And now for something spectacular! - Resets, tricks and gimmicks thread



Well, since we got character forums now, I thought it was a good idea to have a thread specifically for this.

So post away. I’ll start with simple stuff: any blocked move with good blockstun like her heavies that doesn’t get pushblocked, wait a moment for the blockstun to wear off and then cancel it into Ultimate Showstopper.


You can cancel the second hit of st. hk with any command grab or super. I’m not sure but it may be possible to cancel her AA grab with Showstopper as a sort of option select.


Hmm, this sounds like it could work. I’ll try it out later today.


Her j. LK is an awesome cross up but, it’s hard to follow up afterwards.


Wait, so you’re saying if I did like, “cr.LP, cr.MP, cr.HP” and it got blocked I can cancel that into 360+grab?


As long as it wasn’t pushblocked and you time it right, yes.


Whattttt that’s awesome. Bella just keeps getting better and better :slight_smile:


Since you can super cancel the startup of blocked moves, and chance you can do something like s.lp -> Lock n’ Load (to make them scared of hitting a button or anything) -> Ultimate Showstopper? Curious if they come out of blockstun from the s.LP in time to do this trick.


It works but its not a very good OS, since the AA grad isn’t a grab and just works on hit, it’s a cool gimick though


The AA grab is unblockable if they’re rising up on a jump though, so if you use it on a grounded opponent then the OS should get them as long as they didn’t do an invincible move.


No shit? That tight, I didn’t know that. I stand corrected.


It’s not necessarily an option select though: you can cancel the the AA grab before the active frames (I think), so it’s really just you reacting to if they jump or don’t.


I think I finally found a use for Grab Bag. It’s unblockable but techable, right? So launch them in the air, and instead of doing an air move, do Grab Bag.

This seems specially good in long corner combos, and using Grab Bag in the corner only pushes Bella to midscreen instead of fullscreen.


somebody should test if it is possible to do j.HP and use the jumping LP followup and then cancel it into grab bag for a possible combo or reset. i posted it in the main cerebella thread.

edit ok so the new move i thought id found was just her regular jumping LP, i just didnt make out the animation properly.


My reset i use that 80% never gets teched is just CR.LP-MP-HP J.MP-HK CR.LP-MP-HP J.LP (wait about half a second) AIR COMMAND GRAB if you do it too early you will fall straight down… really basic but it works and does about 40-50%


I fix this by using Peacock’s Bang! (L) assist and call it while doing the cross up. It’ll knock them closer to you making follow ups easier.

I been doing this from Day 3. In fact, I been using every blocked hit as a potential tick throw setup. When they start jumping out of it use the grab AA. Turn blocking Bella into a guessing game.


ok so i am convinced that her j.LP followup to j.HP is literally only going to be good for making the opp restand for throw resets since you cant combo into grab bag with it. i bet its a move that will almost never be used to be honest.


Which is troubling to me because the game was supposedly created to optimize all moves for every character; they all, per Mr. Z, should have a purpose somehow. It doesn’t do good damage, has mad recovery, is hard to do on reaction (better off just air grabbing), is difficult to combo into, is techable (which is going to matter at higher levels of play)…Things would be much different if Cerebella could combo after the move. Doing a reset with it doesn’t make too much sense to me because the damage potential would be greater if something else were to be done.


I ran a few matches using the Grab Bag reset I posted earlier. It’s better than her normal grab - which is ass. She doesn’t have much reset potential mid air combo anyways.

It’s not perfect, sure, but it’s not something you should throw away. Use it every now and then, the tech window is pretty small so unless the guy is expecting it - which he shouldn’t, since it’s a barely used move - he’s not teching it. And it’s a free 3000~4500 damage depending on what ratio you’re on, great for finishing people when you don’t think your combo will do.

Also, it’s the closest thing she has to a taunt.


I’ve been using cr.HP as an anti-air.