Angel: KoF 02 Linking Methods

I searched and couldn’t find anything related. The thing I’m stuck with is getting my head around her moves and linking methods. I think I understand, but I’m not sure. I’ll explain what I mean.

Unchained Circle (UC) Starter Move

d/f + B
d/f + D
b, f + B or D
qcb + A or C
hcf + B or D

UC (Linking Methods)

  1. u + A or C (6<->1<->2)
  2. d + B or D (1<->2<->3)
  3. f + A or C (2<->3<->4)
  4. u + B or C (3<->4<->5)
  5. (4<->5<->6) d + A or C
  6. (5<->6<->1)
    f + A or C

Now to me the obvious is that you use one of her Starter Moves to start of the string, and then use the Linking Methods to continue whatever you want to do. But whats boggling me is these Linking Methods. So say I start off with b, f + D and follow it up with #1 which is u + C, would the rest of the string be #6, #1, #2? Meaning the actual string would be:

b, f + D, u + C, f + C, u + C, d + D? And then finnish it off with whatever?

I tried the full thing, but I couldn’t quite complete a string in the way that I’ve discribed. Its the numbers and arrows I’m getting confused with. Another couple of things I don’t understand is why the last two where placed the way they where in the comand list and whats with the arrows and stuff? I’ve been messing around for a few hours and I really want to learn this character, its just a bit too much to take in at once.

I’d highly recommend looking at the Orochinagi Forums on Angel, you will find quite a bit of info to learn her with. I would also download the mirrored matches from SBO3 where an Angel player is playing with her in Neowave, trust me worthwhile for any Angel user. She has an incredibly high learning curve, both her and MayLee, its very hard to take in all at once, but after more practice and seeing what others use it will help to make better sense.

Type Orochinagi Forums in your search engine and Voila!

May Lee is way simpler to learn than Angel. But yeah, she’s still way hard to learn, all those stance swtiching combos hurt my hands.

Thanks, I’ll check it out. Where can I find those match vids? Are they the ones over at CV?

You cant do f+C after up C. Least, It doesnt work for me. I usually do A b,f+C f+B up+C f,f+A, then the up+cXXf,f+A infinite(hcb+A, up+C, f,f+A)

Cool, I’ll try that. Whats the deal with all the numbers? Does it mean I can follow up with any 3? Or all 3 in that order? What do they mean? That was the only ting I could think of.

Yes you can do f+c it after it in the string of combos for Angel the timing is just very strict but it can be done(VERY VERY STRICT HAVE ONLY GOTTEN IT LIKE 2 TIMES)!!! match vids probably wont be at CV, I have yet to see many 2k2 ones…but I KNOW they are on that orochinagi site. here I will post it for you.

Go there go back through all the archives on the SITE(clicking Kyo). For all other info you can find it on the FORUM(clicking Iori).

Save those pages for SNK stuff.

As far as the #'s are concerned, from what I know and have looked at them in depth they are based off the SoulCalibur terminology. In SoulCal the numbers on the far right section of your keyboard represent the directions on the controller. For example if you look at them 6=forward 4=backwards and so on with 5 being neutral.

As far as Angel is concerned they have to do with her attacks that follow up that particular move.

So for u+a/c it could be forward+a/c, down+a/C etc according to the #'s chart. And they do work…

If you have any other q’s feel free to ask.

About MayLee, yes her stance changes are great however and I use my thumb to switch stances. If you are great at stance switching and know the properties of it then you can EASILY KEEP someone on the guess(She has unblockables, command grabs, counters). Just look at in the ART vs. Gordinho match the MayLee user OCV’S an entire team with Maylee used at a VERY HIGH EFFICIENT LEVEL.

Also she(ANGEL) varies with her strings so what you see there are different things you can do against your opponent. She has so many options…

If I were you I would narrow those options to:

  1. What string can vary between hitting high and low, what hits high what hits low and is a special mid AKA OVERHEAD.
  2. What string allows me to do an command grab that cannot be blocked
  3. What can be comboed into either of her supers
  4. What can be used as a setup for her COUNTER SUPER
  5. What sets up the Infinite.
  6. What string allows her to ESCAPE ON COMMAND. keep in mind she does have an ABC move that can interrupt any string an if pressed with forward/back causes her to jump either forward or backwards.

Yeah I know that is a lot to swallow but she looks like she can swallow a hard one…:badboy:

She takes work…but in the right hands her and May Lee are a living nightmare.

No you didn’t search, I posted information on this many times before…One of my posts were:

" About Angel…Well first off, here’s a list of combos that I can do and I know work:


  1. C/D, f+B, rdp+K, hcb+K
  2. C/D, f+B(1), df+B, d+P, qcf+C/b dp+P/AC
  3. B, A, b f+K, d+P, f f+A, hcb+K


  1. qcb+P, u+K, d+P(miss), f+K, u+P, f f+C
  2. C/D, f+B(1), df+B, d+P, f+K, qcf+C/b dp+P
  3. C, b f+K, d+P, f f+A, qcb+P u+P f f+A(infinite), qcb+P uf+P f f+C
  4. C, f+B, rdp+K, hcb+K
  5. Crouch C, df+D(miss), f+P, u+K, f f+C

I can’t actually do the infinite though…only for a max of 10 hits (and that’s with the aid of autofire in practice mode…without it, I cannot do it).

For air to ground battles, I use jump D cancelled into d+D in the air. If that’s not blocked, I usually go with the D, f+B, df+B, d+P, qcf+C/DM combo. If it was blocked though, I usually either still do that chain, or do mixups such as crouch D cancelled into df+D overhead. If the sweep hits, I usually do df+D, f+K, qcf+A (qcf+A being the overhead throw) which lands right on top of them when they get up…I have yet to really be punished for doing that, and most peole forget to jump (they only have a few frames to jump too). For crossups, jump C is really good…it actually seems to be an intended crossup move (non-buggy), like Iori’s b+B.

For air to air, usually d+D or jump CD does the trick…I’ve heard jump A is even better, but I haven’t tested enough myself (but Quixo, who uses Angel alot, always seems to stuff my jumpins with his jump A).

Angel has problems with anti-airing…qcb+P sometimes works but it’s risky…you have to do it really early, or you’ll get stuffed usually. Apparently b, f+K is quite good, but for some reason when I do that move on keyboard, i usually get teleports instead, so I stay away from it…I should probably work on my execution with that move.

Pepe maniak taught me alot of neat tricks with Angel…but they are extremely hard to pull off, but brings a whole new level of play for Angel. You can repeat alot of her combo chains over and over if you cancel into hcf+D teleport, then immediately cancel into another chain attack (like d+P/K, f+P/K, u+P/K). With this, you can say start with qcb+P, then repeatedly do f+K (for example) all the way across the screen. The combo would be input something like:

qcb+P, f+K, hcf+D, f+K, hcf+D, f+K, repeat

This makes her combo chains pretty limitless (unlike before where she can only alternate P/K and not use the same directional attack twice in a row). This use of hcf+D cancelled into some move allows Angel to juggle her opponent totallya cross the screen (using say, u+P over and over). I can’t quite do it good though…pepe’s the master!"

That was posted a while ago…so kind of outdated. While her combo rules prevent you from repeating a continue move that had the same direction, and prevents you from repeating two kicks or two punches in a row, you can bypass this by cancelling any continue move into hcf+D teleport, then immediately into another continue move. This lets you do things like hcf+K, d+P, hcf+K, d+P.

The highest level Angel gameplay I can find is this:

You can see that hcf+D cancel technique in action there. He also uses the infinite in match MOV05742, which is pretty hardcore. You don’t have many frames to cancel hcf+D/qcb+P to a continue move. If you’re using qcb+P, you have to cancel it before you see the yellow animation under her stomp, or it will not work.

Yes Emil says some good stuff I forgot to mention as well. His old post about Angel is around here I promise…

Ummm, yeah I did and like I said I found nothing.

Well thanks for your post, very informative. I knew about canceling that teleport into d.A/C but I didn;t have a clue how to do it. I’ll have to look into that in more detail.