Angry Joe's review of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (lulz ensue)

This is just plain sad.


I lost it at SSF4 having a story which can be described as “engaging” lol

He does have point but Seth said expect the minimum for online so it’s not like we weren’t warned. Not sure who expected a good story though, endings are actually more than I was expecting. I was expecting some generic “every character gets the same ending” type stuff like previous Vs games.

Challenge Mode wasn’t suppose to teach people how to play, I doubt a robust tutorial a la VF4 Evo will be ever seen in a fighting game again even though something half as good as that should be a standard if they claim to want to get more people playing it.

There’s a lot of cool things they got implemented like reserve teams and all the training mode stuff. It’s good step in the right direction and I hope to see Capcom upgrade the game down the road like with a better button config (push button and during character select), restart match option in offline versus pause menu, and spec mode and replay and theater for online.

Some things feel rushed but I’m glad they took their time with the characters.

Don’t care for reviews, but it’s true that some aspects of the game do feel rushed.

Marvelous Marvel vs Capcom 3 interesting.

Please don’t give people like him any attention.

He was targetting the casual consumer, so let him be. Atleast he wasn’t like “I don’t like how Spencer’s bionic arm changes when he’s on the other side!”

Unfortunately, I have to agree with him on some points, mainly the lack of spectator mode on release and the terrible online connectivity. Love the 1-player mode, though. (You know, for the 5 of you that actually play 1-player mode besides me. lol)

I wouldn’t say bare minimum, but it’s more of random stuff put together and just ship it out without really paying attention and just update later on to remove any infinite players find out. As for single player, there really isn’t a single player mode, it’s one area with different backgrounds, this isn’t some sort of Elder Scrolls game or something.

When a person online has to say something around the lines of, “Your playing the game wrong.” Such as when I turtle and projectile the other person, it’s not that I’m playing the game wrong but the game allows it to be played that way and if anything it’s how the game wants us to play. Though then again characters such as Wolverine and others have it easy to brain dead rush very easy to teleport, basically taking two objects and bashing them together and see who wins.

lol that was actually one of the best mvc3 reviews ive seen

i agree with him on everything except how he went on about the shitty endings. but i feel where hes coming from, even for someone that doesnt give 2 shits about endings or story such as myself, i still found them laughable.

but aside from that the things that i would nitpick are largely close to what he was talking about:

shitty interface that leads to all sorts of complaints such as

record mode is in a REALLy inconvenient spot. took me 2 days to figure out that it had one, and its controls are weird.

no hdr button mapping (why the fuck cant they get this right? its SO SIMPLE)
mission modes once again have a ridiculous interface, i REALLY agreed with joe on this one, having to go to different menus to see what capcom wants me to do s STUPID. and NO the fact that SOME people might get a kick out of “problem solving” the mission modes is NO excuse. Let those people have an option or toggle if they want it, i just want to add the combo into muscle memory as fast as possible.
no option to have the ai do the combo for you so that you can see what it is that capcom wants done (extremely frustrating) soulcalibur 1 on dreamcast had this option for EVERY MOVE. capcom still doesnt get it.
internet problems…
STUPID decision to change the button config for a random “its easier for newbs” reason. fuck that shit, these buttons suck. only plus side is that it will be easier to pick up BB and GG if i ever want to do that… which i wont cause no one plays those games.
stupid training mode interface where i have to “page” over to different pages to get different options… how about all of that on 1 or 2 pages in a smaller font with things being accessible via window toggles??? YOU THINK? it worked for so many other fighters why change it to more pages? doesnt make sense.

stupid button config (this shit needs to be said twice)


i give mvc3 a 7 or 8 out of 10 cause the fighting is still the moat important thing. but in this day and age we really do deserve better than the late 90’s counterintuitive interface that we got. and we also deserve a better netcode. and better thought into training mode menus… its a new century.

so yeah you can try and put angry dude on blast for his review, but honestly i think hes doing us a favor and throwing this game on its ass where it should be, in a place that is atleast somewhat widely seen. we can shout about that shit till we are blue here on srk, but until other critics such as joe actually educate the lumbering slack jawed masses about why this game is bad, we wont have much chance of getting better.


lol I don’t know about you guys but I enjoyed the cobra commander bits. >.> “Fuck it! Throw it out!”

Don’t really expect much from reviewers who aren’t in the FG community themselves, so I guess it was an alright review.

Fuck him on character endings though! Morrigan chilling with Mephisto, Ryu taking on Iron Fist, and Arthur stabbing away at Fing Fang Foom brought back some warm feelings.

Shout outs to Viewtiful Joe’s ending too, I’m glad Spiral made it into the game in some capacity ;___;

Agree with him and some parts of the review were funny.

Capcom is giving us the bare minimum, so much so that not even all the characters are out and before the game was released they already announced DLC that you have to pay for. Even before the game is out they’re letting us know the completely package isn’t available but you have to pay for extra characters? Nickel and dimeing at it’s most finest.

And this is Marvel comics were talking about here! Over 50 years of back story for characters and culture and pride, and we just get 2 drawn images at the end with random words underneath it that have no cohesion. They could’ve hired 1 or 2 marvel artists/writers to come up with a story and put some time into it.

lol “Don’t need it!”

Reminds me of this bit from fifth element


Give me the casshhhhhhhh…Take it…I don’t need it!

How can you guys what that? i couldnt bear his face anymore after a minute>_>

Actually, he’s right on several parts of the review. It was a huge turnoff for me to have several of my online challenges fail, and the game does feel a bit bare bones with some of the modes.

I find it pretty funny that AngryJoe touts himself as being pro at Marvel VERSUS (not ‘verse’) Capcom, and his actual footage of the game is barely passable. I even challenged him via e-mail, and to this day, no response. Same thing with Sean Fausz as well, he propped himself as a huge contender when he made that Gaming Ninja challenge in MvC2 only to complain when people played ‘too cheap’. Sent him a friend request challenging him in the game, he turned it down.

I’d actually like to see one of the Blistered Thumbs Crew actually take people on in this series, because they’re acting like they’re uber-pros in this game, but shrinks away when it’s time to pay the devil his due.

Some of his points make sense, but some are completely stupid. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is not a massive disappointment. I’m sure I didn’t need to tell any of you that, though.

i got 5 seconds into the video before id heard enough of his annoying voice and stupid face…
cant stand people who think talking loudly and making stupid statements is a substitute for actual humour./

WHAT!!! so this game DOES have record mode? how do you access it? i was severly disappointed when i couldnt find it its made training for stuff extremely hard for me.

Edit : ok so ive discovered how to record on training mode now, and considering i had to fucking google it on how to do it, capcom have massively dropped the ball on that one. fuckin stupid that you have to program it to 2 seperate buttons as well esp considering there was nothing wrong with the way it was done in SSF4.

They did.

Ya know, why are you guys asking for cutscenes? I’m sorry but do you want to play a game or watch a movie? This game does a better job at conveying a narrative through gameplay than any game I’ve seen in years. Not only do the characters look and have personalities to fit their original self, they feel and play true to themselves as well. When you play as Jean and reseruct as Dark Phoenix, you do feel that sense of overwhelming power. When you play as Skrull, you get a sense of the sadistic mind of a Skrull, and when you play as Taskmaster, you get the feeling of mythotical and intelligent combat.

While I do agree with the poor interface, complaining about the lack of narrative is incredibly stupid, and ignoring the fact that they play a GAME, and not a movie.

Most of his points are legitimate.

Dude is 100% correct. The core game is good enough that I think it deserved 7/10 instead of 6/10 overall, but all other features are shit.