"Analyze Youtube!" A MODOK Video Critique Thread



Some of us MODOK fans just aren’t as good as the rest of you. And I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who wants to get some feedback and criticism on our gameplay but at the same time, we don’t want to fill up the other MODOK video thread with our less than stellar play.

HOpefully here is a good spot where the amateur modoks like myself can get some valued input from some of the forum’s better players.

[S]I’ll post my videos later, just leaving it open to someone else first.[/S]

Well, I guess I’ll take a stab at it. Be as harsh as you want. this is like a 2 week modok and my execution is worse than a dude with no fingers. enough with the excuses!
The videos are pretty lengthy so I guess just skip through to the modok play. I dont really care about my play with the other characters as I solely focused on improving with MODOK when I shot these, so I was doing stuff with the other characters I normally wouldn’t do.

  1. My opponent has execution just as poor as me. Obviously I keep it simple at this point. Whenever I get a hit I jsut go launch, knockdown, relaunch, knockdown and then OTG into HBR. if i’m not in the corner, i dont because i just dont know how to make it work lol. :(. Also, I set my team as Cap, MOdok, Doom because cap easily can bring opponents to the corner and I’m hoping I can get a TAC into cubes. I’ve been trying to use the newly suggested TAC combo ( M, M-cube, L, M, H- cube, (M, H-cube) x 4 etc, but obviously my execution still needs work.

  2. I hate magneto. The stupid plink air dash thing that ambiguously hits high or low is very difficult to deal with and in games i lose its the sole reason why. can’t say my opponent is THAT good anyway, but i’m basically just jumping around fishing for j S or j H. When i watch videos of MODOK point I see people start flying up and then calling sent assist to start their mixup. in my case, I tried to use DR strange, didn’t really work too often. gimmicky more often than not. That said, I feel as if MODOK is way better in the second position. Anyway. yeah.

  3. LAST one! Me vs a Iron Fist/Hawkeye/Strange user. The tactic of missiles, shield, psionic blaster really helps a lot. I can’t believe how much of an advantage b+H gives in the fireball war. Typically with my other teams, zoners give me the biggest issue but that tactic has really helped me out a lot. Thanks NOS 99!
    EDIT: A lot of times in this video, it looks like my MODOK just stops blocking. I guess it is because I’m used to chump blocking stuff by jumping, guess MODOK can’t block that way.

Anyway, any advice in general would be great I guess. Thanks again. I urge everyone else to post their footage too! I’m always anxious to see more videos of MODOKs…


Hey kensanity, great idea for a thread, I’ll try and get my own footage up one day.

I watched a fair bit of the first video and tested a bit of captain america + modok combos myself to come up with some suggestions.

The best bit of advice I can give is for you to develop a bread and butter combo with your assists that lead to guaranteed big damage. The trick is the combo has to be something you are comfortable with that you can pull off consistently.
Your playstyle is very similar to mine before I put assist combos in my gameplay. When we land a hit, we revert back to launch, MHS, relaunch MMS, otg to hyper battering ram. Whenever an assist is thrown in they tend to just mess up the combo when the previously mentioned basic combo would’ve been better. And when all else fails we resort to barrier+ psionic blasters and random jump S’s all over the place.

When you have a reliable heavy hitting combo you’ll notice your playstyle will stray away from barrier+psionic blaster to fishing for an opening for a death combo (although there is still a time and a place for barrier + blaster spam).

I guarantee that changing hidden missiles to plasma beam is a great place to start because plasma beam is such a good combo extender for modok. I highly recommend the body attack + plasma beam into relaunch after a grab or knockdown, it takes covers a lot of ground and is just so damn easy to do it’s great for playing under pressure.
Use the start part of these combos with the plasma beam:

Then when it comes to the second assist where dormammu is used, you can use strange’s bolts of balthakk instead, A sequence that works is:
After knockdown:
OTG slime, body attack + strange assist, standing M (this will ensure the second part of bolts of balthakk connects), f+H, then whatever you like from the wallbounce.

I experimented a bit with captain america’s shield slash assist, and while I got some interesting mid screen cube combos going, it was more sensitive to positioning and harder to execute. It also must be the first assist in the combo due to hitstun scaling.

Anyway I hope that helped.
Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. Im doing much better with cap/modok/doom than strange/modok/doom but yeah changes to shield slash assist suck.

I’ve switched to doom beam and it helps a lot off of my throws! been trying to continue tyecombo with shield slash but Tue farthest i get is
Kncokdown slime+shield slash, h analyze cube. Im trying to dash flight cancel and then air s but it is pretty hard. ill figure something out
thanks for the help i feel like I’ve improved a lot just by using that combo u gave me.

any assistless combos u recommend to connect a jamming bomb?


not possible. I really use sent for jamming bomb combos since the hitstun is silly to the max :smiley:

I don’t think you really need to change doom missiles, but plasma beam is good for doing long combos without being fancy. Doom missiles are really hard to combo into, especially with silly legs, which is why I agree with zalcoatl on the switch, but they both extend combos in similar ways…


If you want to include cap in your team, then I suggest trying the following:
After a throw or knockdown - dash forward (important for making sure both hits of shield slash connect), then do slime straight in to body attack + shield slash (input body atack and assist at the same time S+A+Assist 1). The easy thing is just to remain still and do 2 L analyse cubes, the opponent will be dragged into it effortlessly from shield slash, then you can relaunch. Then you can do whatever with the plasma beam assist (otg slime + psionic blaster+plasma beam into f+h).

Also it is possible to connect jamming bomb solo, you need to hit with something like standing H into f+H into jamming bomb, the timing is strict but it’s possible. I wouldn’t recommend it though, jamming bomb combos are more for assists that can effortlessly pull it off (drones).


Actually, it IS possible to combo into jamming bomb without assists, although the combo has to be very short due to hit stun scaling. You can do this in the corner or near the corner: cr.:h:, IAD j.:m:, cr.:h:, IAD j.:m:, cr.:h:, :ub: j.:h:, j.:s:, :h:, :f:+:h:, Jamming Bomb, Snap Back. You need to jump back after the last cr.:h: or the opponent is going to fly over MODOK after the :f:+:h:. If I remember correctly, this does about 450k damage, so it’s not too bad for teams who lack an assist that helps with connecting jamming bomb.

EDIT: An obvious disadvantage you have to consider with this combo is that you need to get levels of understanding first.


Continuing with the above, it turns out you can throw a cube in there! You just have to make the combo even shorter. Here are some solo jamming bomb combos that work in the corner and generate their own levels of understanding. Note that any more hits on these will result in your opponent popping out of the combo after standing :h::

cr.:h:, IAD j.:m:, cr.:h:, :qcb::l:, cr.:h:, :ub:j.:h:, j. :s:, :h:, :f:+:h:, Jamming Bomb, Snap Back. 436,000 damage.

cr.:h:, IAD:df: , cr.:h:, IAD:df:, cr.:h:, :qcb::l:, cr.:h:, :ub:j.:h:, j. :s:, :h:, :f:+:h:, Jamming Bomb, Snap Back. 448,800 damage. This one uses the “cr.:h: hopping” technique Nos developed. It has the advantage of being able to start a little further away from the corner, but it is significantly more difficult to do.

IAD j.:l:, cr.:l:, :m:, cr. :h:, :qcb::l:, cr.:h:, :ub:j.:h:, j. :s:, :h:, :f:+:h:, Jamming Bomb, Snap Back. about 304, 300 damage. This one is just to demonstrate that it can be done from the standard baby kicks approach. The damage depends on how many hits you do with standing :m:, with more hits resulting in less damage (I think max hits on this reduces the combo’s damage by 50k o_O).

Anyways, I hope this helps. I’ll post this in the combo thread so people have no trouble finding it.


Man I am really shitty with MODOK. :frowning: i got 5th in a tournament on new years eve. Wasn’t that many players so i’m not too happy about it and my two recorded matches I lost both. Both matches were against players I normally beat but yeah… anyway. Here’s this video. skip the 1st match cuz i didn’t use modok in it.

sigh I fucking hate myself. I am my biggest enemy in this game. Don’t know how I got opened up by magneto 10 times in final game.



Your primary issue is trying to throw a fast character in the corner constantly, that’s why you kept getting missiles and shields : /
Most of the time someone can mash on lights to prevent the throw attempt honestly.


There’s a definite improvement with your modok ken, nice work. I’d recommend that when you kill someone with modok and do the barrier on the next character coming in to start c.M + M cube spamming. It creates a really awkward situation where they cant jump in and do a move, there is the slime puddle underneath they’ll need to low block and then they can’t jump once they’ve landed because of the M cubes appearing above them, once they are stuck crouching in the corner unsure what to do, go in for the air dash bicycle kicks, it works for me really well.


i’m going to try that. usually i just put the barrier and just fish for cr H and that crap NEVEr works for me. so just cr M and then like M cube x 2 ? gonna try it out. I also have to get out of the habit of fishing for b+H throws. Its a bad habit with doom andit carries over a lot to my MODOK play. I guess i’m just so anxious to get a corner throw or a throw period just to go on the offense. some simple blocking/push blocking would be pretty helpful :).


Ken: its alright man, it happens to us all. From watching that one video, here is what jumps out at me

Obviously, there were a few dropped combos in there that could have changed the outcome. Not much to talk about there except work on getting past those tourney nerves.

Try working on welcome/snap mixups with modok cause they slipped through the cracks a couple of times and got some hits in. The shield is great but using try using M cubes or even d/f+H if you dont have an assist to knock them out of the air. For example, if they get hit with an M cube on the way in when cornered you can hit confirm with j.M,H cubex4, j.M, airdash uf, j.M, j.S, S, j.H, l blaster, add j.S, slime, L cube, HPB, slime, L blaster(, HBR) for 746k or 933k if you use both supers. That will stop them from pressing buttons when coming in. If they block they are forced to the ground for another mixup/unblockable. If they AG you can dash to negate the pushback and try for an airthrow/CH setup. All of these will do decent damage or at the very least help you maintain the advantage while they are vulnerable without assists.

Make sure to get all the way to the top of the screen if you are going to try to lame out x-factor so it is easier to react to/avoid airthrows. j.L and j.S are great for people who dont respect MODOKs space when he is up there. Also, contesting the ground with airdash df j.S or j.L can helpas well.


could u clarify the cube x4 part? Are those 4 cubes while flying? Or am i grounded?



M cube, [j.M,H cube]x4, j.M, airdash uf, j.M, j.S, S, j.H, l blaster, add j.S, slime, L cube, HPB, slime, L blaster(, HBR) for 746k or 933k




Another fun fact about Cubes are that they are safe on block. Meaning you can throw them out if they block it, there is nothing to fear that they can punish you at point blank. Also, Cube that are on screen after you recover give you free frame advantage.


I got 2nd at a recent tournament although I didn’t use MODOK in it. Afterwards did a first to five with my modok team.

I usually get my ass handed to me by this team, but IDK, I guess I did better this time around.




My new MODOK team :slight_smile:
Of course I could use some work. any advice? I’m trying to figure out an extended combo incorporating missiles and tenderizer but i’m just not smart enough to think outside the box.

So far I got air dash L, cr L, M, cr H, IAD M, cr H, S, sj M, H, S, land slime (otg) + doom missiles, S, sj M, M, S land backdash, f+H (is it possible to put a cube before the H?), L balloon bomb, f+H

this is where I’m stuck.


I pretty sure you can substitute l balloon bomb with l cube. That’s wat nos said since I was asking about the wall bounce bomb call missiles launch legs combo. I think you can use ur bounce with the skrull. Idk. I think tenderizer is not immune to hsd so its going to be hard to combo late.


@ Ken:

I can’t really give much Modok advice, but here is one thing I noticed about your play.

It seems like you pop x factor at bad times a lot. You have Skrull as anchor, but you will often use it to save Doom in lvl 1 or 2 when he has almost no life to regain. I think you would benefit more from just letting your characters die at times so you can save x factor to guard cancel with Skrull and use him in his godly level 3 guessing game form.

I also like your team a lot. If it weren’t for how much I dislike the way Skrull plays compared to Strider and the way Striders assist impacts Doom, I would probably be playing your team.