Analyitcal Picture Challenge


Can you guys analyze what is wrong with this girl? Give me a good in depth, clear, and subjective answer. Fifth person who can give me a good answer will get two years of paid prem (not available in AL, OK, NY, and CA.)


You’re funny, black shoemaker.


I’m gonna go with: She’s crying from pain of abusive and alcoholic husband.




She’s faking it. Her mouth has a smile but the lips are not tensed. If he’s abusing her he’s doing so verbally most likely hence the covering of the ear. Was probably using the towel as a potential source of defense due to it being wrapped around the arm. It cannot be used as a source of comfort given how wrapped it is compared to loose. It looks like she is in a corner of a room due to the light. Looks asian.


her boyfriend didn’t leave a mark.
smart, but sometimes a bruise is like a wedding ring.


she’s not in the kitchen.


She spoke when she wasn’t spoken to?


she is going through a manic depressive episode, bipolar 1 I believe.

I cant tell if anyone is there right now, im answering acording to the image alone

btw: thats not a towel on her arm its her robe


She’s sad because her husband got her blood on her favorite snuggie.


Her fingers on her hand have been cut in half.


shes ripping her own ear off.


Her husband peed on her and she is coping with her uncertainty surrounding the experience alone in her room.


She won the lottery?


She looks like my friend Janet.

I don’t know if that’s a problem or not. Is there something wrong with looking like Janet? Well, some might say yes, some might say no.


I think her cat just died…


the arm with the white baggy sleeve is photoshopped in. something is photoshopped because the pinky seems to phase into her head


She just got back from a flight…of stairs.


For one thing, the bitch is wearing two robes.


That’s not a hand, that’s a foot.