"And That Should Be It..."


Is anyone else getting really fed up with this phrase coming out every single time someone starts landing a combo in Marvel?

>start an arbitrary combo
"And that should be it"
>dropped combo anywhere from immediately after to ~10%

We get it, there are kill combos in this game. Those combos don’t get thrown out with anywhere near 100% efficiency, so why are the commentators acting like they usually are?

Seems kinda counter-productive to building the whole “it ain’t over 'til it’s over” hype mentality behind Marvel. Why commentators and guests on streams would continually express to the viewer that there should be no interest given to the match for the next 10-30secs because the character currently being shit on will die without a chance to play is beyond me.

Where is the hype behind “its probably over”? There isn’t any. The commentators are supposed to be the experts, the ones informing, the ones showing why the game being streamed is a game that should be watched, the ones building the drama. Not people who kill the spirit of competition by constantly telling everyone it’s over before it even starts. The commentators just end up looking like they know absolutely nothing, which in most cases they don’t anyway…which I guess is why they use this lazy all-encompassing term instead of actually talking about the play that’s going on with any kind of meaningful insight.

Think if every sports commentator said “and that should be it” when any kind of lead on their opponent is made. How ridiculous would it be to hear “and that should be it” with every 4th-5th consecutive basket in the NBA, or right after a 1-0 lead in Hockey/Baseball/Soccer/anything else. Where is my incentive to watch if the experts designated to lead me, the viewer, through the nuances of what’s going on, tell me that there’s nothing more to see here?

Is it not over until it’s over? Or is it over before it even starts? Pick a side. The latter doesn’t sound entertaining at all, so I think it’d be wise for the FGC to be mindful of this stuff and to start encouraging mentalities that, unless you see “Down” or “KO” on the screen, nothing “is it”.


No, not really.


Soooooooo… what exactly is wrong with this phrase?


It just goes along with the mentality that every player is supposed to act like their too good for Marvel, regardless of win ratio.

Zero players finish their plate about 25% of the time.


Probably a little closer to 40% in the corner at top-tier but in either case, neither number is even remotely close to a percentage where anyone in their right mind would be able to say “that should be it” at hit number 5 of a 70+ long, pretty technical combo. Yet they do say it with an incredible frequency, only to be wrong that many more times.

“He can kill him if he doesn’t drop this” is infinitely better, as an example off the top of my head. It is not defeatist in the least and completely accurate for the viewer, but even that shouldn’t be used as frequently as they use “and that should be it”, now.


Only phrase that has been played out to hell and back in MvC3 is “Resets.” Half the resets in this game are “I missed my combo so I’m gonna go for an air throw” or “I missed my combo and then after a block string they get caught by my assist.” Dudes just don’t know wtf a reset looks like anymore. If the commentator has time to say “he is going for a reset” then that person, 99 out of 100, is not doing an actual reset.