Anderson "The Spider" Silva vs Sagat



No fireballs allowed from Sagat. Both in their prime and at the same weight.


I give it to Silva personally. :smokin:

In the clinch I think Sagat wins this because of the height advantage. Would be tough for Silva to pull Sagats head down far enough without eating some knees in return.

In standup at a distance though I think Silva has the tools to beat Sagat. Hes definitely faster and I think his stopping power would be about the same if you equalized the weight difference. Not to mention Silva has the advantage of actually being able to sidestep where as Sagat can only move forward and backwards. Maybe we can give Sagat auto-directional change for this matchup?


…This is stupid, Sagat is more than 14 inches taller than him and outweighs him by 100+ lbs.

This thread is not delicious…


Can we just go ahead and lock this thread.


Same weight no fireballs though. Height difference isn’t always a deciding factor.


Where’s that one guy that locks every thread? He should have been here by now…

checks watch


I hope Sagat is in his homeland of Taiwan helping them clean up after the typhoon…if he is not, we need to lecture him on the good that come from for caring for you fellow man…


Thailand you mean.


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lol awesome thread, as amazing as silva is id have to give it to Sagat tbh, then Adon would take Sagat out while hes weak.


Another worthless thread that in no way betters us as players… love it.



Vs threads are against the rules.




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Okay here’s another one: Matt Hughes versus Abel. We don’t even have to stipulate no fireballs! How about Fei Long versus Bruce Lee!


shouldn’t it be GSP versus Abel? aww who cares, these kinds of vs threads are stupid.

Sagat wins, one tiger knee makes silva’s head explode

Abel twirls matt hughes over his head several times, lack of blood in Hughes’ brain makes him pass out, the slam kills him.





It all depends…

Silva’s stand up is a beautiful thing to watch, while Sagat is just based on destroying the opponent. If in the clinch, Sagat would brutalize him. It would be a touch matchup for Silva because not just the height, but also the REACH. If Sagat pulls out the St. RH, Silva COULD try to go for the takedown. Not sure how successful he would be though. He wont be dancing under his strikes like he did against Griffin, but he could frustrate Sagat and get him out of his gameplan. Sagat seems like someone who is very temperamental (like Lesnar) so that would work for Silva. Silva would definitely have his work cut out for him, but it would be a true test for him. If he can dominate like he has been, then he is even more incredible. If Sagat dominates him, he can have a future in the MMA. I see Sagat as a Cheick Kongo, all striking with no ground game.

Id give it to Sagat KO in 1st round.


So much logic in this thread.


Sagat wouldnt make it to the ring becuz he would get killed by a mob of Anti-Sagat protesters would shoot to death, though it would take over 30 bullets to take him down