Angry Samuel L Jackson K groove AV?


Yea would some1 slap a pissed off Sammy pic along with a burning K groove bar together for me? I’d really appreciate it and boast your name in a sig! :slight_smile:

Pics of Sammy? here are some links, cuz some were Bitmaps on my comp lab comp…

getting the words off a pic, if it’s the one you want to use, plz put the Kgroove instead, also, with my name TonDaShocKA somewhere !



thats a really cool idea


Hmm I’ll see what I can come up with since it’s a pretty neat idea.

EDIT: Someone supply me with a burning K groove gif.



i believe he has a link to the .GIFs above me… thx for taking interest in it :slight_smile:


But knighty that’s not a burning K groove bar though, unless he doesn’t want the flame animation.


NOOOOOO! gotsta have dat!






Can’t believe you wanna get rid of id…shame, shame.,


I don’t wanna get rid of him; it’s just that he goes along with my serious Sig, pertaining to WW2… SLjackson is for comic relief!:smiley:


i hate bumping but there has to be a burning k groove on srk


Yeah I know it’s a bummer, but I already requested for a burning K groove bar at that CvS2/MvC2 thread, so I guess we’ll just have to wait.




Still no burning K groove bar in Shoryuken’s av department?:frowning:


If anyone will look, no bump? if not, damn i guess i’ll let it go =(