"Andore Family" Facebook group



Just created a Facebook group dedicated to Hugo in USFIV. If you want up to date info on Tech, tips, and tactics, just look it up or ask to be added. Just hit me up or CORN|alucarD to be added. For Serious Hugo players only!


I want in :o


Put me in coach facebook.com/jpbreganza


To those that hit me up here to get in the group. first, I apologize if I missed you… I dint check here that much. Two, ask for a request here; https://www.facebook.com/groups/232050027005737/


I want in this man, Ima send a message and try to get added some how.


i’d like to get in please. i got tech!


Just sent a request!


yeah total remove the attention awa from the forum to a facebookgroup thats serves absolutly the purpous…
since the best way is to spread information instead to center it on one lokation


I dont see it that way. I see it as an additional source. SRK forums is the focual point however 75% of the users here are on FB and have immediate access to FB via their phones or tablets. You can use both the forums and the FB wall to level up your game. Also A lot of Pro Players use FB more then SRK forums. AlucarD is Admin of the group and post Tactics all the time on the wall. He’s not doing that here… so its up to you. Just complain about it or use them BOTH to level up…


well im not the type how has his mind frozen…
Add me to the group maybe your argument is valid^^


I sent a request to join the group as well. Toon Janssen is my name.

EDIT: got accepted right away! Thanks. I’m probably going to be lurking most of the time, though.


NO problem


I joined this, big fan AlucarD, Keep it up! !


Just sent a request