Anchor Ammy problems



So I’m going to say I’m rather new to using Ammy, I’m used to having a different anchor and I’m having some problems. I’m hoping to get a little help here with the problems I’m encountering.

  1. When it comes down to Ammy on anchor, she feels a little slow. Her wave dash is mediocre at best and air dashing is a good way to get blown up by supers. What are some ways to improve her mobility?

  2. I’m not the best at opening people up with Ammy, most times I have to deal with people that just up-back most of the time. That is frustrating chasing someone around who is up-backing and just winding down the time. Should I be air dashing at them with Glaive or something else?

  3. Someone who just crouch blocks you, what are some good instant overheads for opening up people?

  1. Ammy doesn’t really have a wave-dash because of the way it functions. Just use her regular dash and cancel it with crouch (like a delayed wave-dash) or an attack. Vale of Mist technically improves her mobility by making your opponent’s mobility worse. Glaive Dive xx Head Charge L/M works as well. Air-dashing is fine if you’re aware of the range on your opponent’s supers. Air-dashing is only a liability against a few characters.

  2. Up-back is beaten by her rapid-fire cr. L. All jumps have a 3 frame window where your opponent is standing on the ground before the jump. Low moves will hit them here. Vale of Mist will make this window longer. You can also air-throw them if they up-back.

  3. Air dash down-forward LM (or ADDF MM if their hitbox is tall enough).

Just be aware that, like Strider, you have to make your XF run count due to her low damage output. Don’t activate it unless you touch your opponent’s character or on the verge of losing by chip. Learn how to turn any hit/throw into her XF3 infinite to conserve meter for Vale of Mist. By the end of your XF run, if your opponent still isn’t dead yet, you should have enough meter to kill their last character with the Lv. 3.


So, I’mma jump in on this thread too. I use Ammy mostly because of all the dirty, dirty stuff one can do with cold star assist, (also, I adore the character and her game, and am a big fan of many streamed Ammy players like Moons) and beyond that my Ammy is mashing 6H on disc, sword dives ad nauseum, and glaive XF3 infinites, with no other good combos. But, my biggest problem is mobility with her.

So, if I’m not imposing, I wish to throw a few more numbers into the mix.

  1. Utilizing her head charge L and M is a big problem for me, I see marlinpie and moons and many other ammy players making amazing use of her mobility, and for me, I feel very ground locked, or superjumpy. What usually is a good followup to the head charges, and when should I look to cancel glaive charge and air normals into them?

  2. I find that her jump cancellable cr. H on disc is really cool, but I can’t find ways to really abuse that Shuma-style due to pushblockers, and then my approach back towards them feels really slow and clunky, despite my blinding XF3 speed boost. Not sure if this is just a “try something else” moment, but I am curious to see if anyone has found some extremely effective uses of cr. H disc.

  3. I see some cool sequences of using air H with whip, then changing weapons. Any good combinations of whip air H and approach moves you find particularly effective?

Also, to 2), sweet, I like that a ton. I usually just go for air grabs.


Luckily I love me some anchor Ammy =D

4)There are a few good uses for Ammy’s head charge that I know of. One way is to stall in the air. You can stay in the air for a very long time if you super jump, do a fully charged H with the glaive, do 2 L head charges, and then do another fully charged H. I think I read it in the Brady Games Guide.
Another thing you can do is throw an L head charge at the end of an air combo, and then go for a grab reset. I would use this sparingly though, because it is pretty easy to see coming.
One thing I recently started messing with is using DF+H in glaive stance on a grounded opponent and then canceling into M headcharge. With this, you can actually squeeze in an air L before you land and hit them with an overhead. Like I said, I just started messing with it, so experiment with that one. I’m thinking maybe tiger-knee M headcharge to air L or something.

  1. I love crouching H with the disc. Of course Ammy isn’t much of a mix up character, but you can do this against standing characters or crouching big characters like Sentinel: Do a crouching H and jump cancel to an instant air H-H-H, and that will combo. This is safe, so you can do the same timing. In fact, you can even loop Cr. H to jump cancel air H-H-H like twice…even more times if you are in x-factor. This is nice because you throw out a low and then a high back to back, so you can hit them if they are sleeping.
    I also like to do Cr. H to stance switch to glaive and then M to whatever you want (obviously combos). This is nice because again, it is safe, and if you hit confirm it, you can x-factor and then do your glaive infinite.

  2. I don’t know too many things when it comes to the whip, but one thing I like to do is super jump, air dash straight, then do H, switch to Glaive, and do another H. It’s an awkwardly timed double overhead, and if you are at the right height, they can’t even see themselves, and you can do an ambiguous crossup. This also combos if you are in slow mode, and/or if you are x-factored.


Thanks! I’ll try to put all of that to use.

One note on 5) how safe is cr. H, jump, and Ammy’s instant overhead (the airdash into H one)?


Very safe. Also, if you time the air dash right, I think you can negate the opponent’s push block!


Oh, that is hot. Gonna lab the hell outta this, get my fingers doing these mixups in my sleep.


Negating pushblock that way also happens to rely on your opponent’s timing. If they do it during hitstop of your H normal (and most people who play against Ammy recognize this point as the time to pushblock) you’ll be way too far away by the time you can air dash.


Ah. Thought it was too good to be true. Still, its good to know I won’t just be smacked by Dante’s buttons straight up if I try it. Thanks for all the help, guys. I appreciate it tons.