And wtf commercial of the year goes to

Hail to the V

Their marketing scheme is working just as planned…

That’s small-time compared to what British kids had to deal with in the 80’s…


Humpty Dumpty on an acid trip gone horrifically wrong.

How about that Skittles Honeymoon commercial? I’m not looking for it at work.

That’s not wtf material, that’s top-quality fap material.

Holy shit that commercial was hilarious as fuck lol. At least they know their place.

Saw their hand vag ad on the Colbert Report, the hand thing was quite something but the ads aimed at african americans and latinos had me in stitches

Very Very Not Safe for Work

I guess they saw that skittles gif and went wild…

EDIT: Nevermind, it said unaffiliated with wrigley or skittles…

i fapped to it

Yea, I’m off skittles for infinity.

no fucking way.

edit: better yet…


skeet skeet skeetles …skeet

This is how the middle ages should have been. Men fighting to the death for the right to bed the only clean vag in the land.

Peasants forced to use rats as tampons is what spread the plague you know.

Cool commercial.


That was epic. Got me to Lol to the max