Anchor Inquiry



I am currently playing Spencer/Doom/Hawkeye, but I am considering Akuma as an alt for Hawkeye in some matchups…

Does anyone have experience with Hawk or Akuma that can help explain some different matchup problems with either character?


Yeah. I was into Akuma as my anchor for a while. Just watch out for Sentinel, Hulk, Dante, and characters with good pokes and zoning ability.


akuma’s air grabs convert better into combos with his dive kick move. hawkeye’s air grabs sometimes throw the opponent too far to otg with his qcb M. as an anchor you can’t be dropping combos that in xfc, should be throws into tod. gimlet is instant but there are ways to completely ignore it via power up supers, akuma’s can be near instant if you are positioned properly. akuma’s beam will also chip more.