Anderson, SC Planet Comic's MvC3 Tournament! 2/19/11


**Alright I “[COLOR=“red”]Kenpunch12[/COLOR]” is holding a MvC3 Tournament at Planet Comic’s Anderson, SC

It will be MvC3 only!

If you are from outta town here is the Street Address! GPS or Google maps will get ya

Planet Comic’s
2704 North Main Street
Anderson, SC 29621-3281
(864) 261-3578


Nothing is restricted Character wise!**

**Bring your own Stick! Controller! or whatever your heart desire’s as long it’s nothing modified to where you cheat… No turbo buttons or whatever! To those who bring your own items! I or anyone that is helping to hold the tourney is [COLOR=“red”]NOT held responsible to what happens to your belongings! Be sure to keep up and take care of your item’s.[/COLOR] If you let someone use your stick and they bash it in… it’s between you and that person! If it’s lost we will try to help you best we can to find it but lets not let it get to that point. JUST KEEP YOUR STUFF IN YOUR SIGHT AT ALL TIMES! THANK YOU!

**Best out of 3 and there will be a winners and loser bracket!
**Sign up time is between 10:00am and 11:30! Call if you need a lil time to get there but I would like to get things started at 12:00pm!!! Thank you!

Entry Fee $5!**

**Most of all I looked foward to seeing everyone who can make it! I know this is very short notice! If you come Make sure you are on time and most of ALL Be a Trooper and be a good Sport and have fun!

I am also doing a pre-reg to make things a lot easier for me and who is helping to hold this event. If you don’t wana sign up on here you can also so sign up at the event! Which i know most of you will. So Either way it works!


  1. Chris Lee, Anderson SC
  2. John “UncleBuck” Shelby Anderson SC
  3. Trey Williamson, Anderson SC
  4. John Stowe “JonnyQuest”, Anderson SC



Also if you people could! When you register! put “name” “From”


John “UncleBuck” Shelby
Anderson SC

Should be able to make this regardless of work.


ok cool guys keep them coming!


Happy Mahvel Day!