ANBUversary and VnJ Tournament 5 Results!

**ANBUversary Tournament '06 Results!

NGNT4 Underappreciation Tournament
1st-projekt84 (Kidoumaru, Jiroubou)
2nd-Mr. Brightside (Jiroubou, Gai, Rock Lee, Ino)
3rd-The WiLL (Iruka, Mizuki, Jiroubou)
4th-Darkhonor90 (Ten Ten)**

NGNT4 Underappreciation Tournament Grand Finals- Mr. Brightside vs. projekt84

Congratulations to projekt84 for becoming the first person to win the NGNT4 Underappreciation tournament!

This tournament was lighthearted, competitive and fun! I definitely can’t wait to put these videos up because this tournament showed a lot of barely unused characters played on competitive level. There were a lot of great matches but one that stand out the most was a Loser’s Finals #2 match between both Team Vicious and Delicious members, Mr. Brightside and The WiLL. Mr. Brightside’s turtling strategy counteracts with WiLL’s rushdown which made the final round used all 90 seconds. By the last 2 seconds with both with low life, Mr. Brightside used his double jump and WiLL timed a perfect Up+A afterwards. Since the move is a hit shift to a throw, Mr. Brightside got hit first then the timer ran out. Since the timer ran out, the 2nd part of the move did not count which made Mr. Brightside victorious.

Notable players
Darkhonor90 and Icekid-They both showed great heart in this tournament and rapidly climbing up to the ranks of the Top 10 Florida players!

NGNT4 Tournament
1st-Mr. Brightside (Sakon, OTKN)
2nd-projekt84 (Kidoumaru, Neji, Zabuza, Temari)
3rd-Mystic (Orochimaru, Itachi, Kimimaro)
4th-Icekid (Kisame, Kimimaro, Orochimaru)

NGNT4 Tournament Grand Finals- projekt84 vs. Mr. Brightside

It’s about damn time! Veteran player, Mr. Brightside won his first NGNT4 tournament at the Vortex Game Center! More suspense has been added because we still haven’t witness one person to win more than one regular NGNT!4 tournament! Maybe we will find the person in July’s Last Stand Tournament? Not only did Mr. Brightside won some cash but he also gets a Florida Hokage Championship title shot in the Last Stand Tournament’s Main Event.

Notable players
Icekid-“Ghostdog Killa” Icekid improved dramatically and finished strong in 2 NGNT4 tournaments in one day! Despite from the critics calling him a “projekt copycat”, you cannot copy skill and heart which Icekid has. One key victory to his NGNT4 career in this tournament would be against Veteran player and eternal rival, The WiLL. They battled in tournaments such as Tekken 5, Soul Calibur II and III, Street Fighter III Third Strike and now, Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4. Icekid sent The WiLL to the Loser’s Bracket in the regular and the Underappreciation tournament.

Rekuyukai-This Orlando representative made his debut at the ANBUversary tournament and finished strong in this event! He’s also an avid Guilty Gear XX Slash player so you’ll see his name more at the Last Stand Tournament!

Florida Hokage Championship Tournament
1st-projekt84 (Temari, Kisame, OTKN)
2nd-Mr. Brightside (Sakon, OTKN, Ino)
3rd-Mystic (Orochimaru, Kisame)
4th-The WiLL (Naruto, Orochimaru)

3 out of 8 participants showed up to this event which was a disappointment. Here was the finalized 8 man bracket…

projekt84 vs. InsaneJokr9
Mr. Brightside vs. The WiLL
Mystic vs. Darkhonor90
Rieshu vs. The Juggernaut

During this time, everybody was groggy. This tournament was actually played very seriously compared to the other 2 as the championship belt is on the line so everybody wanted to win as quickly as possible.

For 7 months, The WiLL has never fought an OTKN in the Vortex tournaments until the FHC tournament. Not only did he fought an OTKN in this tournament but he fought against 3 OTKN players! He also made a promise to himself when NGNT!4 first came out that he will unleash his trump card if he fought an OTKN at the Vortex. As the times past, everybody by now forgot that WiLL was one of the original Orochimaru players back in the NGNT!3 era.

The Grand Finals between Mr. Brightside and projekt84 will have mixed reactions to the critics but the match was very important to both combatants. They both basically beat the crap out of each other and showed ruthless aggression. projekt84 came from the Loser’s Brackets and managed to have a Tie Breaker match. Four more match victories later, projekt84 became the first Florida Hokage Champion! The Main Event match is set for the Last Stand Tournament. It will be Mr. Brightside vs. projekt84 for the Florida Hokage Championship belt.

The NEW Florida Hokage Champion, projekt84! (Belt not shown)

Money Match Main Event-Seishin vs. Mystic (No contest)
Due to Seishin’s absence, this match is nulled and void.

**Vortex No Jutsu Tournament 5 Results!

SSBM Tournament

Guilty Gear XX Slash Tournament
1st-The Muffin Man (Bridget, Sol)
2nd-Mad Fnorder (Zappa, Axl)
3rd-Troyboy (Ky, Potemkin, Faust)
4th-AlottaBeast (Baiken)**

Guilty Gear XX Slash Grand Finals-The Muffin Man vs. Mad Fnorder

The Muffin Man makes his first Guilty Gear XX Slash Tournament debut and wins the 2nd GGXX/ Tournament hosted at the Vortex!

-=The Future, Gossips and other Random tidbits=-
-WiLLvolution Tournament 2006 has an official tournament date and place! It will be held at the Marriott hotel in West Palm Beach on Saturday, August 19th, 2006. More information will be posted ASAP at!
-The Last Stand Tournament will feature SSBM, GGXX/ and NGNT4 Tournaments in one day.
-Winning the NGNT4 tournament has more value as the winner will get the title shot against the current Florida Hokage Champion at the WiLLvolution Tournament 2006 Main Event. If the winner of the tournament is not from Florida, then the 2nd place Finalist will get the title shot. If the winner of the tournament is the current Florida Hokage Champion, then the 2nd Place Finalist will get the title shot.
-Team Pwn Depot (Formerly Team Boston) will possibly show up to this event.
-The noticable faction of Team Vicious and Delicious foreshadows a sign. Is it maybe we will see the first 2 on 2 NGNT4 tournament at the Last Stand Tournament?