"AND THERE'S THE PAYOFF!" SF4 Arcade Infinity -- 3V3 PART2 -- 4/19


We all remember the last 3v3. There were no words to describe the plethora of tension, emotions and ambition in one place.

We witnessed and found NEW talent. Players rose to the top.


…it is time.

For another.


The easy part

** Where?**

Arcade Infinity

Arcade Infinity
1380 Fullerton Rd,
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


April 19, 2009
1030am sign ups
11am-1130am starting


YOU and 2 other friends.


Ok here it gets a little more intricate. A lot of details will be covered so read carefully.

Due to hardware constraints, we HAVE to cap the bracket at 16 teams. No one gets a bye. 32 teams is WAY too much. AI almost exploded at 64 people 32x3=96.

Upon the day of the tournament a specific time will be announced to register and PAY for your team. In order to secure your team’s spot be on time and ready. I WILL NOT accept your registration if you and your entire team are “on their way” it is unfair to those on time. I’ll give plenty of notice (about 15 min-30 min) and will try my hardest not to dick you. Just don’t dick me. No homo.

Keep your character. PERIOD

Sets will be done POKEMON style, 1 game each.

Team 1 2 3 vs Team A B C
1 beats A
1 beats B
C beats 2
2 beats C
Team 1 2 3 wins.

Entry Fee is $15 per team

AI Blog for more info on 3v3 + extras

**List **of current teams (DOES NOT COUNT AS PRE-REGISTRATION)

[]$$$Team DOLLA MENU MILLIONAIRES$$$ - shoo mightaaaay, mistaaaaaa bean, young phreeeezy
]Team SHGLbmx, iidxutj, Kryojenix
[]Team Ronstoppable - Ron, Jack, Christian
] Team MongoloRobokop, Plague, Fulgore
[]Team BRB- Sanchez Keno Bobino
] Team orange iguanas justingroton, violent_j, ninja_velmor
[]Team World Strongest, Minh Hoang, Otachris, Duy Nguyen
]Team MULTICULTURAL PALS, Xie, Veserius, Compass
[]Team MYK, Rickstah, JohnatonRogaton
]Team “We need a team” Ironfist, Luka, Kai
[]Team Dae & Busta’s - Dae Busta Bebop
]Team RUN - DASH ID Sin
[]Team 2 Rice Bags 1 Burrito - Art J94 AMG Power
]Team Ching Chongs - Tatsu Moval Paul
[]Team “we need a name” rexyaresexy, lazychi, genocide
]Team Bryant, Vicious, Chai
[*]Team BBA D.J Vest, OnlineTony213, Hugo101 aka Ken…

*All teams need a team name, otherwise ill scowl you.



  1. shoo mightaaaay
  2. mistaaaaaa bean
  3. young phreeeezy


Add my team. It’s official.

shglbmx + iidxutj + kryojenix = pending team name.


Crap, I’m out of the country that weekend - I’ll try to make it next time.


team ronstoppable
ron - boxer
jack - sagat
christian - guile


Coo coo sign us up

1.MongoloRobokop (Me :D)

Team: Riot OF The Blood Son!!! RAWR (Insert dramic cool scary/intense battle music)


i already put my team

none of your teams matter anymore




  • MYK
  • ?



^ i think you need bobino on that team too. lol j/k guys :stuck_out_tongue:

team busta,dae,bebop. name dunno yet.


is you stupid?


yes i is stupid. it hink bebop said its dae and bustas or somethin not sure hah.


Ai will open early so Sign in time is 10am. most likely we’ll get the first match started at 11am.

We’ll be recording again as usual but we’ll be using a different mixer setup. Do any of you have a mic stand we can borrow on tourney day? (we’ll only be using it on matches before top 8)


holy shit 10 am? that means i gotta wake up extra early and … god damn hah.


Hey Shoo,

Shut up.


i have a mic stand somewhere
let me get back to you


count us in: moval/tatsu/somuchdamage - team ??


Team Down Under.


MYK if you need a third I like to be part of your team. I’m use Ryu and I’ve played against you at vid94. Rickstah should know me as Chojin’s friend who being helping him bring up his game.

  1. Bryant (Abel)
  2. Jeremy aka Vicious (Rufus)
  3. ???

Anybody down? :slight_smile:


i might need a team
i need to shake tournament jitters though
im good i swear