Android 18 Thread - Lapis and Lazuli


Are you guys aware you can do:

2M>5M>jLML2H>214M, 66>jS, 2M>5M…

Highlighted the important part.
Saw Leffen try this combo intraining on his stream.


I’m supposed to IAD grounded or while I’m in the air?


In the air ofc since you’re trying to hit j.S and pick the combo back up on the ground.


I integrated the j.S combo extension above into my assist combo.

The trick to connect j.S is to do the air dash as soon as possible, let it rock and press S as late as possible.
If you’re starting the combo with lights just skip the last 2M or they will flip out before the super connects.

edit: I lied. You have to delay the dash as well. Actually I’m not sure how to make it consistent, I usually just look at the red indicator that tells where my character is on the bottom of the screen and press when it’s close to the falling opponent.
Also against short characters like Kid Buu you might want to skip the 2H as well and either cancel directly into super or do 5M>jc>j.M>236L+M.


Bro fix your trash colour balance


I just changed video editor, I cba to do it for this video. I’ll do it next time


I think some of these things were already posted in tweets earlier in this thread but a full video is always better!




Ok so the dude in the first video cancelled the dragon rush into j.H (combo starting from 0:32)… he did it several times throughout the video actually. It happened to me too but I have no idea how to replicate it. It seems he didn’t press any additional buttons either. Anyone has any idea of how it works?

edit: I’m dumb… this is the standard finisher of dragon rush if a launcher was already used in the combo.


Yeah you can actually hit grounded dragon rush on a juggled opponent seam some people combo destructo disc and keep a combo going from this.


As much as I love the gradually more optimized combos I’m really curious what you guys are doing in the neutral game with 18. How are you approaching, pressuring, and dealing with pressure?


In short? Lame da fuck outta of them.

Obviously you’re going to need a little more details in what I’m saying , so here you go:

The biggest asset that’s going for Android 18 is a fact that she has Android 17 as an assist, you wanna throw him out in neutral as much as possible to frustrate your opponent into making mistakes. Mostly you’re going to be using j.214M in the air to discourage them from approaching from the air, 214S to lock them in place for a free jump in, 214L & 214M is to stop them from approaching you from the ground, not a enough blockstun to keep them in place though for a jump in…

Along with her own assist, her zoning is pretty decent, j.S & 2S has nice angle to it. The only difference between the two is, j.S make her stay in place while 2S has a little forward movement. 5S is cool because you can either hold it to get a full screen blockstring going, since it has 5 hits or you can do it once or twice to bait out a Super Dash. The last thing she has is her Destructo Disk, which is alright. Since it’s a projectile not a beam, unfortunately you can’t lock your opponent down for that full screen jump in. You can change its trajectory though either up or down…

All in all in my opinion she’s supposed to be played in this way. It allows her to pick her spots, poke at her opponents defense & frustrate them into making major mistakes where you can capitalize off it and begin your mix-up game.

Hope this helps. . .


I think most people use her as point since she then gets the benefit of having 3 assists that can cover her relatively short limbs (although 5M and 2M have pretty good range and active frames). 214S can work as a replacement of a beam assist when you need to make space for yourself then once you’re in use your IAD>j.M, 3 lows (yes, 5L is also a low) or grabs to open up the opponent. Finish air combos with j.H>214M to force them to block on wakeup.
She’s pretty much the Millia of the game as once she lands a hit she can corner someone very easily and force them to eat your oki mixups indefinitely.


The same way everyone else plays. Avoid getting locked down by the opponent’s Vegeta or beam assist until people get caught blocking your own Vegeta or beam assist. Run away until it refreshes if you failed to knock them down.


Has anyone been messing with using Android 17 in block strings? What kind of results are you getting out of it?


I mean Im still experimenting with Happy Birthday Combos for various characters and it seems like if your level 3 can hit 2 characters then you are in business


im having alotta trouble doing super dash after a mid air qcb+M 17 assist.
do you guys know what im talking about?
air combo into down heavy into 17 assist, as he knocks opponent down i should be air dashing back up to continue the combo.
if i can find a vid ill link it.
well anyway my super dash isnt coming out at all. what am i missing here? am i supposed to be jumping first after the 17 assist then immediately super dshing?