And The $500 Goes To

Very, very brief results of the CvS2 tournament:

1st: John Choi–Cali

2nd: Ricky Ortiz–Cali/NY

3rd: Sotha Bun–MTL

4th: Jeron Grayson–NY

5th: JS Master–Canada

5th: Juan Tolbert–MI

Alpha 3
1st: John Choi–Cali

3rd Strike
1st: Ricky Ortiz–Cali/NY

2nd: Arcade Kid–MTL

Will post complete stats Sunday evening. Until then, I have to eat some food, get some sleep, and wonder why in GOD’S NAME did Arcade Kid think that Galvatron was actually Optimus Prime…! Blasphemy! :lol:

and John C finish 3rd in 3s:D

haha that is good funny joke yo like i told you i dunno anything about transformers

good job everyone…

how the heck did you finish a 45 person tourney in one day with only one machine ?

what was the final score?

So choi won eh, kool. Now i can finally let bryheem, and julian know. Bryheem swore that ricky might win.

Anybody have any vids of choi, and ricky? Also i wonder if ricky got 2nd in A3.

What were the teams used for the top 5 in cvs2, and alpha 3?

Sotha Bun, you are too good. With your cheesy grin when you play:evil:

Sotha, you are my fav cvs2 player of all time. Your style is just too good:cool:

First and foremost, I see that Arcade Kid is posting, so I’m assuming MTL made it home safely. I need to know if everyone made it home okay, so PM me or reply or something.

DreStinson from Michigan along with Techno (thanks guys) recorded the tournament footage. After the tournament ended Dre told me that the footage he recorded is 7 hrs worth of footage. Tapes will soon be available in either two 6 hour tapes or one 8 hour tape. More than likely the 8 hour tape will be the default choice.

Also I’d like to add that WKDCLWN has Midwest Footage available and I would highly recommend looking into it. See the Indiana Thread or PM him if you are interested or have any questions.

The Full Results from CvS2

Anything I missed (marked with -->?<–), fill in for me please.

1st: John Choi NGroove 1/Ryu, 1/ChunLi, 2/Sagat

2nd: Ricky Ortiz AGroove 1/Sakura, ?/Mai, ?/Cammy (Rolento also used)

3rd: Sotha Bun AGroove 1/Vega, 1/Mai, 2/Rugal

4th: Jeron Grayson AGroove 1/Vega, ?/?, ?/?

5th: JS Master KGroove ?/Blanka, ?/?, ?/?
5th: VDO PGroove Geese, Haohmaru, Zangief (Picked his Ratios by holding right, closing his eyes and hitting a button)

7th: Julian C–Snake
7th: Arcade Kid

9th: Fred M–Freddy Loco
9th: John Carter
9th: Manuel H–DaBest (You Might Be Dead!)
9th: AJ Karoukis

13th: Nate G–Nate Grey
13th: Henry T–Start Button
13th: Ian W–LowDown
13th: Scott Y

17th: Jared W–Jinmaster Jr
17th: Bhaskar M–Cheese Master
17th: Jason B–Bizounce
17th: Nick Karoukis
17th: Keshawn C–Tournament Known Killa
17th: Clayton C–Final Showdown
17th: Gary–Heihachi

25th: Ali A.
25th: Eugene J–Judgment Day
25th: Dave J–Ghettoontherise
25th: The LioKaiser
25th: Abe–WKDCLWN
25th: Terrell–RedDevilNinja
25th: Vel K.
25th: DreStinson

33rd: Tony M. (Lansing)
33rd: Rodney J–EGB
33rd: Nassim K–ArcticNinja
33rd: Benny B.
33rd: George M–Massu
33rd: Erik L–Sutrcane
33rd: Marshall W.
33rd: Brent W–Vega
33rd: Zack C.
33rd: Bryce S.
33rd: Xiao L–XXL
33rd: Kevin B–Ubersaurus
33rd: Matt C.
33rd: Joe T–Seph
33rd: Mike C. (Indy)
33rd: Tony (Flint)

49th: Darrius

Forfeiture: Herman S: His forfeiture position from the 1st round in the losers bracket was replaced by Best. That fee was given as a 4th place prize $10 refund to Jeron.

A very, very unusual tournament…and day in general…

Here is the results for the mini-CvS2 tournament held before Choi and the others departed:

1st: Ricky Ortiz
2nd: John Choi
3rd: Julian C–Snake
4th: Juan T–VDO
5th: Fly Vang
5th: Keshawn C–Tournament Known Killa
7th: Jeron Grayson
7th: Eugene J–Judgment Day
9th: George M–Massu
9th: Terrell W–RedDevilNinja

More info to come including possible internet matches, shout outs, other results, and how I was this close to pimp smacking a waitress…Seriously.

Lesson #1: Don’t mess with JDay’s food when he’s actually hungry :mad:

Here are the 3S results in a bit more detail:

1st: Ricky Ortiz - Ken, Chun-Li
2nd: Alex “Arcadekid” Duong - Ken, Alex
3rd: John “Choiboy” Choi - Ken, Ryu
4th: Julian “Snake” Custard - Ken
5th: Juan “VDO” Tolbert - Hugo
5th: Chad “AVX” Morrin - Dudley

I don’t remember the rest of the results :stuck_out_tongue:

There were 16 participants. Rushdown Ken dominated this tournament, and the top 3 players were truly on their own level. Julian’s unorthodox Ken was also impressive, and VDO is always dangerous with his Hugo. Other characters that were played include Urien, Oro, Yun and Remy. I was slightly disappointed with the relatively low turnout, but the level of skill that was showcased was exceptional so it’s all good :smiley:

I had a great time running this tournament and I thank everyone that helped make it a success.

-The Arctic Ninja

I’d just like to say that I had a great time in Detroit this weekend. I had a lot of fun playing 3S, hanging out with people and just goofing around in general.

Some of my personal highlights include:

-Ending Arcadekid’s 23-win streak in 3S
-Showing off some of my neat Gigas Breaker setups
-Landing my Rugal “Combo of Death” on Cheese Master twice
-Busting out Dhalsim in HF and doing repeated Yoga Noogies
-Proving that it is actually possible to win with Rugal in KOF 98
-Hanging out with Bizounce and Suzy

I also want to thank some people:

-first and foremost, Judgment Day for organizing, planning, and providing the prize money for this tournament. If it wasn’t for him, it wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.

-John Choi, Ricky Ortiz and Jeron. The level of skill that you guys displayed was truly a sight worth seeing.

-Team Montreal for being the best damn group of players in North America. No one can stick together and support each other like you guys. I was especially impressed with Arcadekid’s skills in 3S…I didn’t think anyone could beat Choi, but you proved me wrong. This weekend, you guys once again proved that my pride in Canadian Street Fighter players is well placed.

-Final Showdown for being so kind as to provide accomodations to Team Montreal.

-VDO for being himself :slight_smile:

-Appleby’s for having the best damn cherry cheesecake ever :smiley:

Take care everyone, and I hope to see you guys again soon.

They r still on their way home. we were at Final Showdown’s place and he posted there. Thanks for having us JD. It was good to meet everyone and see Choi play. it was pretty impressive. Too bad Sotha didn’t have to chance to play in the tourney.
We’ll try to organize a big tournment in Montreal sometime soon and hope all of you can come.

And team Canada really want to thanks Final Showdown for letting us staying at his place and being cool with us. we appreciated that a lot.

OMG cant believe JS Master got 5th!!!
hes 4feet tall!!
Good job eric :stuck_out_tongue:
He’s from Toronto to be more specific too

Man, AVX woulda won that shit if all that crap hadn’t have happened…I think he coulda taken down Choi and Ortiz.

Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable experience. Despite some unfortunate events that happened outside the arcade, I had a great time. Everyone I met was really nice and respectful and things ran pretty smoothly. Special thanks to VDO for letting me crash at his place and Massu for the ride to and from airport. Thanks also to JudgementDay for a nice tournament. Got to hang out with a lot of cool people including Keshawn, bizounce, AVX , lil Jen, and a bunch of others I forgot. VDO gets much props for playing P groove Zangief and randoming his ratio. His Zangief is a beast. :eek: Of course, thanks to bas for all the training.
Ok, I just got back from a long plane ride so it’s time for me to get some sleep. Thanks once again to everyone at Detroit for being so nice and I hope to see you guys again some time. :cool:

Sounds like it was a great tourney JD. Mad props for putting this event together!:smiley: Sorry I could not be there. I thought someone from Canada could beat Choi in 3s. Mad props to Ricky Ortiz too. I thought he was underestimated in his 3s skills the first time I played him. 2 Good. Congrats to the top 5 guys just because it was a lot of top noch talent in this one from what I hear. The Russian is the shit in P groove huh VDO.:lol:

Peace Out
Super Good

Was there a mvc2 tourney??? if so, what were the results??

Its totaly cool dude. I hope you guys can get a bigger tourny thing set up one day. I never been to mtl before so that might be cool. and i got my drivers lisence so im like sorta can travel on my free will easier now.

thanks dude let me know who u are the next time i’ll go to philly.

Sorry i couldn’t be there. Sounded like a fun tournament. Seems like quite a few upsets. Lot of people who I expected to do better didn’t, and people who I didn’t expect to do that well did alright.


If it an’t my twin…

: )