Anbody know if the blaster 360 will do legal copies of import games?

I want to play Oneechan Vortex really really badly, but a japanese 360 is entirely to much money for just that game. I saw this thing called a blaster 360 that apears to be a solderless mod chip you just install one time and never have to open your case again. Is this a valid way to play imports on a american 360 such as the freeloader was for the gamecube? Or is there another way to do this, Its been awhile since my last playasia order :wgrin:

Well I don’t know much about any xbox 360 mod chips. But yes, mod chips disables the region coding, security checks and other things that the console manufacture implements. I guess to keep things short, yes you’ll be able to play legal or illegal copies of your games, but I’d be careful with using your console with xbox live with the modchip enabled as you may get your xbox’s mac address banned.

Ah I was unaware of that, I don’t use live to much but that would suck. I might just have to wait it out and see if they don’t release enough games overe there to merit a japanese 360. Thanks for that info

so I looked a little more into it, to see about region compatibility with the Xbox 360. Apparently there are some games which work on multiple regions due to the region lockout was not implemented by the publisher. Whether these games actually work, I don’t know for sure…, but here is a few websites which have a list of region free games from other regions of the world.

*List of 360 games region free available for purchase

*Another more structured list of region free games

*And a second list, which looks identical to the first list, didn’t bother comparing them though.

The game you were wanting to play, is sadly not on the list (looks quite good though, definitely wanna play that lol). But, maybe there are other games you were thinking of purchasing or maybe another member of SRK will benefit from the list.

Yah quite a few decentish games are region free, that one indeed is not though. Its to bad, I just beat the 2nd one and have almost everything unlocked, was hopeing to finish up the series. Oh well, thanks for the info man, I aprecaite all the work.

Realize though that if you do this you are effectively going to get your machine banned from xbox live. Might be cheaper in the long run to buy a used japanese XB360 from ebay.

The blaster360 is not a modchip, but a tool to help you flash your 360 drive/firmware, without opening up your 360 for a second time. You see, if you want to flash your 360 to the latest firmware to play backup games, you’ll have to always open up your 360. This tool only requires you to open your 360 once, install it, and easily allow you to upgrade to the latest hacked firmwares to flash your 360.

Most people don’t need it though because hacked firmware updates don’t come out everyday and most of them are for minor fixes.

If anything, I would read Textbook’s tutorial on how to flash your 360. A simple google search will find it. :slight_smile:

Oh and flashing your 360 firmware to play backup games DOES NOT allow you to play region free games. It only allows you to play backup copes of games from the same region your 360 was purchased in, except if the game is region free already.

That is exactly right, all the 360 chips and/or hacking methods only allow you to play backups, they don’t allow different region games to be played as they are just drive hacks to make the drive think the disc you’ve inserted is an original, they’re not capable of anything else.

I wouldn’t even consider a modchip if you frequently use Xbox LIVE. IMHO it isn’t worth the risk of getting banned. LIVE is too important, at least for me it is.

The Wii chips are the same, only backups work.

If you are REALLY desperate to play this game, get a cheap JPN 360. That’s the only way.

True, but you could always use this:

Is that the game with the girls in the bikinis killing all the zombies?


And man wtf? How come we don’t get games like this?

Oh yeah, forgot about the Freeloader.

It’s not direct booting though, is it? Personally, I hate swapping discs all the time.

Hmm… not sure what you mean by direct booting. But the freeloader acts as a boot disc, you pop it in, eject, then pop in the game you want to play. So yeah, it’s swapping discs.

Ah thats exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for the help, very informative stuff.

Yes, yes it is. Its actually a solid hack and slash game if your into the mindless stuff like Dynasty Warriors. The fact that you play as a bikini clad cowgirl or a school girl simply add to it lol

I meant that you can’t simply pop in the import and play, you have to swap discs every time you want to play the game. Can become a pain after a while, but it’s better than nothing I guess.