Anchor Firebrand

How much have people looked into this? I mean, I don’t think he’s that capable damage wise, but he’s just so fricking fast. His Spitfire locks like Arthur’s lances from full screen, though not nearly doing as much chip or damage, he’s got I think decent LVL3 combos using spitfire and other means… again, how looked into this is it. Also, spamming L while LVL3 Luminous Body X-Factor is so amusing.

How to properly deal with a child throwing a temper tantrum in a home environment.

Step 1 Remain calm and unphased by the child’s physical aggression. You know he can’t really harm you and he’s just thrashing about.
Step 2: Give the child time to wear himself out, usually he’ll stop if he sees no reaction out of you.
Step 3: If the child insists on remaining violent after an extended period of time…Firmly grab the child by the wrist, and swiftly discipline him.
Step 4: After a few minutes of crying, the child should settle down.

How to deal with X-Factor 3 Anchor Firebrand.

Step 1: Remain calm and unphased by Firebrand’s physical aggression. You know he can’t really harm you and he’s just thrashing about.
Step 2: Give Firebrand time to wear himself out and use up X-factor
Step 3: If Firebrand insists on continuing to rushdown, grab him or XFC on one of his unsafe moves. Then discipline him.
Step 4: After a few hits in a combo, Firebrand should be taken care of.

You see, all it takes is good parenting to stop XF3 Firebrand.

Wouldn’t call 1Mil or more damage ‘not real harm’. Also, as for unsafe move…what unsafe moves? I can combo after Demon Missle M raw. A -17 frame on hit negative.

Primary problem with Anchor Firebrand is two fold. Firstly, Firebrand doesn’t really have good, safe assists. Second, if you have Firebrand on anchor and no Xfactor, you’re kind of boned.

He is really fast and more damaging then one would think. I think he has some sort of infinite in X-Factor. But I’m screwing around with him in X-Factor level 3 and luminious body. I haven’t tested this much but the combination may make air bone voyage safe. I need opponents to generally test this on so I’ll get back to you.

With how XF affects damage scaling it wouldn’t surprise if firebrand could 100% all the characters through a long combo that takes advantage of some loop we don’t yet know about or use moves that would normally scale damage (like demon fire H or whatever it’s called). Or Just use two dark fires in a combo and do his talon dive.

His airdash has mix up potential when your close enough and get the overall flow of it. If you mix in jump H you can cross up if they up back midscreen.

i think the caveat with anchor firebrand is that his assists aren’t supposed to be good. that’s the downside to an incredible upside. the real question is, is anyone brave enough to use him there at the expense?

Only on occasion do i find myself with firebrand as the last man standing. When i do though, it can be some real crazy shit with X-factor. Outside X-factor or Luminous Body, it is a dead bird. Can’t say it’s impossible but definitely not in Brand’s favor

I usually have ammy last but a lot of times I sacrifice ammy for lvl 3 xfactor firebrand. His lvl 3 is really quite good. You can kill a character very quickly. And it’s almost impossible to block the level 3 if set up correctly. I have made many comebacks with these cheap tactics.

The problem with XF3 Firebrand isn’t that he can’t kill, but the fact that it takes so much XF time to kill something.

However, if the team is wounded/low health, then you can easily kill -> Unblockable -> Kill -> Unblockable -> Kill

I run into a lot of situations where I can’t win at all due to time+Firebrand’s low damage.

I run Firebrand with XF3 and use hell spitfire HP to above characters, if you combine Luminous body with this you can stop everything they try. I killed a XF3 vergil and Dark Phoenix last night.