Android App with moves, combos, chat, etc

i’ve been working on a app for android that lets you chat (via irc) and gives the full in-game list of moves, combos, etc. i made it for the casuals that i go to. you guys are welcome to use it - it’s free of course. it’s up on android market as “Mortal Kombat 2011 : QuidProPwn”

by popular request on tym, i’m going to add a custom combo system where we can submit our own combos with videos and ratings. hopefully i’ll have that done in a week or two, once i get the time.

p.s. if you find any bugs or have an ideas on how to make it better, i’m all ears.

cool app man. looks promising. cant wait for the combo system. i think i found an error though. scorpions gravedigger combo is not BP+FP>BP as shown. its BP>BP+FP. right?