And The $500 x 2 Goes To

More details to come regarding tournament placement, props, and the future.

Congrats to everyone who had a good time.

Thanks to everyone that helped run the tournies(foxstep, C_M, Judgmentday, erik looked like he was helping out a bit as well and anyone else).

Of course special thanks to eugene(judgmentday)since well… This tourny wouldnt have been possible of course with out. Of course thats not to say I dont think he is crazy for putting up that kinda money lol. But it brings the community togther in a sence, and I suppose in a way thats what its for, so that was nice. So umm yea thanks to him as it wouldnt have been possible.

Woulda been nice if there wasnt as many stick problems, but then again I guess some of them may have been since its been so long since ive acctualy sat down to play or something shrug…

Whatever the case umm yea good job to everyone that umm did well in the tournies. And it was nice to see everyone again. And thanks to nick for letting me sleep at his house for the night.

(evil laughs)

dialupsucky, there’s no escape from I, The Deity, in Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. (evil laughs)

i’ll paste the capcom results for shits and giggles

Capcom v SNK 2 Results (24 People)

1st Ricky Ortiz (CA), A-Vega/Sakura/Blanka

2nd Tournament Known Killa (MI), P-Cammy/Blanka/Sagat (?) and a few others

3rd Snake (MI), not sure, something like C-Vega/Chun Li/Geese/Yamazaki/others

4th Cheese Master (MI…for now), C-Ken/Rolento/Sagat, A-Iori/Bison/Blanka

5th VDO (MI), P-Joe/Raiden/Terry/Geese

5th Popoblo (Kentucky), A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison/Eagle

7th Lycan (MI), K-Rock/Nakoruru/Bison

7th Rusty (MI), no clue

3rd Strike Results (14 People)

1st Ricky Ortiz (CA), Chun Li, Yun

2nd Tournament Known Killa (MI), Ken

3rd Snake (MI), Ken

4th Popoblo (KY), Chun Li, Makoto (after picking her up 1 whole day before the tournament, lol)

Ricky won MvC2 also, and i’m guessing he played MSP and Santhrax.

fun tournament overall. ricky took ALL the midwest’s money and owned people in pretty much everything. cvs2 and 3S weren’t even that close, and the grand finals scores were 3-0 in both. this tourney made me realize that I’M NEVER GOING TO ANOTHER ARCADE TOURNAMENT IN MY LIFE. i thought i learned my lesson after going 2 and out at MWC last year, but i had to try again. it was so frustrating to miss reaction type stuff, like RC psycho crusher to a low jump that i always hit, but get a roll instead. getting random rolls w/ blanka instead of RC electricity is tight also. or to miss CC’s, that was mint. not being able to shosho against P-groove is tight too. for some reason i lose my patience playing cvs2 on arcade also and don’t go for guaranteed setups w/ sakura. instead i activate from far away and start w/ standing rh (like a scrub), which gets parried and i get fucked up. i lost to TKK in both the winners and losers. good matches, but i would’ve LOVED to have my agetec. i pride myself on my execution so much, and it’s super frustrating to miss basic stuff.

you’ll see the vids, that shit was pathetic.

MI is dope, and i appreciate the hospitality shown, especially after i was running my mouth in the MI is garbage thread. i thought it was funny how when i was playing TKK, people would talk shit and what not. for example, “i thought MI was garbage dog?” among other stuff. i deserved it, and i zoned it out anyways. MI is also dope b/c i never saw a single cop car w/ a radar gun while i was going 80.


TKK- great to finally meet you. that P-groove is really solid, and you were a class act all around. trying to calm the crowd down during our match and letting me switch sides was very nice of you. i’ll get that ken in 3S someday also, lol. you gotta come down to the next c-bus tourney so i can play you on my own stick.

VDO- that P-groove is even sicker than before. if P-groove could red parry, i’d probably win 3 out of 10 matches against you.

terrell- thanks for the housing, and your huge TV and in-dash DVD player were tight.

ricky, cheese master, cullen, obot, kalonji, nick, ghettoontherise, julian, and EVERYBODY else, nice to see you guys again.

i’m bad on names and i’m sure i forgot all kinds of people, so my bad.


Thanks for the props,I need to come and play with ya’ll in ohio some times (when ya next tourney is on) anyway Your a good player I"mma be honest I thought you’d be VERY weak but I was wrong you got a good A-groove game thing is I used to play that same team (ask VDO,JULIAN) I base my WHOLE game off trying new shit. I’ve been from A to N to C to K and now P all in tourney play,Pretty much whateva I like to play for the moment.

Ricky owned me in CVS2 and 3S I should have played him in CVS2 with a team/groove that I"m more comfy with instead of sticking to my P groove shit which I think I"m about equal to VDO with now anywho thats what it’s all about,Miss out on 1500 that day to learn to play better another day,PLus I look at it like this I lost to Probably the 2nd best player in the country that just came from JAPAN so everybody else got some shit to worry about when I play em.PEACE

And I play C groove and sit on my ass.

Ohio Mid Noon Mass 5 is coming up in July, keep your eyes open, its gunna be awesome.

I am better than VDO in P groove cuz I play P groove like I play C groove… and C groove > P groove thereby… I am best P groover. (this is a joke… so don’t take it seriously).

HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say congrats to Ricky on winning ALL of the tournaments (DAMN), and also I’m gonna choke the hell outta you for not callin and tellin me if you made it home alright (you little). you have to give me your address so that I can send you your trophy…/unless ofcourse you don’t want it.

Popoblo you are also gettin choked when I see you again for not sayin bye when you left (you little). Good games though GO ROLL CANCEL!

Excellent tournament Gene I’m glad everything went well, Congrats to you aswell my friend!

Good seein every 1 who I havent seen in such a long time, my boys Nate, and Dre S. man its been a long time since we have had some good laughs. Lets not make that the last time!

lol, my bad. i had a long drive ahead of me and couldn’t find you after saying goodbye to everybody else. good shit in casual though, that P-groove is too sick.

me- “here’s MY P-groove hotness…” then i get nearly OCV’d…

VDO- “maybe you should just stick w/ A-groove”


MI NEEDS TO SHOW UP IN FULL FORCE TO THE NEXT CLEVELAND TOURNEY IN JULY! we can do our money matches juan, and i can get my revenge on TKK. start calling off work now.


LOL too good.

I cant believe I havent posted yet!!! Whats up with that?
Just wanted to say good stuff to everyone. I enjoyed hanging with everyone. I ran my mouth a lot, ran a few bets. I won every bet I made that wasnt on myself. Through betting Ive learned to never put money on certain people. At this tourney I learned that I am one of those people.

To everyone wondering about the footage I shot. Well Im probably going to give the majority of it to JD to host on his website… but only after I can get it off of the camera (which was my cousins) that I gave back.

Lets hope my cousin finished with his cam soon…

Also, if my random mouth running offended anyone my bad, you should have asked me to be “shhhh!!!” (Not that I would have done it, but it does increase your chances).

Didn’t you lose a dollar to my friend George, when you bet against me when I played Cullen? =P It was good seeing you again Obot and it was good to play cvs2 competitively after such a long hiatus. Thought I had finally kicked tournament pressure, but it came back pretty hard at this tourney haha. Had a great time, props to JD and everyone that was running things.

Some random highlights, for me at least:

Seeing EGB(?) go nuts after beating Ricky in casuals lol (Obot, you better upload the vid of that one)

Seeing TKK play in person, your P-Groove is insane man, when you were parrying Vice’s lightning leg move I was like :wow:

VDO’s P-Groove is always a pleasure to watch, gets sicker everytime

Seeing a high level of play that I will never reach lol

Not going 2 and out for once

Anyways, that’s about it, hope to see a lot of you at the next Cleveland Tourney.

  • Harmon

I owe that man some 3rd Strike matches for pulling that off on me :lol:

C groove needs Parries.

No it doesn’t!!! it just needs short jump.PEACE

wow …
I missed lots of stuff …

well, at least I saved some money, coz I would got ass kick in the first round of the tournament anyway .

lol yea That was egb… currently i’m waitign to get my cousings cam back from him. he needed it the next day or something…

Also yea i did lose a bet when i bet aginst you! Dang! i forgot about that.

I wanted to give a final update on the ongoing game for the past month that’s about to come to an end regarding the song contest. The game is set as follows:

I have approximately 100 songs based on video games uploaded on my server in the form of a contest ( ). The contest is known as Contest 1 on the directory of “Website Contests”.

Each song is assigned a certain amount of points. If that person correctly guesses the game title the song is from, he/she wins those amount of points. Points are divided as follows:
0100 = Very Easy
0200 = Easy
0500 = Standard
1000 = Hard
5000 = Very Hard
??? = Bonus

So as the points increase, the difficulty for guessing the song’s game title increases as well. The person who receives the most points at the end of this contest will receive $100 check in their name from me. As everyone who knows me, I will pay out once every thing is verified. The Top 3 will receive posters that were advertised at the arcade that I ran a couple of weeks back. For more info on that, look on the Main Page (after the splash page), or go to Promotion Packages.

Back to the game: The only catch is, this contest has been going on in increments of 10 songs per week, for the past few weeks…so there are people who’s already accumulated a lot of points. So I uploaded all 100 so that everyone has a chance to play catch up and download some cool songs to boot. The rankings are as follows:

1st - 34600pts - Nothxs - From
2nd - 13200pts - Shadow - From
3rd - 08900pts - Tribal - From
4th - 05400pts - Smeg - From Soundtrack
5th - 01900pts - Dhsu - From ???

Don’t let the points intimidate you; have fun with it. If you feel game to participate, submit your answers to and I will respond as soon as possible regarding your guesses and additional details (accumulated points, rules, etc).

There are 100 songs total: over 200MB worth of songs!

When the contests come to an end, I will begin Phase 2 of my site. I would like to thank everyone for making this a successful run in my tournament tenure. Thanks to Panther, Foxstep, JTyme, CheeseMaster, TKK, VDO, and Earl for the tournament help while I was running around.

Thanks to Union Cane, Obot64, DreStinson, and Forgo for recording as much tournament footage as they could.

Thanks to Lea and Rook for their incredibly talented artwork. And thanks to all of the participants for making this tournament possible.

–Judgment Day