Anchor jill with madbeast



I am new to the jill community and I know this sounds crazy to do in the current meta-game dominated by dark vergils, weskers, phoenix etc. However before I fully explore anchoring Jill I wanted to get some feedback in the Jill community on the viability of jill being an anchor and the viability of mad beast. In my opinion I think mad beast has potential to be the untapped gold mine in x factor lv for jill.


Go for it. I don’t think Mad Beast is explored at all. Anchor Jill is not a great idea because she’s better with assists, but people make her work there. No one uses Mad Beast though, at least not yet.


It’s strange that no-one uses mad beast because its builds meter while you attack. All i need to do is find a x factor loop and I’ll be getting back to mad beast once it ends. Not to mention Jill gets even better mix ups in this mode (despite being the games best mix up character). Incoming characters will be screwed. I plan on posting my progress :slight_smile:


I use Dante and Deadpool and have Jill in the anchor position. While my primary plan is to attack with Dante DHC into deadpool, then bring in Jill to make Jill Dante Deadpool with Deadpool as the real anchor, I’m prepared to use Jill as an anchor. Mad beast indeed is very a very underrated and high potential level3, especially with XF3.

I think XF3 madbeast is not really about huge combos–it’s more about doing resets that are hard to escape and setups that are hard to react to. If you can keep someone grounded in your resets enough, you should be able to land an easy finish combo, or just reset them till they die. Personally I’ve only finished the 236L 236M combo in XF3 once. But there are easy combos like delayed 236 L 236 L

The danger in mad beast is of course that it’s not guaranteed damage, and there are some supers that beat it like strange or hawkeye, as well as characters that stay in the air whom you can’t catch easily. So you have to learn who you can use it against and who you can’t. Even if you feel like you can use it against a certain char, you have to be smart and in control when maneuvering to attack. Mad Beast is an ace I don’t use that often, maybe 25% of the time in XF3 situations vs. another anchor char. But if you can control it, it will work for your for sures


Any videos? I’d like to learn more about mad beast


Not to mention that you can’t block at all. I think that’s the biggest turn off. Limited movement is hard to catch fliers and the kind of pressure you get can be broken by invincible THC or invincible supers like bionic arm. It is interesting to put into practice though, you’ll be like a fly pecking at your opponent for a while until they get frustrated and just throw out a random Arm.


I lied, the other biggest turn off is that she loses somersault.


Nah sry, I’m usually off stream (not good enough to go deep in winners) so I suppose I should make one. But a few tips:

  1. The ez basic combo beginning (after you’re activated) is LMH, dash behind, LMH, dash behind, LMH. After that, the hitstun wears off (unless you’re in xf) and you either have to combo 236 L or M or you can go into a reset. Of course the 236 combo is just like it is in the trial (236L 236 M) x N, MGS. In xf3, you do the same combo or just 236 L a little slower.

  2. Some basic resets and open-uppers:
    Assuming you have the LMH dash behind going, you can do stuff like
    a. L, dash behind, LMH
    b. LMH, FC u/f S
    c. L, dash behind, command grab (ee this one’s cool)
    d. 236 M, 236 M. This makes them roll. You have to react to which way they roll, then FC dash and get behind them and do 2M meaty, then start the resets all over again. This is what I’m working on mostly and imo it’s really important even outside of mad beast.

Basically if you chain the resets and or the combos together, you will probably win in xf3 vs their anchor.

  1. Getting mad beast started – doing it naked vs a neutral opponent is a major challenge, as was said, some chars will just fly away from you or hurt you with a super (remember you can actually block low but that’s it), or some can get away and then still attack, such as doom foot dive (dangerous). In that case you have to dash and control jill and wait for your opening to get in and 2M. It’s hard.

Aside from that the best time to activate is after her own hard knockdown or forced tech rolls, such as:
a. air combo ending with S, acviate
b. ground or air throw, acviate
c. combo into 236 M or 236 H, activate
d. If you have 4 bars you can activate, then MGS for pretty much a free in. If you have xf it’s even better since you can cut the recovery to zero or even dash in the air.

In most every case after activating you should come in with meaty 2M as they get to their feet and do whatever you can to keep them from jumping. Or if you mess up your kill combo, you should always try to catch them with 2M.

  1. Some stuff I have yet to explore:
    a. Infinite blockstun / block damage (236 H x N) I don’t really do them since I focus on opening ppl up.
    b. Good incoming char stuff: I was talking to pulsr one day and he pointed out you can 236 L 236 L someone coming in and they can’t really get out of it until you let them. But I think it’s pretty situational. The biggest danger to mad beast is crap like foot dive or helm breaker.
    c. Better kill combos than 236 L 236 M. I already have a few ideas but in xf3, mad beast is so hard to control. In non XF or XF1, I think true mad beast combos are actually viable but like a lot of what has been mentioned so far, it is so situational. For example, if I had 3 chars and XF vs. the anchor, it’s probably an easier kill to DHC out of Jill and then XF that character. I’d only think about doing it if the match up was anchor/anchor and xfactor was gone.

Anyway hope that’s a good starting point.


Mad beast isn’t as hard to use as people make it out to be, I actually find it easier to use while in XF3. I use it all the time, and have a simple combo with it that does close 1,100,000 damage… dood!


Mad beast needs to be replaced imo, just give her a solid level 3 so she can go up in tier a little, lol. If she had a solid level 3 like Wesker’s she would have a easier time annihilating sh*t. She already gains so much meter during long combos, why do I need to do a A-groove custom combo to kill you? As Jill would say: “Just die already!”

I wish she was more like Doom in the level 3 department, watch the throne my nigga.


Mad beast has super style points but its very hard to implement without assists and even then if she probably has much better options than spending three bars. The fact that she can start block strings that can then turn into Tod no matter what is probably the most attractive option I see right now but you need an assist to start again.

So basically I don’t think Jill alone with x factor will even WANT to spend the bar


Jill is terrible on anchor. That being said, that doesn’t mean “MAD BEAST is terrible”. It’s just the fact that anchor Jill’s Xfactor doesn’t alleviate her weakpoints for example, she still can’t do much without MGS of people zoning her out.

I thought Mad beast was terrible until I got Mad beast loop’d on myself. The thing about madbeast is that you’re not going to be Mixing opponents up for it, you’re going to be comboing them. Yes Jill has mixup potential in Madbeast, but the fact that she can only block low means it irrelevant. It’s crazy when you see your opponent do a combo video on you online, then walk away with 2 Bars.


Yeah, I know that its used mainly for during combos. My complaint was that she could do the same damage if she had a solid level 3. She can already gain almost
2 bars from extended combos via assists and (Missiles 600k, Drones, Ect…). I can use mad beast to an extent, but I rarely need to due to my character line up doing so much damage in DHC’s, and THC’s (Modok analyze cube combos). I would rather be able to do a solid level 3 in the heat of battle than do a A-groove custom combo (CVS). Why should I have to do all that. The fact that it gains meter as your performing a combo during the super is a plus, but if she had a regular level 3 she could do over a million as well. It’s not a horrible level 3 by any means, but a level 3 with invincible frames is so much better imo.

When it’s there last character left I usually do a extended combo with Jill involving Doom missiles into AK-KD then I hard tag Doom in for his level 3 before
they hit the ground. You can even X-factor before the hard tag to do 1,228,500k in damage and thats a X-factor with all 3 of your characters still intact (lvl 1).
Without a X-factor it does 1,079,000. The combo itself gains almost 2 bars.


Jill’s Madbeast does have invincibility frames though and the dashes do too. I feel though, from what I’ve seen and from my own Jill play that the Level 3 is still totally un-discovered.

After getting inspiration, I’ve been labbing madbeast myself for most of today. Although impractical, With Dorm’s 2D1C Liberation, Jill’s able to do about ~900k and walk away with about 2.5 bars. Of course you can use 1 for Raven Spike to touch of death, but that’s making it more unpractical than the combo itself already is.

Still for the most part, I agree. Jill has to jump through fifty loops just to do damage in the mode. A simple cinematic level 3 would do the trick. I would happily keep madbeast if it meant getting some form of projectile though haha.


The only time I would say mad beast is viable is when Jill is in the situation when she is the last character left on your team and you need a kill, then yeah
go for it imo. Other than that just DHC setup into some 900k or 1Mil damage type of stuff.


Eh, I think it’s viable whenever you know your going to get your combo down. If you get your combo down, although it cost 3 meters, you’re going to be gaining 2 or more, and the character your comboing either dies, or is left with extremely low life… How someone is able to pull shit like that online is mindbending though. It took me like two hours just to do the one with Dorm lol.


Yeah but its safer to just DHC for the kill in tourney though imo. If your already gaining 2 bars during one combo I feel its better to just DHC and use 2 meters.
I guess it’s also team dependent cause not all Jill teams do significant damage. With the right assists Jill can do 800k with 2 assists and one super.


It all depends on your execution. IF you’re execution is godlike and you can land it 99% of the time you do it, there’s no reason not to use it. In the end, it also leaves you more meter then simply DHCing (assuming you both start with 3 bars).

Imagine the crazy shit she can do with Madbeast–>DHC into Spiral swords. Wish I didn’t have terrible execution!


Don’t go talking about Vergil now, that name is like a racial slur to me, lol.


Haha, I don’t like him much either, but it’s the sad fact that Spiral Swords is one of the best hypers in the game. Not to mention the fact that after a SS loop, he can still gain about half meter.


From my own experience I agree with this. If i have two more characters, I’ll just do a combo into DHC. But one on one, chances are good that I use it, especially with XF, 4 bars, and a matchup I like or that I’m desperate to win immediately. Could probably argue this back and forth forever but I still haven’t see someone do a mad beast combo in a match much less in tourney besides myself. Would luv to see others doing it.