Anchorage, Alaska!

i remember you playing against Geese with Zangief…and i saw you skillfully you were just kickin ass…i knew something was different and cool about you…

KAIDA…you went to SS alot back in the day? who were you?

It is I, Greg…Summer School Yes i did go, wrecked on a daily basis thats if you did go to west back then and brought it to east, but i was a rare sight there. I wrecked in tekken cvs 2 yeah i pick Grief up in ss hes pretty wicked, currently im using him on n-groove with this technique i just learned cr. lp run cr lp its really quick but im sure if i master that i can smite with throw mix ups 360’s are pretty flawless now. but dude you gotta c this guys zangief in marvel dude just way to nasty, taking chunks of health at a time!!!

lol gief in mvc2 is old news try using team steroids =o

do i hear Team Steroids?!

the team that ownz all the AK mvc2 players for free