Analyze your Defeats

I’ve started taking notes on matches I lose and how I can improve on these weaknesses that people find in me when I lose. Anyone else do this? and if so how do you analyze yourself?

A lot of times you’ll find yourself getting beaten by the same stuff over and over again. With me this is usually because I have certain things that I’m “going for” because I think it’s good or w/e. If I see this happening I have to step back and ask myself 2 questions.

  1. What am I getting beaten by
  2. How can I beat it

The answer to these things is almost never actually difficult in theory, so from there it’s all about incorporating the answer to question 2 into your gameplay, which is the hard part.

i’m finding it hard to break habits :looney:I seem to tiger uppercut when its not need and end up getting punished or have hard time with fireball spam :annoy:

Whether you do this stuff on a pad of paper or just in your head, doing this between actually playing is arguably the quickest and most effective way to become a stronger player. Welcome to competitive fighting games, man, it’s a lot of fun and you’re going to love it here. :smile:

lol welcome to the club. I analyze every game!

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but for me I lose for a few reasons:

  1. I always lose my first few fights because I’m learning the other player and doing some stupid things to see what I can get away with.
  2. impatient. I like to jump in a lot and get right to it. when i “play to win” I win 98% of the time but I HATE playing that way but I play the best that way.
  3. I’m stubborn. I was playing this one dude who was chipping the hell out me any time I tried to throw a hdk. At this point it became more about me doing the hdk and not about winning. so while the dude is boasting that he beat me I’m sitting pretty smug about getting in my hdk.
  4. I don’t know the character. In particular I play so few vegas, balrogs, gens, abels and vipers I don’t really know what/how/when to reverse/coutner.

But yeah if I really get my ass handed to me I try to adjust my play style. If I play a dude long enough I learn how they play and will be able to win from that point on. However most people on line play 2-3 matchs and bail which is sad for dudes like me who like to get schooled from a better player.

My problems stem from execution, and doing pretty bad when I’m being pressured. I’m still very patient, but I get annoyed when people jump in at me, or do supers at random. If my execution was just a tad better, I think I’d be okay. Another problem I have is when a move don’t come out, I try to do it again during the match just to see if it’ll come out. This lead to me doing the move at a bad time which lead to me being punished.

I also have with dumb gameplay. For example people who have no concept of meter management, or like to toss out random supers throughout a match. I also have problems with people who get hit and mash uncontrollably desperately hoping they’ll hit me. I’ve adjusted to this within the past month or so, but it’s the style I traditionally have issues with

My 3 weaknesses:

  1. impatience
  2. bad execution on links
  3. no sense of flow or continuing a string. I often do bnb’s such as in cvs2 but forget to follow it up or get clumsy with my pressure game.

My biggest weakness is even though I may figure out a counter strategy, I simply am not capable of pulling it off since I’m just not good with the controls or I’m not quick enough. I would be fitting of a general or coach, but not so much participating in fights myself sadly.

Boredom. I can’t stand turtling or footsies. I always get fed up and rush into a commando assist, or chun-li low forward super. I barely ever think about defensive strats actually, for me the satisfaction comes from completely dismantleing my opponent, and then, maybe then, the greatest feeling…having them get pissed off or swear.

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