick. I know that eventually I’ll need to get a real stick if I ever want to be an amazing player, but for now, should I be using the analog stick or the d-pad? Thanks for your input, folks. :wonder:

you need to use whats the most comfortable for you

Personally if I had to choose I’d pick dpad but with the 360 controller its lose lose

Most people here will just tell you to get a stick (I think so too)

I use a 360 controller too (still building stick) and I prefer the analog stick over the dpad. Its alot more comfortable and I haven’t had too much trouble with inputs.

When I got SF4 I used the dpad but my thumb would get sore pretty quick.