And so it begins

First post here, have read alot of posts looking for stuff to help my game on here for awhile but i finally created an account. I am Machine Bun on XBL and i have sf4 ssf4 and sf2hd remix. my main man is vega, currently at 3447BP for him and 1188 PP over all. also got a 3kish bison, thats about it. Least favorite matchups with my vega are Abel (i hate him no matter who im playing) and blanka. i like long wall jumps on the beach and falling rose petals after a nice bloody high claw.

Im not great…yet, i am not good with whole focus attack thing and cant pull off combos from the trials, but i make it work anyway half the time. im at 50% w/l in ranked atm… trying to get my vega there too, i lost my ass off with him while i was learning.