Anderson , SC : 3S results , Oct 12th Anderson , SC


Word Shaun, that MvC2 is my pride and joy right there. I got a couple other ones that Sami and I have made copies of as well. Glad you like that. :smiley: Well I’ll definitely try to be there man for your tourney. and congrats on the win:cool: :slight_smile:



Shaun make a tournament thread about it and everyone will find out about it and make sure you put about the whole cvs2 if someone will run it and HAVE 3rd strike too cuz I am sure someone will run that.



I just made the thread for the charlotte tournament so you can start telling everyone about it,or you can go post on it.Also sami if you read this could you bring me some tournament videos(ex.-fr5,mw6,)thanks.By the way erik are you or kevin or anyone going to evolution next year?


You having a tournament in charlotte? Hopefully I can come and bring more of the (EMS) crew with me.:cool: Hopefully i’ll play better too.:rolleyes: :confused: :lol: I support all southern tournaments. Well I try to anyway.:rolleyes: :slight_smile:


Ted thanks for the great time. The tourney was off the hook i saw and learned a lot. Shaun and Dee i guess going to Evo paid off So congrats to you guys. Arcademan nice ass Mag combos very sick my stomach is still hurting from the amazing things i saw:eek: Jae congrats to you in in ST and 3s maybe next time we meet ill be more prepared for mokoto. Ted congrats to you on your victory in 3s keep working on the Urien i see hes coming around. Lord Doom damn Jugg/Hulk/Sent it really hurts :frowning: Hot combos in the corner with Jugg/Hulk. Also congrats to all the top winners in ST 3s and MvC2 i saw some really good things in MvC2.

Hope you guys throw another tourney So i can place higher then 5th in 3s and 9th and 13th in the other 2. Also i want to thank shinblanka for the good conversations on the different games. Maybe next time we will play 3s for real:D


Yea man it was really nice to meet you man and talk about different games. I will be at the charlotte tournament to play in CvS2, 3S, A3.:cool: We can talk again and hopefully we can met in the tournament.:cool:


Hey Shaun -

Thanx for keeping me in mind to help run CvS2, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it. I kind of plan on re-retiring after the team tourney on the 9th, at least until after the spring and summer semesters at school. After that, I’ll be able to concentrate a little more on things.

BTW, what ever happened to JC? Is he still up at Eastland?


I can’t make it to Charlotte on Nov 9th. Sorry guys, I’d come up and help run brackets but my job has me on call-in duty that weekend and as it stands right now I may not even make it to the Atlanta team tourney :bluu:

Thanks to everyone on making this a great tournament.
I’m already planning the next one and how to make some changes to help things run smoothly. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas then let me know. I hold these for you guys (I get nuthin for doing it…well , except for 1st at 3S and that was a helluva fight) so give me your ideas or what you would like to see. I have a big collection of boards so if there’s and old game you would like to see some action on then let me know.



first off, I’d like to say thanx to Ted for letting me enter the tourney even though I was late. :cool: Next I’d like to thank that cop that didn’t pull me over for going 75 on a 65. Third I’d like to thank all that showed up, and last but definately not least. I’d like to THANK KEITH FOR BRINGING HIS FINE ASS GIRLFRIEND TO THE TOURNEY!! :eek: MAN SHE WAS FINE!! :eek:

Okay, now the battles, Dee, u got mad skills man, some of those matches prollay should have went more your way, and I was gettin kinda worried when u got even with me 2-2 in the loosers bracket. I wish I could have played u after the tourney man, u got game. But dude, how come your hands were so sweaty when we shook after the match?? I felt like I was touching water. good matches though, can’t wait to play you again.

Raekwon187, I had to show you what time it was at the tourney, but god damn, u whipped my ass on Dream Cast. 14-5 here, 17-10 there, god damn, u got way better dawg. My Magneto basically got owned by your Sentinal, and frankly, I don’t like that! :fury: You’ve gotten so much better I can’t believe it. This is the 2nd time you’ve gotten the better of me on the dream cast and I feel I play better on DC than the arcade. I might have to break those glasses, or shred that bandana of yours to stand a chance the next time we play! :smiley: C ya next week in ATL.

DoomsDayKen, well holy fuckin shit, did u kick my ass or what? I remember the last time we played, and I beat u in the tourney. This time around we didn’t play in the tourney, but U kicked my ass on DC. If I remember correctly the first major series between us it was like 36-24 and then I won a series 31-17, something like that, but god damn, you’ve gotten so much better. How many hours did we play at DrFunks house, 5 hours that same night, 5 hours the next day!! Wanna hear somethin funny…I WISH WE COULD HAVE PLAYED MORE!!! :lol: Goddamn, drfunk was right, we’re Marvel addicts! Great matches man, hope I can play ya again in the near future.

And now for the grand daddy of them all…The person that I couldn’t do anything against…the person that be me no matter what team I used…the person that outplayed me from the start…the person that beat me 4-0 in the finals! :eek:…THE PERSON THAT OCV’D ME THE LAST MATCH WITH STORM!! :eek: The Champ from Charlotte North Carolina…Shaun Banks, AKA PREPAID. God damn man, u deserve that introduction. Kicked my ass up and down, every which way, with everyone I played, outsmarted me in everyway…its amazing that I even won a match. I wanna play u a lot when I goto NC on the 9th. I want a lot of casual matches between us video taped, and Dee as well. It’s been a long time since I got beat that bad, the last time was at FR5 against Mixup. Here I am with this big ego thinkin Im gonna win, no problem, thinking Im near my peak, and I get waxed by u. Well fuck me, I got my ass kicked. Bro, u gave me that feeling of I know that your gonna beat me, and there’s nothing I can do about it; kinda like when I played Sanford. Man, you da champ, but I’ll be at NC on the 9th to take back what was mine. Marvel is my game for life, and I don’t plan on going down so easily next time. I will be ready next time.

Before I’m done writing this big novel, I’d like to give a big thanx to drfunkenstein for lettin all of us stay over, and recording those tight matches. Also big ups to Maximum burst. And Im out this Bitch.



You wanna know the real funny shit man, those numbers for those sets were only the ones that we didn’t have to quit because one of us picked Ruby Heart or something like that. :lol: I think we had to have played somewhere in the neighborhood of like 150 to 200 matches. Damn thats a lot! And yes, I too wish we could have had a chance to play you more. I definitely need the practice, especially against that Mag/Sent team of yours. Too good man :slight_smile: Either way though, man that shit was too much fun and I can’t wait to get a chance to play you again man. Glad you got back home safely and I guess I’ll see you on the 9th man.



Sweaty hands? Me? Noooo… :confused:

Man ask anyone, for some reason my hands will just sweat bad for some reason, plus I was hot, and I for damn sure wasnt takin my matches with you lightly.
I want some casual matches with yer ass too, test my mag against yours and brawl. Mad respect to ya Taz.

Raekwon, nice seein you again from our last meeting in Cali and again you showed your Cable/Sent aint to be fucked with, very skilled.

It was cool seein everyone again and I hope to see yall in Chalotte!

The key to my success in the tourny was sneekin out back the arcade and burnin afew blunts. yesss… reffer is key.
Reffer, and Pimpjuice, because without the power of Pimpjuice Team SlumberParty wouldnt have done near as good.

One Love yall.


nice seeing u guys again , ya’ll got 10 times better from when i played u in cali. much props i hope to see u guys again.

big ups to shaun too

C-town ain’t to be fucked around wit


man u still raw man and gettin better.

always a pleasure to play ya . I preciate all the props ,and much respect to ya. see u in the atl.



It looks like I’ll have to drive back to Huntsville again and
play everyone else.

Gee Taz, it looks like a back street alley beating for you
but everyone has been learning from our last visit so
its time to whip out the cheese .

Dar n it, if only I didn’t get called into work Sat. I hope everyone
had a good tourney. But get this…

There will be a tournament up here in Nashville at the Tilt Arcade
between now and the end of Nov. Hopefully I’ll be in town for this
cause I’m going to Baltimore next month for family and Marvel visit. They haven’t set an exact date but I’ll let everyone know N advance.



Much love to Ted for this tournament. I’m actually interested in 3rd strike now. Since I’d never played anybody in it before, I got my ass kicked by Bison (Fuck Hugo man, FUCK HUGO. I didn’t know what the fuck to do) now I want to learn that shit. I did better than I thought I would though. It was cool kickin’ it with everybody. Hopefully I can find my way up to Charlotte on th 9th and rep (EMS). TEAM McDonalds Breakfast in CvS2. Ya’ll don’t know about the ratio 2 Large Orange Juice.