And You Thought Your Daddy Was Bad

When I heard this on the radio, I couldn’t help but laugh. How high/drunk do you have to be to put your baby in the oven.

I wonder if he used oven mitts…

stories like this will be the death of any dreams of having weed legalized

well if his weed really was laced this is a great argument for legalizing it. can’t regulate and perform quality control on a illegal substance.

as for the end result… really? your gonna take the child away from his mom because the dad got shitfaced and left it in the oven? was the oven on? on top of that the dude immediately contacted people for help in the morning of his OWN accord. get him some rehab/counseling and let him go.

Jesus H Christ man. I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to admit high but this kind of thing has never crossed the mind. Yes, it was mostly the alcohol. No, pot doesn’t make you some evil child-baker. Yes, he’s probably fucked up to begin with.

No, wee will never be legalized because it isn’t controlled and therefore can’t be taxed. Give up hope.