"AND THERE'S THE PAYOFF!" SF4 Arcade Infinity -- 3V3 PART2 -- 4/19 RESULTS

  1. Team Ching Chong Ching Chong - Paul Tatsu Moval
  2. Team KenoBopChez - Keno Sanchez Bebop
  3. Team Balls to the wall - Christian Jack Ron

Will post full results tomorrow after hangover.

Will include complete team placings.

Check out http://arcadeinfinity.blogspot.com/ soon for more details and coverage.

one word to describe today:


Powered by Jack Daniels

lolololoolol gf
joe bring my psp :<

Jack Daniels: The best moves of the night

i’m sooooo glad i came to banana bay afterwards :rofl: for those who didn’t go you missed out on the sickest shit ever, that’s all i have to say!

jack is like my favorite human being in life now

word! and tatsu u lied to me. i thought u were japanese the whole time. and you are freaking PHONG.OMG i love vega!:rock:

jack DA rappa! ???. goodshit goodshit!

fuckin almost fainted over here…gs everyone

it’s greg, bro

ironfist saved my life tonight

The most fun day ive had ever in SF. Had a blast at the tournament and BANANA BAY after was too hype! I always enjoy hanging out with you gentlemen. I am sooo tired, till next time!

When I grow up, I wanna be just like Tatsu. <3

john rog can also dance

huge props to Paul.

next AI tournament-

“Girlfriends of Street Fighter”

great time today johnrog ocv’ing 5 teams and shit. had a blast those couple matches i got to play. 5th place, baby!! powered by mothafuckingGOOTECKS!!!

and fucking jack at banana bay being gdlk!!!

good shit to everyone some very intense matches today

“Street Fighter: Cat Fights!!”

jack is the illest motherfucker alive

vega braids, tatsu. you can’t back out now. where is my team long hair picture?

Mad props to my teammates John Rog and MYK. Both played hella solid today, with John Rog ocv’ing the entire losers bracket and MYK handling business when he had too. Sorry I didn’t play better.

Good shit to all the placers as well, they all deserved it.

Ironfist’s tiger uppercuts are the best in the country.

GGS everyone. It was a hot hot day. 98 degrees?
Tatsu: You are the man! Vega 4 lyfe!
Moval: Hey Moval!
Jack: Damn your Ultra!
Keno: Tiger shots!!! No, I don’t want you to able to read me!!
Sanchez: That crazy Bison’s lock down is insane!
Bebop: Always good to see you!
Luka: Taunt taunt. Felt like we weren’t even playing in a tourney. So chilled. 1st time experiencing that feeling. LOL, <3 man. No homo!
Ironfist: “I don’t care! I’m uppercuttin’ all night!” Those uppercuts were unblockable!!!
Christian & Ron: We didn’t get a chance to play. Our team OCV each other back to back…LOL
Kai: El Fuerrrrrrrrrrrrrteeee. Damn you. I need to learn that match up more…
MYK, John Rog, Rickstah: GG’s. Hit me up on PS3, f**k xbox! LOL
Bryant: That Abel is getting a lot better!
Legend of Lore: That Blanka looks better and better!
Thanks everyone for coming out. Again, it was great seeing everyone. Hope I can attend more tourney’s. (family obligations)
BTW, what happened in Banana Bay afterwards? DETAILS plz!!!

so sad i missed out

I need to start putting brotime/SF4 before school and work so I don’t miss these random occurances anymore.

Fun times yesterday, even though I didn’t compete :sad:. Next time!

Keno Eye!!!

good stuff!