Anatomy Books

I was wondering: What are some good books on anatomy? Also, how did you guys learn anatomy. I always have problems drawing the human figure proportionally and I need help. What is the best way to learn.

i was first learn how to draw anatomy through DBZ…i was a big fan of dbz and like to draw goku and thats how ive learned to draw muscle and stuffs…then ive read some random (cant remember the title) “how to draw” books to learn how to draw with the stick figure and blocks way…btw im pretty sure most of guys in here were selftaught, does anyone actually went to an art school?

You can tell someone has formal art education most of the time if their anatomy and composition is on point. I think a few people here have graduated or are attending art schools.

For anatomy books I’d recommend: Atlas of human anatomy for the artist by Stephen Rogers Peck. He has good notes in there that breaks it down to simple objects for you. Pretty easy to understand. To learn anatomy the best thing is to just draw it over and over and read everything.

Thanks for the input guys. I too would try to learn from anime and comics but it didn’t work out too well for me. I’ll check out that book DF so I can get started on some basics.

I can’t believe no ones said it yet. so here goes:

burne Hogarth

Dynamic Anatomy

I recently got the revised and expanded edition. Good times!

Im with the cap on this one. Burne is the man when it comes to “comic” style anatomy. No offense DanSC, but DBZ has awful muscle structure, believe me. I was stuck in DBZ mode for years and it really hurt my art. DBZ muscle consist of 3 biceps and a Deltoid. A normal arm has a Delt, biceps, tricep, and brach then theres muscles in the forearm that most people bs anywayz.

Comic anatomy - Burne Hogarth

bridgeman, vanderpoel, and atlas like df mentioned are also good choices for a more realistic approach.

If you can take a couple of anatomy classes drawing the nude model will help. What you learn from books and figure drawing is a great combination to learn. You really start to see all the muscle groups you’ve learned from books and apply to the nude model.

Good luck and hope to see your works in the future.

i know dbz muscle structure doesnt look pretty…but its easy to learn for me though…maybe i was too influenced by dbz…but ive changed my style since im not really into muscles type of drawing anymore…i like manga style more…

This, while popular, isn’t exactly the best route to take when looking for references. The art style is highly exaggerated.

For me, the best teacher is just life art. Draw people from photos, from school or whatever chance you get constantly.
But for books, I suggest the ones by Andrew Loomis.

Well, I went to Borders today to look for anatomy books and I picked up Atlas Human Anatomy for the Artist by Peck. I studied the skull and drew it in different angles for about 2 hours. I’m trying to nail the skeletal features of the human body before moving on to the muscles. I think it’s pretty interesting.

I might pick up a scanner this weekend and hopefully get some art posted so you guys can help me out more or something. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!

burne hogarth is great, not just for comic purposes, (although he does like to exagerrate for emphasis on principles) but for merely learning the anatomy itself. great lessons on foreshortening and the like.

there’s a number of artists out there though. and if you ever want to go to the really photo-realistic approach, use a model or a photograph of one.

I learned anatomy through med school.

Frank Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy book is bar none the best on the planet (for illustatration purposes, not clinical).

i recently picked up dynamic anatomy by burne hogarth, and im doing alot of studying right now, just on legs and feet now, anyways, it IS i really good book, it took me a while to understand the basic shapes and correct proportions for the front torso and forearm, but i got there(kinda ><) Its loaded with pictures, a section for measurements and tips for each part of the body.

I’m thinking about getting Peck’s book too, since Hogarth only goes over muscles…is it worth it to get Peck’s aswell?

I can’t think of good poses for sht either, so should i just practice that like mad with photo references and my head…or should i eventually get a book…?

damn that was long, sorry, to whoever read it all, bonus points for joo!

if you want to draw good pose, buy that microman on ebay, its good for pose, im going to buy it aswell…