...And I sport fly s**t, I should win an ESPY

anybody else going to watch the espys tonite??

Beadle, Andrews>>>>

Those are two white girls i would not hesitate to abuse.

i hate the hosts of sportsnation. that show is such garbage too. the only good show they ever had was the one where they voted on best dunk of all time.

How can you hate on Beadle?? Madness…i remember when she used to be a reporter on YES.

well she’s not as bad when she’s just interviewing people but when she’s arguing with collin she’s annoying as hell. ever since ESPN created PTI they been trying to recreate the magic and each show gets worse. she also doesn’t seem genuine to me. it’s like she’s trying too hard to come across as the tom boy white girl with swagger.

also while i’m putting ESPN on blast, fuck skip bayless. that dude needs to die. he doesn’t need to just go off the air but he also needs to die.

…Skip is cool. He’s probably the realest guy on Espn. Everyone else is two-faced…he tells it how it is.

nah he aint keeping it real. he’s considered a clown over here in the bay area cause he putting on an act at espn.

The info he puts out is always correct though…idk about the acting. But whatever. Brooklyn deckers tits were looking quite milky. mmmmmm

lord have mercy

courtesy post so this thread isn’t just two dudes teeter-totter.

I get TSN so… The guy on off the record looks like he got mad plastic surgery.