...and stay in the corner



I’ve been watching ridiculous amount of Hakan play as of late and I notice that once players get opponents to the corner, they jump over and do oil set up and take the opponent out of the corner. I think this is wrong. We as Hakan players WANT the opponent in the corner, this limits their options. Even characters that have many options like C.Viper and Seth, can be limited to a degree if put in the corner. Also, Hakan secondary command Grab; Oil Dive is set up to get the opponent to the corner faster. So last night, I put it to the test and it’s worth it. After I was done, I just sat down and wrote out several other thoughts and started to watch Mago’s Fei Long corner tactics. People say that you do not want to be in the corner against Fei Long, I feel the same can be said about Hakan. With that being said, Hakan in the corner, unoiled is absolutely dreadful, however when I saw Kokobananaman go against Jan’s Zangief (3 weeks ago at his local ranbats) it showed me something. Working on a rope-a-dope strat for being in the corner unoiled… This is just me thinking out loud and want to share with you guys.


Well, what did you come up with? I agree with you, Hakan shines in the corner. Especially if you pressure shoto’s in the corner, they become incredibly easy to read making it really easy to hit with dives/grabs. However, I think the most issues I’ve had are against those with teleports, walljumps and such. How would you deal with say Vega, Guy, Chun, Dhalsim, Bison etct? I can’t remember if you can grab Vega out of his backflip (Not the crescent heel, the invul. flip that he has two version off.)


Vega sucks in the corner. He has no invincible reversal, and because he cannot backdash, he can’t get away from you.

You cannot grab Vega out of backflip, however, that move has extensive recovery which can be punished.


I do have to ask, have you ever fought a Vega that knows how to use his normals in the corner, and knows how to use the throw invicibility of Scarlett Terror?


Actually, I main Vega and play Hakan on the side.

If you corner Vega as Hakan you should be winning the round.


Ugh, not necessarily. Especially if you take smart risks with Vega once you are corned. Not only do you get Hakan of you, you get out, you set up your mix up game, or you can make the necessary space to set up your footsie pressure to ensure that Hakan can’t oil up or do much of anything.


SynKyller, check my video how to corner pressure.



take them to the corner with oil dives and do infil jabs XX Oil rockets till they rage quit. True story. As for porters. You know they are going to port out so bait it and set them up to go right back in the corner or the opposite corner. I.E. Oil dive Akuma to the corner, he’ll either DP or port. You know he wants to port so bait it and Oil dive him to the other corner. His only option then is to Dp or try to jump back Zetsu hadoken. bait the DP with an os O.C. H or air grab him in the air. Thats half his life gone right there.