Analogue Fightstick

Hi Fight Night was on sale on PSN. I bought it

Directions are controlled with left stick.

I don’t want to use a TE stick with the switch to LS

I want to use my wireless PS3 VSHG

Is there anyway to wire an analogue lever to the analogue on ps3 dualshock pcb?

Yes there is a way. The question is where to get a analog Joystick.
The LS-64 is discontinued and hard to find and Happs offerings aren’t cheap.

What if you used this? I think PS3 analogue sticks are 10k right?

It should work in theory

I don’t know how well that joystick will work for gaming.
It’s built for industrial use in heavy equipment.

I also got no clue how that joystick mounts in place.

thanks for the input.

any more ideas guys?

The Quasicon controllers used what appeared to be more industrial-style analogue sticks and got pretty good reviews.

Has anybody sourced the joysticks out of these?

Maybe these pictures will help

Or these

Looks like it’s intended to be fitted with the stick from underneath and secured with the retainer ring on the other side, using self-tappers.
It looks possible, but unless you’re willing to make your own mounting plate adapter (so you can mount it to that, instead of the retainer) then you’re going to have to drill 4 new holes in the top of your stick…

Likewise, the sticks I suggested look top mounted and need a pretty big hole to be cut to accommodate them, something you wouldn’t want to do to the PS3 VSHG in question.