And I'm out of Everett!


Woohoo! I’m moved in and I just got my internet set back up. Now I live in Edmonds off 212th, much closer to Seattle and all that jazz. Expect to see me more! :wgrin:

I don’t have much else to add to this, other than the fact that since I have my own place now, I could maybe hold some smaller get-togethers some time. Getting my couch here before the weekend hopefully (desperately need seating before I try anything). Just a heads up. Having my own place is so glorious already.

EDIT: Credits? WTF? :wtf:

Congrats, Elias. And to hell with seating. Gamers sit on the floor anyway. No idea what credits are.

^^ The credits is basically a way to get a free prem account thing… I guess…or that’s what it sounds like.

Thanks… Haha. True, but I personally need some back support or I simply can’t play any more video games. I need to go see the chiropractor soon, thinking about that. I don’t have a single thing to sit on that gives back support in my house and it’s driving me crazy actually. Uncomfortable as shit.

Buuut… yeah. I’ve got two TVs (one here atm), one stick/one magic box, and most the games people want to play. I just need to either get a flip top for real, or find something to cut my PS2. Then I’ll have Marvel (where I can use my stick, at least… everyone has DC marvel) and Guilty Gear.

Ah, okay.


Awesome, man…even though I already knew, lol.

Congrats man. :tup:


Big wheels on the ride
Got me feelin’ real pimpish
Peanut butta on the side
Got me feelin’ real pimpish
Jealous when I ride by
Got me feelin’ real pimpish,
Feelin’ real pimpish, got me feelin’ real pimpish.

I had credits yesterday.

Now I have none.