Anger in Egypt: Two dead, thousands injured and arrested


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Source: What’s Happening in Egypt Explained. (UPDATED)

Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English Live Feed. It might ask you to install realplayer, don’t bother, you don’t need too.

Associated Press Online Video Network GRAPHIC:AP TV with video of a man being shot. Hours before Egypt’s Internet had been reported to be shut off.

I hope something good comes from this.


I heard the president stepped down and anarchy broke out :confused:


I’m so glad the coverage has been so good. Is freedom of the press good? Sometimes there is such thing as too much information.


I love the line “Egypt’s Internet had been reported to be shut off”

Think what would happen in the states if they pulled the plug on the internet (pictures the internet box from IT Crowd and snickers).

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Sad to see it come to this but the they’re allied with the U.S. so it’ll be interesting to see if Obama supports the government or it’s people. Either way he could be called a hypocrite so it’s a tough spot to be in.


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Good one Grog.


president fled egypt.

army siding with protesters.

middle east is fucked now!


Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English


are the pyramids still safe?

edit: and the president is still in power, and has ordered a nationwide curfew. UN is telling him to respect the citizens, and I doubt this will end well for him.

Yeah, middle east seems to be trying to fix it’s shit, so we’ll see how all this ends up :stuck_out_tongue:

edit #2:
Egyptian Activists Plan

damn, some good strategies in there, including how to take out armored vehicles lol


BBC News - Egypt: Deaths and injuries mount in Cairo and Suez

Apparently 18 people have been killed


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Yeah. What’s worse is sources are reporting (I’ll see if I can find a link in a second) that groups linked to bin Laden are involved with the protests and would be expected to attempt to take power if Mubarak was ousted, thus making Egypt anti-West/anti-Israel after quite a long time of the exact opposite stance.

So it’s almost catch-22 for Obama. If he supports Mubarak, he’ll be marked as support the oppression of Egyptian people, and if he supports the protesters and the wrong people come to power, then he’ll be marked as ousting a Western ally and creating another potential threat.

While I disapprove of Obama highly, it’s bad that even on decisions where it proves he does the right thing (or would eventually be proven), he will be hated even for that decision. But then, I suppose this catch-22 situation is unique on Obama, comes with the territory of being the US President.


I wonder what will happen when the new party in power is decidedly more anti-Isreal. Yet another country to protect them from while they sabre rattle.


Ok just heard on NPR today, apparently the army has begun to crack down on protesters and are also targeting any foreign journalists and human rights organizations. tiananmen part 2??? stock market freaking out again.


They seem to be cracking down due to violence and other issues. They don’t want this to spiral out of hand.


the reports i was hearing were different. they said it’s been security forces that are rounding up journalists and attacking protestors. also the “pro mubarak” supporters who are doing the attacking are turning out to either be plain clothes security forces (as confirmed by the badges they were concealing) or gov’t employees told that they could get their paychecks if they can clear out the protesters. The army had to step in to protect the protesters and journalists.


i honestly hope with all of my heart that the people of Egypt are successful in uprising.


Yeah my post was a little hastily and sloppily written. What they were talking about on NPR today is the military raided a law office that has been used to protect the rights of protesters. I can’t find an NPR article, but basically the military has taken over, shut off everyone’s cell phones, and a military representative answers the land line. Here’s the closest article I could find:

Journalists and Human Rights Activists Arrested and Beaten in Cairo Crackdown


Man, so what was the real cause of all this? Someone was just telling me it was cause the Prez didn’t want to step down or something?