Anderson , SC : 3S results , Oct 12th Anderson , SC

1st Ted King “LiquiTed” Urien , Yang , Chun Li
2nd Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” Makoto
3rd Samuel Ackerman “DrFunkenstien2k” Chun Li
4th Eric Jefferies “Hao Gui” Yang
5th Tyler Cleveland “jubei_o3” Ken
5th Dwayne Barnes "bison812"
7th Eric Peterson “DoomsdayKen” 12 , Chun Li
7th Raph Bendy “SSJ George Bush” Ryu
9th Jordan Harvey "Dark Akuma"
9th Sora Arrington "Tron li"
9th Kevin Hutchins "EvilGouki"
9th Leigh Lamb "RoninChaos"
13th Larry S. Dixon jr. "ShinBlanka"
13th William Harrison "TaZ"
13th David “Strikers III”

Here are the mini-results for MvC2 and ST

1st Shaun Banks "prepaid"
2nd Taz "ArcadeMan"
3rd Dee Boggess "Dee"
4th Isaac Nicholson “Raekwon187”

1st Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
2nd Raph Bendy "SSJ George Bush"
3rd Larry S. Dixon jr. "ShinBlanka"
4th Eric peterson “DoomsdayKen”

Full results can be found under the Atlantic South Tournament results page here on

Thanks to everyone for making this another great event.


Results for 3S are also posted here…

…under the new Street Fighter Organization’s rankings system for 3S.

Go check it out !


They kept me until 1145am, WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Taz…You died…

Jill Valentine: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:

I’m a man of my word kevin and sami. Look at my sig.:frowning: :lol: 1st thing I would like to thank ted for a great tournament. You know i’ll be there for the next one.:cool: I got raped in 3S.:frowning: Also good job raphy in whoopin me in the losers finals of ST.:slight_smile: Chun li owned me this tournament. In 3S and ST, but i’ll be back ready for the challenge.:cool: This was the worst I played in awhile at ANY tournament. Sometimes it goes like that.:confused: I still enjoyed my time there and i’ll be back. Damn SC got better at 3S.:eek: That’s good and I hope you guy’s come down to the Ga. Monthly for some 3S. I’m thinking about starting them up again.

I didn’t think he would do it but look at that sig:eek:

Glad you could come up Larry and thanks for dragging those other ATL peeps along for the ride.

Sorry we missed you Eugene. This was a tournament unlike any other OL has had. Hopefully things will only get better.


Yeah i’m glad I brought them too. They saved face for the atl. Atleast they won some games. I went 2 and out.:frowning: Oh well, fuck it.:rolleyes: Congrads on your victory Ted.:cool: I knew you could do it.:wink: :cool: Blood Sico owns.:lol:

Oh yea, I am a man of my word Ted. If I told them that I would put that in my Sig then that what I would do. My pride won’t stop me from giving props when they needs to be given. Just know that i’ll be back with a focus of professor X.:cool:

If you need a visual then here’s one.
:lol: :lol:

Hmm, it looks like the 3s tourney was fierce. I wish i could have made it up there. Good stuff Eric J for using that YANG!!! congrats to Ted also. You guys must’ve ben dogging 3rd lately.

I had a fabulous time at the tourney!

Skillmatic is taken over!



Great tourney. Sorry I couldn’t make it, I’ll make the next one

Hey what’s up it’s me shaun,I had a great time at the tournament,and I hope everyone will come to our tournament on nov.9.Taz i have to give you your props for being able to get the magneto slide infinte.You should come down to charlotte every once in a while for some casual matches,I hope you can come to our tournament and bring some people with u.I had a good time playing against you,we had some great matches. P.S. Sami thanks for the mvc2 disk it’s the s**t.Also when can you e-mail me some matches of evl2k.Thanks my e-mail is

can ur email fit 6mb per file?


I didn’t too as well as I hoped in mvc2 but them’s the breaks I guess. I did what I said I was gonna do and that was to beat Larry in 3rd strike and it was close no doubt but I pulled it out. I got beat by Raph but I could have owned him for free if I wanted to with Chun but I didn’t care enough about third strike by that point to matter. All I got to say to Shaun and Dee is DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. That trip to EVO really paid off I see. I hope to make it up to charlotte sometime to play yall again and what is this you are talking about your tournament? Are yall having a tournament up there soon or something? Let us know so we can plan ahead. I had a blast though. Mad fun all around and nice to see SkillMatic as a full force and I will see all of you at the team tournament. Burst remember what I said Gouki isn’t evil he is just misunderstood:lol: :lol: :lol:


All of us MVC2 players need to play a lot more to get back up to par with everyone else.

All I got to say is this tourney was great! I was completely off my MvC2 game during the tourney for some reason or another, eventhough I did get to use Team Juggrknott and use my corner throw juggle :evil: Too Good! I think I got my MvC2 touch back later though, playing Team Bama for about 5 hours straight and Taz for another 5 hours will do that :lol: It was great seeing Larry(wll not the losing to him part) :lol: and the ATL crew, especially Eric J., its been too long man. And Isaac, it was great to finally meet you and play you over at Sami’s later that night. Same goes for you too Erik, great meeting you as well, and I really enjoyed our matches later as well. Taz man, your Magneto was too good man, and that Magneto/Thanos shit was just bad ass. Can’t wait to play you some more, it was too much fun. Sami, as usual thanks for the hospitality, it was great chillin with you man! Same goes for you too Jordan, had a good time playing 3S and chatting with you at Sami’s. Kevin, what can I say man, great seeing you again and it was fucking awesome to get SKILLMATIC all up in the HOUSE Saturday :lol:

Oh yea, before I forget, congrats to Charlotte for holding it down in MvC2. I really need to get back down there and play y’all again. Major props Shaun and Dee, great job! Gotta give it up to Raph too, not every day I see a Cammy/Psylocke/Guile team advance in a tourney, you got to be doing something right. Major props for your performance in ST too, but I think I might have something for Chun next time :wink: Great seeing everyone again and getting to meet some new peeps as well.

Great job Ted!

BTW, Shaun, if you ever read this, was just wondering what MvC2 Sami gave you. It might just be a Skillmatic production, in association with the Lord Doom publishing company :lol:


What were the mvc2 teams?

Taz, u better win next time!

I did get to go to Huntsville Alabama, and played Oakwood and some other people though, altough everyone else went to Birmingham and South Carolina.

It looks like Oakwood has been learning some stuff from Ozzie
with Sentinel and Magneto, yet I still saw the throws. Team T.K.O
does too much damage:D

Looks like everyone had a good time, I’m sure the MVC2 tournament sounded like a hit. Congrats to the winners, wish I could of witnessed the 3s fun :smiley: congratulations Ted for winning 3S and Jae for following up 3 straight victories for ST. Missed out on a great event :frowning: . Next one hopefully I can make it!

Hey Shaun or Dee, just when is the Charlotte tourney gonna be? You know I’d be there :lol: Just wondering cause if you’re serious about it, I wanna go ahead and get the word out man. Just a suggestion, even though I’m not a big fan of the game, a CvS2 tourney might be able to draw some more peeps.

Peace man

Why did Cable get rush down with Colossus?:lol: :lol:

It’s going to be on nov.9 at eastland,we might be able to get them to have a cvs2 tournament to if we can get someone to run it for us.Maybe someone like kyah,or ted.Please try to tell alot of people about the tournament . P.S.-that mvc2 disk sami gave me was a copy,with transformers music on it.