And The $500 Goes To

Arcade Kid : you need to be shot for what you said… I can’t believe you mixed up Galvatron and Optimus Prime… Aiyaaaaaaaaaaa and you’re asian!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but then again, I forgive you. You are Canadian.

lolz :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

hmmm i used k-sagat, mai/bison/geese, blanka2
jeron used mainly a-vega/balrog, mai, rugal
C and P was used against choi i think

hmm too bad we didn’t have time for the 5vs5, maybe next time :wink:

the tourny was fun…
lotta funny shit.

My only couple beefs were:

we had a second machine… people should have had to play on it all night.

I mean we had to change the losers bracket to single match… for a couple rounds all cuz people didn’t want to play on the second machine. It was really lame. I understand the sticks suck… but guess what? That is life. Cuz I saw many people who had to play several if not all there matchs on there.

Other than that… good tourny…

it was a little annoying facing Juan in the 3rd round of the losers… but whatever… thats life.

I also played my single worst games of CvS2 in my life that day… which was annoying.

the reason no one wanted to play on the second machine (or at least my biggest reason) was that the left player side was much worse than the right player side. That gives player 2 an unfair advantage. If both sides were equaly bad, then there wouldn’t have been a problem.

I ended up losing my first match because of that :mad:

whats ur point… the right side on the wizzards real machine was better than the left. And on top of that… the other machine… people had varying complaints.

ah well…it doesn’t matter now anyway

I just get frustrated when I lose because to the sticks instead of losing because I was outplayed.

It was still a fun tournament, I was just mad cause of that one thing (and the other shit that happened).

Yeah that second cabinet was had some of the worst controls…they were like ann arbor but worse.

:slight_smile: What up boi?!? how ya’ll doin hey man I"m gonna go to will’s Inn next month maybe you guys can arange something so that we all can get together,PM me your e-mail address.

will’s inn? where is that?

hi, are the results agonna be for apex?
just wondering :slight_smile:

For people who asked, all Sunday tournaments were cancelled.

Apex should be up shortly. Although busy, I was able to send the results to Massu (I don’t have an Apex account). So it should be up today.

Start Button, if you are reading this, I was wondering if I can get some of the pictures you took. I want to submit them to the magazine of choice if it’s okay with you.

And right now since I have the opportunity, I would like to thank you; all of you:

–Thanks to Fly for stopping by and attending our little mini-tournament. It certainly wouldn’t have been the same without you. Even after all of this time, I still have a hard time beating you; some things never change, I guess.

–Thanks to Wizzards Staff for allowing me to hold the tourney, and enduring my requests.

–Thanks to Time Zone arcade for bringing the 2nd machine in.

–It was nice to see Tony from Flint again. Glad to see you got in the tournament; you almost made some big upsets; that “Barlog” is a beast…!

–Speaking of long time no see, from the depths of Michigan, Matt C! You had a very intense match with DreStinson, just like old times. Take care and hope to see you again soon.

–XXL: Very cool person, and a good representation of the gaming persona that is MTL. And he knows Transformers! “Dark our Lightest Hour”…! Quiet people, I know it’s backwards :lol:

–Cool to see Bryce again, even if only for a bit here and there. I don’t think I’ve ever beat you in a tournament, so that must mean we’ll meet again. Until then.

–Saw Final Showdown’s brother…It was a shame that the 5 of us didn’t get reunited as we should: Team Evolution–Zack, Me, AVX, Final Showdown, and Ghettoontherise…that would’ve been flat out stupid :lol:

–Always a pleasure to see Vega; the ONLY person who know where I got the jersey from! His match with Seph was one of the best tournament matches…! Good job, my friend.

–I would also like to thank Sutrcane for attending and contributing to the $500 tournament. Throughout the months, he is the only person I’ve seen outside of Ann Arbor and D-Town who’s made an effort to get better and attend tournaments as frequent as we do. It will pay off in the end, trust me; you have greatly improved since I stopped by at Game Hits in January, ten fold. Yes, I remember.

–Huge props goes to George Massu, who actually helped me run the tournament when I was either playing CvS2, 3rd Strike, or was just flat out tired. A lot of his tournaments served as good preps for Saturday…quite a few of us would be nowhere near as ready if the tournaments held by you and Cheese Master would not exist. Thanks again for volunteering to pick up and drop off ChoiBoy.

–Much like Massu, thanks to ArcticNinja, who ran the side tournaments on Saturday. Looks like I chose the right person for the right job!

–Major, MAJOR props goes to DreStinson, the person who recorded roughly 7 hours worth of the $500 tournament. I think we all need to give him a hand for all the hard work he’s done not only for Saturday, but for the past YEAR of recorded tournaments from our first CvS2 tourney, to December’s tournament, May’s tournament, ranking tournaments…the list goes and on. I think I speak for all of Michigan when I say Thank you.

–Thanks to RedDevil for holding a portion of the tournament while I was away, and for teaching me a lot about the fighting game genre since 94…8 years…You and I are like the only ones left from the original Mainstreet :slight_smile: If you remember Milton, I have something to tell you when you get a chance.

–Thanks to WKDCLWN for bringing the tapes and repping for Indiana. I’m still watching that Zavar/VDO match and seriously thinking about putting it online…truly a classic and the quality was top notch.

–LioKaiser…Let me know when you find out who the silhouette is in my jersey. I see you later.

–Ali, hope to see you soon, especially in CvS2…I’m sure you want revenge from the last time, and I’m never one to back away from a challenge. Judgment Day will be here.

–Cool to see Ghettoontherise, as always. I’ve come to the conclusion that we are not related on the account that Michigan is too stupid :stuck_out_tongue: And you still owes AVX $32971097309127039.92

–Thanks for Womack Brothers for stopping over. LowDown had one of the funniest moments in the tournament against Final Showdown, and Jinmaster Jr did an excellent job in the tournament, despite being what…10? 11? See you guys later. Big 'Gat Boy…!

–Major props to the entire AA crew: Cheese Master, Scott Yim, and the Karoukis Brothers. Incredibly good job to AJ who reached the Top 10 and being there for every match I called out with him in it…heh heh…!

–Thanks to TKK for all the support throughout the recent weeks, and the day of the tournament.

–Major thanks to Final Showdown for housing Canada for the weekend. I’m sure they’ve told you but I had to get my say in.

–Gary: Ah, Useless! :lol:

–Bizounce: Sorry you had to leave, but you are commended for your support after what transpired Saturday evening. A true friend, as always.

–Thanks to Start Button for bringing his camera, and doing very well representing Wizzards in the tournament.

–Nate: Excellent job despite being tired throughout the day. New Flint’s Champ? Hmm…

–Major Props to Best for entering straight into the losers bracket, and STILL placing the Top 10; in a business suit, no less!

–Freddy Loco…


Hey, you owe me an autograph! Otherwise, excellent job repping MTL. I see another rival in you and TKK. Time will tell in regards to how it will transpire.

–Thanks to Snake for putting the most time into the game as of late and reflecting that game to make us all better players. And nothing like a classic Snake/VDO match for a Michigan tournament, that’s for sure. There was like 8 heart attacks and 3 strokes from the tension that you guys had in the tournament.

–Major props goes to Arcade Kid for doing well in CvS2, and definitely 3rd Strike! Beating Choi in any tournament ( except burger eating, to which I am king) gets thumbs up in everyone’s book. Cool person in general, despite the Transformers incident. :slight_smile:

–I have sent in an application to Capcom in JS Master’s name for the position of the next MvC announcer on their upgrade. That’s all I gotta say. Good job in the tournament, my friend.

–Words go without saying to VDO. Much like others, you made a major contribution to the weekend in question. From housing Choi to dropping off Jeron and Ortiz, and just being yourself in general. Thanks again, and let’s take the CvS2 title home when we get to Iowa.

–Jeron Grayson: Incredibly cool person; like visiting a cousin who came out of town to visit. Good job in the tournament, placing 4th, which isn’t too shabby, considering the level of competition at this point.

–Sotha Bun: Excellent job in the tournament. You seem to be a fan favorite among the east coast, and looks like you found a healthy rival by the name of VDO. Hopefully, I’ll get to see the next matchup between the two. Oh, and getting Soundwave is harder than I thought…you should’ve bought of the millions of stuff I had in my car…! Oh well; I’ll keep trying. Oh, and here:

–Thanks to Ortiz for visiting and showing his CvS2 skills, not to mention winning 3rd Strike. Eat all of your food next time :lol:

–Last but not least, thanks to John Choi for taking home the gold and ultimately showing all of us how the absolute best plays Capcom v SNK 2. Thanks for knowing WHO Galvatron is and accepting my eating behavior :lol: And thanks for being major cool as a player and person in general. We will meet again.

More Updates to Come

Today’s Moral: If you choose the wrong groove, You MIGHT Be Dead…!

O i finally realized u were making fun of me!
damn it took me so long to figure out what u were saying, damn i’m so dum :frowning:

good shit choiboy(always beating on ny:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :smiley: )Im sorry I could not make it plane problems.

HEY YO Its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here just wanna say.

WHOOOOOOOOO THAT WAS INTENSE (the tournament I mean)


ORTIZ: THANX DUDE FOR COMING HERE, you are a really COOL guy (you really have 2 get 2 know him) 2 understand him, and thanx 4 teaching me how 2 play against ROLL CANCELLING, I’l def need that come the next time I play in a major tourny. It was a pleasure 2 have you stay at my crib with the rest of us, any time dude.

JERON: Thanx also go out 2 you dude I think I have found a new friend, you are very skilled in CVS2 and I can only see you getting better (DAMN) ;). It was fun taping all our matches and I will be studying them. You are also welcome anytime at my house aswell as MI. I still think its funny how New Yorkers hit the buttons sooooo hard when they play haha, THANX FOR COMING and UNTIL NEXT TIME.

T.K.K: as 1 of the 3 KINGS you know it always fun playing you and I hope you are going to the next event with us.

RED DEVIL NINJA: my brother I’m really pumped for you dude because at the next event it will be on your terms
CONSOLE which means they are in your backyard now, look out yall :evil:.

2 me it was a very fun tourny X CEPT 4 the WACK *SSES that decided 2 ruin it 4 some of us DAMN I HATE CREATURES OF THE NIGHT, but its O.K cause you will answer later if you know what I mean.

SOTHA: very good match dude you and I had much better than the first time, I told you back in T.O if I can parry, then it would be a much better match do you see the difference, even though the outcome was the same I aint mad at all until next time my new RIVAL :wink: .

JS MASTER: 2 be soooo small you pack a mean punch kid it was fun playing you in cvs and mvc so whatcha think of me lowtier team of KEN, RYU, and ROGUE ?

XXL: I didn’t get 2 play you as much as I wanted 2 but we will meet again much props 2 you though.

FREDDY LOCO: DAMN you are pretty good…no scratch that you are VERY GOOD excellent fight you and I had man just excellent I definetely look 4 ward 2 our next fight.

Indiana crew: DAMN it was good to see yall again after all this time hopefully yall will be at the next event close 2 you, cause hat way will will play again.

1 more thing,Clayton it would be really good if you went aswell cause like RED DEVIL you are a monster on the console so this would be right up your ally.

There are sooooo many things that I wanna say about the tourny and sooooo many people I wanna comment on but unfortunately I have 2 go 2 work so every 1 I missed yall know yall sweet.

P.S 4 those who don’t know what I’m talking about when I speak of a console event I’M talking about IOWA hahahahahaha this is 1 I’m waiting on, its fun 2 have tourny in your own backyard but its nothing compared 2 traveling for comp. LOOK out IOWA here comes the N.W.O :evil:

OH and by the way MASSU YOU ARE THE MAN :wink:

hmmmmm im thinking about going but im just not sure. were you guys going to be flying there? or driving there? cuz i heard it was a 10 hour drive.:wasted: otherwise sides that who is going that is like good thats all i care about. i wish they had i thread so i could see or something…

ps. you should get aim or msn instant messenger or something dude.

lol i was getting as top tier as i can get without cable, and i still lost! :frowning:
ur low tier is too good, ppl told me about ur lowtier rushdown before, but i’ve never dream that it’ll beat trap teams

$500 Tournament Apex points are added.

Massu’s computer broke down completely, so he didn’t have a means to post the results until recently.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Next Stop: Footage!

can Massu change the result for my name? cuz my real name is Eric Liu, nick name is JS Master


Creature of the night, What the hell did I DO?

lol this thread is 5 years old