And the award for most fun character in the game goes to



… Rolento! Seriously, my mains are Gen and Blanka with a bit of Bison thrown in, but I’ve recently started exploring Rolento some more, and I have to say: He seems like the most fun character in the entire game. Yeah, I know his wakeup options are beyond terrible, but really, I kind of prefer using characters that aren’t braindead. Although I kind of appreciate that he doesn’t have a generic invincible dp move, I would want his qcb+kk to be faster and cancelable (meaning no wall jump) to make it a bit more decent as an escape option. I realise this might not be the most useful thread around, but I wanted to make an appreciation topic, lol.

Anyone agree he’s fun as fuck? What changes, if any, would you like to see for Rolento?


His stick should be like the one that Sangoku has in DBZ… Acting like Dhal’s limb, so he could have a good zoning game…
He should have 2 stances like gen, normal stance an pogo stance.
LoL fun indeed …


It’s interesting you mention Blanka. I’ve noticed several Blanka mains, (Coach Steve, Royal Mist) playing switching to Rolento. I agree he is lots of fun to play as, maybe not as much fun to play against though.

A chainable light attack would be nice.


Seems to me that you’re playing the wrong game…


Interesting! They’re both good troll characters, that’s for sure, lol! Blanka feels stronger overall, though, but there are some matchups where I’d rather go with Rol… uh, scratch that – there are none. He’s super fun to use but if I’m hellbent on winning I’ll go Blanka (or Gen … or Bison, depending on the matchup).

I’m kind of having trouble against DP spammers. Feels like they beat all his mixups basically using DP. I’ve been trying to find some anti-DP jump setups after forward and backward throw, and the only one I’ve found so far is f throw > dash > walk back one step > crossup mk. For back throw I use pogo instantly after the throw. To bait DP I hold up so that Rolento is outside of their DP reach but close enough to punish with full combo --0 or, obviously, hold forward to initiate an offense. “Wrong topic” I guess, but yeah … any tips?


It’s gonna sound obvious but after knockdown empty jump into blocks is the easiest way to bait a dp. The advanced mind game would be jump in at a range where the opponent cannot FADC their DP but feel you are in range to be hit. As such, block standing from the FADC whiff range and the throw tech whiff range. If you see a whiff you can counter it safely, if they dp you can block an punish. This kind of comes at the cost of momentum however.


For some damn reason I never realised how ridiculously strong his corner game is. Insane. EX Stinger, EX overhead, fake crossup j hp (in both corners). Isn’t it one of the strongest in the game? It’s like … I can be on the losing side for the entire round, but as soon as I corner the opponent they’re dead. He stuns quickly as hell too.


Nuff Said


Not really. Neither of them has any escape option that doesn’t cost bar (Bison’s teleport hardly counts with the 7 added frames) and Bison’s only semi safe reversal can easily be safe jumped, meatied and OS’d. Also no decent anti-air in the case of Bison. Hardly braindead compared to a lot of reversal mash friendly characters.


At first, I was getting my ass kicked because I had no knowledge of Rolento but after watching how Nemo play, I started to win much more often. Too bad it didn’t work out the same with Hugo for me.