Andy's SF4 house tourney

Thanks to those who came out. It was a lot better then I anticipated. I will definitely do it again. Strogg and I will post videos as soon as we can.

Here are the rankings:

  1. Eric Kim
  2. Mike iNerd
  3. Strogg
  4. Purbeast
  5. Bryan
  6. Joe
  7. Soup
  8. Jon
  9. Andy
  10. Brad
  11. Rob
  12. Cliff
  13. Sean
  14. Chau

Good stuff Nasty. Had fun.
Would like to see the vids when you get them up and running.

As far as Large TV’s, I would go here…

I would just go for some large Monitors (25in) and just keep the TV for normal TV watching.
Asus is one of the best to get. SOME, Acer models are good too.
Also, the cable type you use makes a difference too.

…side note, I don;t think you need those tables anymore either. Most players tend to play on the laps, and it seem like we could have used the space.

All in All, good stuff still…have to do it again.

(Also, shout out to the Mid Tourny Distraction parade that came downstairs…LoL)

damn, i woulda won this one too.

me too.

Nice stuff guys. Wish I coulda made it out there. I got a new Hori stick that I wanted to test out on yall.


We’re too pringles to uppercuts pat. It’s not happening.

damn you mike, you learned my weakness in our losers bracket match … my impatience got the best of me in that match.

i just watched the video of it and facepalmed myself.



Other vids I took can be found in my related videos.

thanks strogg…are you going to be free tonight or weds? can i come by an scoop up the white bezel?

Tonight I’m free. Weds I’ll be in MD.

cool ill call you if i dont have to ref tonight

i wanted to come to this. hope you hold more in the future.

I’m sure I’ll have one in the near future. I will definitely let you know. Maybe Strogg will host the next one :wink: