Ancestors give me strength: Night Wolf thread



Post and add anything Night Wolf related. Some of the moves are pretty good.

An idea of the moves:
Double Sweep kicks
Good dash attack
Easy to pop with close range moves
An unblockable that takes some time to use

PS3 controls, a combo seeing how most people stick with beginner characters until other players find combos for them. 30% anywhere on the screen no meter. Starting from a low kick ground combo.

F = Forward / B = Back / D = Down / U = Up
T = Triangle / S = Square / X = X / O = O

F X, S
Axe uppercut
has to be used right away after last hit, F T
Dash attack


In the corner you can get an easy 37% combo.

f+FK,FP, Hatchet x2, f+FK,FP,BP, ff+BK.

You can get more with a jump in and a different opener before the double hatchet’s too.


Well yeah, that’s kinda the point, corner combos are shit.

Would like combos for each character that does:
Most damage
Easy to use
Starting from the ground
Can be used anywhere
No meter

Though not really the type to stick with 1 character. When people online play like shit there really isn’t a point to. Still that 30% combo is pretty good.


I’ve been doing:

I’m not sure if I can sneak an arrow in before the shoulder or not, and the opening FP, FP could be improved or mixed up.


Mostly been doing LP, HP, HP, Tomahawk, Tomahawk, (Dash) HP, Shoulder as my BnB. Anything with HP overhead or Tomahawk juggle is what you want to go for, simple as that.

Few more notes:

-HP, HP string is an overhead, if they try to block any combos involving it low they will get hit.

-After any normal knockdown string, you can hit the opponent with Lightning/EX Lightning like 100% of the time. EX Lightning would be better as it puts the opponent in a juggle state, thereby allowing you to get a free combo in.

-His Reflect works on most projectiles in the game and gives him a way to deal with projectile spam while building meter. His EX Reflect however works on ALL projectiles, stays out a while, and gives him some health % back. This is a good tool to force a projectile spammer to close in, as EX reflect STILL builds meter as well.

Right now I am deciding how to use Nightwolf’s meter effectively, I guess it depends on the opponent. His EX moves are stupid good (Two hit juggle Tomahawk, Reflect that gives health, super arrows for combos, EX Lightning for free combo) but his X-Ray is pretty simple to combo into and does an insane amount of damage at the cost of putting you away from them.

So far I haven’t had an overwhelming need to breaker with Nightwolf so it’s just down to those two options.


not quite


:rofl: That’s pretty awesome, probably will be patched, but I’ll work on it until then. Thanks for the link.


31% dmg (standing) foward FK, FP, hatchet, hatchet, dash forward, BP, Choke

34% dmg (jump in) FP(in the air) foward FK, FP, hatchet, hatchet, dash forward BP, Choke

**When doing the hatchet do it fast so it juggles them high in the air or else you will miss the dash forward, BP Choke

**Also an easier version is leaving out the FP in the beginning. FK,FP,Hatchet x2 has weird timing on it.


I dont know, alot of characters can do some high damaging combos with xrays, and there are plenty of 50% combos you can do without even using meter.


have you watched that video till the end? probably not. that was not what he meant…


Midscreen bnbs:
j1 > 122 > hatchet > 1 > hatchet > dash > 1 > dash > 122 > shoulder (37%)

j1 >122 > hatchet > 1 > dash > 1 > dash > 1 > dash > 2 > choke grab (35%)

j1 > 122 > hatchet > b+2 > hatchet > dash > 1 > dash > 122 > shoulder (40%)

j1 > b+22 > hatchet > hatchet > dash > 312 > shoulder (36%)

Corner: f+312 > f+312 > f+312 (43%) (46% with j1)

b+22 > hatchet > hatchet > dash > 3 2 > XR (49%) (52% with j1)

LP:1 HP:2 LK:3 HK:4 and you can do f+31 or b+22 at the beginning of these combos and you’ll still get the same dmg


b+2,2 xx hatchet x2, dash, 1, dash 1,2 xx grab (~39% I believe, I definitely could be wrong though) NOTE: You can definitely start this combo, and his combos in general with 1,2,2 xx hatchet as well, also b+1,1,1 xx hatchet or f+3,1 xx hatchet…

Also finishing combos with 1,2,2,1 gives good damage as well, but canceling into d,f+2 is Nightwolf’s best finisher for any combo as long as you can keep dashing in to stay close enough to them to land it.


ya i checked it its 34% ^^


Most damaging meterless midscreen combo to my knowledge:
j.1/2, b+2, 2, hatchet, b+2, hatchet, dash, 1, dash, 1, dash, 1, 2, 2, shoulder (42%)

and corner combo:
j.1/2, b+2, 2, hatchet, nj.1/2, f+3(whiff), 1, 2, f+3, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, shoulder (54%)

timing of the nj.1/2 is tight but you can make it easier by pianoing it with 1 and 2.

easier variation to the corner combo:

j.1/2, b+2, 2, hatchet, (f+3, 1, 2)x2, 1, 2, 2, shoulder (52%)


With Nightwolf, you gotta condition your opponent. Spam shoulder until they duck to punish, then the mixup begins.

Lightning and en. lightning is hard to react, especially if ducking to look for shoulder.

Attack strings 1221 and b+221 does some good pushback on block, and build alot of meter. Strings on hit 1221, b+221 and f+2 gives you a chance to mix up with lightning/en. lightning.

f+31 is a beast string. Looks delayable, can hit confirm hatchet, can delay a hatchet on block. Once your opponent respects that, mix up with throw, or loop into it again. You could just do f+3,1 and do a jumping crossover and if your opponent push buttons you get jumping punch combo.

Dash hatchet is also decent. When used at max range you can catch opponents moving and/of pushing buttons.

Here’s a combo to try:

jump in punch, b+22~hatchet, Hatchet, dash 1, dash 1, dash 1, dash 1, dash 122~ shoulder. 40% and from midscreen opponent is sent to the corner.


Does f+3,1 leave you at a frame advantage on block? From what I can tell, 1, d+3 and f+2 give you plus frames, am I missing any other normals or strings? Also, how safe are his specials? Shoulder Tackle feels really safe but it can be crouched, and I don’t think Hatchet can be punished either. I just got the game yesterday so I haven’t had any match experience, I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this.


Well I made this vid yesterday: [media=youtube]P61xIARXs9o[/media]

Hatchet on block seems punishable to me. At least by quick enough specials like Kabal’s dash or Raiden’s superman. There’s a lot more recovery and less push back than Shouder tackle.

1st combo - Wow I had no idea you could do another dash~1 before ending it with 122 shoulder. That must be hard though cuz 2 punches is already messing with the pushback and gravity scaling.

2nd Combo - I’m not sure why, but I can’t do the nj.2 for some reason. Are you sure it’s not character specific? Tried it like a hundred times on Jax and it would never hit.

I don’t think it’s worth it just to get a few extra %. When it’s too hard to do consistently it makes it unpractical in a real match. So I’ll just stick with my combos. :stuck_out_tongue: They’re not as damaging but my execution is 100% and I always pull them off so it’s all that matters to me. :slight_smile:


Your video has been enormously helpful to me, especially the mix ups section, thank you very much! And thanks for the insight on his special moves, I’ll remember that Hatchet is unsafe when I go and play real people.


Well it’s really hard to know how safe or unsafe it really is since there is so little frame data info out there.

But yeah it looks pretty unsafe, I could be wrong though. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong. I just picked up Nightwolf so I wouldn’t really know for sure.


For the first combo just cancel the dashes fast enough it’s not too strict.

For the second combo I don’t think it’s character spesific. I tested it on Jax and I can hit him with it quite consistently. Yea timing is strict but it’s still practical if you are willing to work a little :slight_smile: