Anchorage, Alaska!

Hey, Anyone play any games in Anchorage?? Im heading up there next Monday and staying until December. I play: Sf3: Third Strike, CvS2, MvC2, Guilty Gear, and Tekken 5. Post up if you live near the area Lates!

Completly Wrong Area

there r no good places to play any of those games in tha AK
all tha arcades there either went out of business or got shut down
tha last good arcade was space station
but it got closed down cuz of those dam azn’s:arazz:

I’ll second that. I’ve been here for 4 years and unless you play PGA tour golf or crane games then find a eskahoe and escape…

no theres lots of tekken players mvc2 and 3s players there just only homes now i used to play in housten i kno luis and crow really well i dont live in alaska now but i can give u numbers of some decent players they would be happy to play some new faces just that they dont post on srk or zaibatsu so u hafta call them
also check out micro play on northernlights hella t5 players there peace

So noone really plays I’ll see if I can check that place out on northern Lights. Im guessing is one of those console game places. Thanks. Dont think i should call those guys. It be kinda wierd if some random guy just called and asked to play lol. Perhaps give them a link to this thread or something?

nah it wouldnt since they barly get any play they would love to trust me iam the alaskan teacher of video heads u should go to mountain view since thats were all the top tekken and st players are if u can beat my student d1 in mvc2 ill be very impressed.

Mountain View? There a Micro Play on Mountain View? Or is that where they live? hook me up with the number through PM then heh. Just let them know some random guy is calling. Also they play on sticks or pad?

they wanna kno your number i got to get ahold of a tekken player mabye u can teach him shit all scrubs i wish i was there i kno id give u a run for your money in all the games masta out!! also do you kno a hispanic guy who plays cvs2 named joe hes in the navy hes from el paso too he plays sak//bis//vega a-groove

Lol yeah I know him. He’s down in Washington at the moment I believe. He is an old buddy of mine we played CvS2 together until he moved away. He’s a cheater, but we have our good games haha. I’ll PM you the number. See if we can get some games in this coming weekend. I dunno if I’ll be teaching anybody anything in Tekken 5 since im still fairly new to it haha, but everything else i might! :lol:

well hey i still kick it wit joe hes currently in cali tho for leave but he will be back soon but hears my # 1-206-607-7900
hit me up ill be the middle man for yall as long as yall have fun i dont care ::wink:

907-278-1498 thats his number his name is greg so call him up good luck and i hope you guys have fun ill be in alaska soon too ill get back atyaaa
yeeeh yeeeeeh!!!

yeah well even when there was a spacestation here the influence for the Fighting edge still wasn’t as good. well Me among the many Few do play Games Pretty hardcore cant say that were a challenge, but we wreck some more than others in particular Games, i can garuntee you a run for your money at Tekken 5 tho JTM to thank for the evolution tho. Cvs2, 3s yeah i got the cure for the itch. Make sure You got the basics tho stick, controller, memory card, the whole nine i need to plaly you at your Prime!!

K cool i’ll give ya a call tomorrow afternoon or so see if you’re down to play some. I didnt bring my stick because it was to damn big so all I have is a pad :frowning: Only game i can play on pad is tekken 5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: heh but I can still play SF on pad so so. My girl is supposed to send me a HRAP sometime in the summer so it wont be long hopefully.

Its all good i got one here it ma not be what your used to but however you like to get down its kool. just make sure you bring everything you might need, shit i know music helps me concentrae so if you must man its all good call me cuz im always down to play. o yeah my 3s i let my friend borrow i have a copy for dc but counsol is how i play

so who beasted on who??? =o

you’re not goin to EVO?

of course i am i own man how can i not!!!

Xtg! Oh Snap! Heh I remember playing you back in summer of 2001 I believe when I came and won the CvS tourney :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: Hope you guys have fun at EVO :frowning:

Maybe Next Year >8( Gotta lot more work to do it seems as soon as i perfect this ingenious plot…enough said. but yeah cvs2 yeah i got owned, neck n neck at tekken 5, nice like mcdonalds i love it, hahah mokujin match priceless. i could care less about mvc2, however that Zangief is fuggin inspiring. GGX2 and 3s … okay, but there are players, im trying to get well less of a tourni on the 10th @ myplace im only inviting the worthy but ppl are hard to get ahold of lately. the only thing i can say is that i gotta reason to finally play!!, no take it seriously!!!